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6 Stores like Kroger To Buy Best Quality Groceries [2024]

6 Stores like Kroger To Buy Best Quality Groceries [2024]

Stores like Kroger: Choosing a good grocery store is important because good health comes with good food. Since we are talking about grocery stores, you might have heard about Kroger, a famous grocery brand in the US.

About Kroger

The Kroger Company, popularly known as Kroger is an American-based retail brand operating supermarkets along with multiple department stores across the US. It is majorly well-known in the grocery market for offering good quality groceries at cheap or reasonable prices online.

Coming back to the main topic, is it hard to find a grocery store like Kroger that offers good quality products, and many categories with multiple offers to save on several deals? Indeed it is! With so many grocery brands in the market, it is difficult to decide which one is good for you.

Therefore, if you are unable to find some good Kroger alternatives, then you need not worry anymore as in the article below, we have mentioned a well-curated list of stores like Kroger to help you pick a well-suited service for yourself.

Whole Foods

Stores like Kroger

Whole Foods Market IP, INC, popularly known as Whole Foods and a subsidiary of Amazon is a multinational supermarket chain in the US. It specialises in selling items free from hydrogenated fats and harmful artificial colours, preservatives, and flavours.

Whole Foods Market claims to offer the best quality organic, plant-based and local food materials. Not only does it offer a huge variety of items through its website, but you can also browse through a big list of special diets and find amazing recipes on its platform.


  • Offers gift cards for different occasions ranging between reasonable price ranges starting from as low as $3 to $500.
  • Offers different types of delivery options like instant delivery, standard delivery, and pick-up orders.
  • Its website comes with an in-site store locator and a list of all the Whole Foods stores in your area tracked through your GPS.
  • You can shop exclusive deals from its mobile app available to install for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer Store

Fred Meyer is a famous chain of hypermarket superstores working in this field for almost a century. It works in different states like Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho in the US and is majorly associated with Kroger.

At Fred Meyer, customers can shop from a wide range of groceries with multiple digital coupons and codes to save on sales and shop at low prices on good quality items. Similar to Whole Foods, it claims to help you build a perfect shopping list online and you can always fill prescriptions on its platform. 

Fred Meyer can be called one of the promising stores like Kroger because it is known to work systematically, prioritizing the customers first. On top of that, if you become a part of the Fred Meyer logo, a membership starting from only $59 per year, you can unlock incredible deals like free grocery deliveries and more. 

Another highlight of shopping from Fred Meyer is that it covers a huge collection of departments including frozen, seafood, Halloween, football, fall favourites, pantry, meat, wine, beverages, bakery, breakfast, coffee, cleaning, household, electronics, health, personal care, beauty, toys, vitamins, baby, floral, and more. 


  • Offers different delivery options like standard delivery, same-day delivery, free pick up on all orders above $35.
  • If you visit the website’s weekly ad section, you can find all the exclusive deals available in its physical stores.
  • The digital coupons are set to save a huge sum since you can find coupons worth over $100.
  • You can track your fuel points and use them after you reach a certain goal as a preference. 


WinCo Store

WinCo is a privately held and majority employee-owned American-based supermarket chain. It also goes by the name WinCo Foods and offers a big collection of food items for all occasions. 

Along with the food items and ready-made meals, you can also search for delicious and easy recipes on WinCo's website. It covers a good amount of categories like seafood, bakery, meat, and more. With multiple deals and extra savings sections, you are set to save hefty amounts every time you visit WinCo and shop from them. 

WinCo is also known as one of the good stores like Kroger because it offers the same weekly ad section where you can find all the popular deals available in its physical stores. So, it offers plenty of options to help you save more on genuine grocery shopping while offering good quality products.


  • WinCo’s website comes with an in-site store locator.
  • It offers perfect delivery options for ready-made foods and materials that are required to consume fast.
  • You can browse over thousands of recipes with filters like duration of making, meal type, method, etc.

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet Store

Grocery Outlet Holding Corporation, shortly known as Grocery Outlet is a discount store that offers several exclusive items in the supermarket. You can mainly find overstocked, discounted and closeout items with the help of brand name and private label suppliers at Grocery Outlet.

It acts as an ultimate option to choose whenever you want to buy groceries at cheap prices with good quality. Just name the brand of groceries and the Grocery Outlet will present to you enough options to choose from. 

In simple words, Grocery Outlet offers you deal from 40% to 70% on all the items separately which means you can always save over 50% in overall shopping. 


  • Its website comes with an in-site store locator.
  • Offers multiple gift cards at reasonable rates for different occasions.
  • Provides the feature of weekly ads where you can find all the currently available deals in its physical stores.
  • A good set of delivery options like standard delivery, pick-up orders, etc.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s Stores

Trader Joe‘s is another Kroger alternative in the US, which is a chain with over 500 stores established across the states of America.

It mainly focuses on offering ready-made meals and hundreds of easy and tasty recipes to its customers. While the quality is guaranteed, the taste is also delightful and with multiple deals available all the time at this store, one can always save a good sum by shopping.

Now hopping on the category list you can shop from Trader Joe's includes flower, plants, beverages and food where the food category is subdivided into specific food sections like bakery, cheese, sources, eggs, dairy, freshly prepared foods, dressings, etc.


  • Trader Joe's website comes with an in-site store locator.
  • You can find a ‘Podcasts’ section where you can listen to different types of podcasts with around five minutes durations or so.
  • You can spend some quality time reading from Trader Joe's story section or guide section, something highly recommended if you love cooking.
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Walmart grocery store

Walmart INC is one of the leading multinational retail corporations in the US, operating multiple grocery stores, discount department stores and hypermarkets and offering good quality products and services, being one of the top-most grocery stores in the US currently. 

It offers you a huge selection of categories to shop from and save money by buying reasonably charged items. If you get yourself a Walmart credit card, you will have no problem saving ample sums whenever you shop from Walmart.

Talking about the categories you can shop from at Walmart includes grocery, electronics, furniture, appliances, home improvement, garden, household essentials, personal care, pharmacy, outdoors, school supplies, video games and more with all these categories being subdivided into accurate sections for the better shopping experience.


  • Free shipping on orders above $35.
  • Offers more than just one delivery option and pick-up in-store option.
  • Offers plenty of gift cards with pricing starting from only $5.

Final Words

Honestly, you can find many more stores like Kroger in the market but the stores mentioned in the above list are well-known and authorized for offering good quality items and services to its customers. Therefore, we will highly suggest you try the above mentioned Kroger alternatives before trying some different brands.

With this, we have successfully listed all the promising stores like Kroger and hope you will find your favourite grocery platform among them.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Does Kroger own Meijer?

No, Kroger does not own Meijer. Meijer is one of the leading and biggest privately-owned grocery chains in the US and acts as a holding company for a good set of subsidiaries but Kroger is not included in the list.

What chains does Kroger own?

The Kroger company acts as the holding company for a good set of supermarkets including Ralphs, Dillons, Smith's, QFC, Baker’s City Market, Owen's, Jay C, Kroger, Pay Less, Gerbes, Harris Teeter, Pick ‘n Save, Metro Market and Mariano's. It also handles a multi-department store called Fred Meyer.

Is Meijer more expensive than Kroger?

Yes. Although Meijer does not charge highly for its products, especially based on the good quality it offers, when compared to Kroger, it certainly charges a bit more than Kroger with the quantity and quality of the items being similar.