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CVS App Not Working: Try These Steps! [2024]

CVS App Not Working: Try These Steps! [2024]

CVS App Not Working: You want to order a medicine from CVS and when you open the app; you find out that it is not loading or glitching. So, what will you do in this situation? 

We know you might be unaware of the issue and solution. Therefore, we are going to present all the solutions to solve your CVS app not working issue here. 

Thus, to know if the CVS app is down or not, why is the CVS app not working and all the different solutions you can try to solve the problem every time in future too, you must continue reading this article.

Why is the CVS App Not Working?

If the CVS app is not working, any reason from below can be applicable:

  • It is down because of a temporary service outage.
  • App needs an updated.
  • The device you are using has a VPN turned on.
  • CVS app is overloaded with cache and user data.
  • The device being used is not compatible with the CVS app.
  • The network connection is unstable.
  • High traffic jams cause a few features of the app to slow down or the app to stop functioning.

Is CVS App down?

If you want to know if the CVS app is down then you can try to check the same from here and check for any outage reports of the CVS app. In case you found any, the only option you have is to wait till the issue is resolved on its own.

However, if you could not find any reports, you can try visiting some popular discussion forums like Quora and Reddit to search for the causes and solutions of the issue. You can also find solutions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to Fix: CVS Website Not Working?

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Check if your internet connection is stable and if the data connection is switched on. And if the device is not receiving enough network, then you can try switching it off and on a few times. You can also try rebooting your device to regain the stable connection or you can always switch to a hotspot or Wi-Fi connection.

Fix 2: Switch Off the VPN

If the device you are using has a VPN switched on, the app will most likely not open because of the unsecured network connection. To open the app, you will need a secured connection like the data or Wi-Fi connection and don’t forget to switch off the VPN first.

Fix 3: Check for Device Compatibility 

Even if you were able to install the CVS app from the Google Play Store, the device you are using might not be entirely compatible with the CVS app. Therefore, check whether the device is compatible with the CVS app and in case if it is not, update your device’s software to its latest version or simply change the device.

Fix 4: Force Stop and Reopen the App

If the CVS app stopped working midway, then the best solution for this issue is to force stop the app and reopen it after some time. If the problem occurred again, you can perform the same procedure few more times between a few seconds intervals. 

Fix 5: Clear Cache 

Clearing the cache and other unwanted data of the app is a simple task. To clear the cache and unwanted data of the CVS app, follow the instructions mentioned below:

For Android

  1. Open Settings and search for the CVS app.
  2. You will find the Clear cache button available somewhere at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the Clear cache option only.

For iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app and press the General option from the side main menu.
  2. Select the iPhone storage option among the list of apps and then tap on the CVS app.
  3. You will see a red text that says Offload App, tap on it and then Reinstall the CVS app from the App Store.
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Fix 6: Log out and Log in in your Account

Logging out and logging into your account after some time can help to stabilize the overloaded user data of the app. Therefore, whenever the app shows glitches continuously, you can try logging out and logging back into your account a few times.

Fix 7: Uninstall and Reinstall the CVS App

When the user data overflows, it will instantly disrupt the swift flow of work of the app. If the user data is much, you should immediately uninstall the app and reinstall it back. This will clear all the cache along with packed user data and the CVS app will work just like any newly installed app.

Fix 8: Use Web Version

When the CVS app is not working, you can try using its web version. On its website, you can log in with your CVS account and complete all your work through the web version until the CVS app is back on track.

Fix 9: Update the CVS App

When the app needs updates, it will start interrupting the fast workflow of the app with multiple glitches and bugs. Few of the features in the app will not work or the app will slow down entirely. To resolve this issue, all you have to do is update the CVS app from the App Store or Google Play Store accordingly.

Fix 10: Wait

Waiting may not be accepted by many users but it is 10x times better than trying some weird tricks and creating more problems in the app. Therefore, wait till the issue is solved on its own.

Fix 11: Contact Customer Service

To contact the customer service of CVS app, you can call 1-888-607-4287. This is when you need immediate help from customer care and it is available from Sunday to Saturday from 8:30 AM to 7 PM ET. The customer service is closed on the major holidays only.

CVS App Delivery not working

If the CVS app delivery is not working for you, then that may be because CVS is currently experiencing delayed deliveries or low stock on items. In this case, the only choice you have is to wait for them to overcome this issue or you can always choose some other online pharmacy to order from.

On the contrary, you should also try using general troubleshooting issues like checking the internet connection, refreshing the app, clearing the cache, etc to solve this problem. 

CVS App Manufacturer Coupons not Working

If you are facing the CVS app manufacturer coupon not working problem, then make sure the coupon you have is still valid. In case it is, then check if you are meeting the correct requirements to use the coupon. 

If nothing worked, then the only solution left is to contact the customer care service of the CVS app and seek help.

CVS App Prescription Management not Working

If the CVS app prescription management is not working for you, then make sure that you have your CVS account with prescription management added. In case you are not signed in or do not have an account, you will continue to face the same issue. 

Final Words 

In the above article, we have mentioned all the common solutions that can help you overcome the CVS app not working problem. So, we hope by reading our article; you have received all the solutions you needed to solve the issue. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Why is the CVS app not loading?

If the CVS app is not loading for you then try checking the internet connection. If you are receiving unstable network connection, switch to Wi-Fi or switch off and on your data connection a few times.

Why is CVS App not showing deals?

If CVS app is not showing the deals for you, then that may be because there are no available deals currently. But, you can try refreshing the CVS app or checking for deals after some time.

Why is CVS App not opening?

If the CVS app is not opening, it may be because the device has a VPN turned on. So, it app will not open unless you switch off the VPN. Otherwise, you can also check the device compatibility of the app and if the app needs updates.