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7 Best Stores like 10 Dollar Mall Have You Check It? [2024]

7 Best Stores like 10 Dollar Mall Have You Check It? [2024]

Stores like 10 Dollar Mall: You might have come across stores that have names like 99 store, etc. These stores are the current highlights of the market, where you can find prices ranging from $1 to $10 or something similar. 10 Dollar Mall is a similar type of store. 

About 10 Dollar Mall

10 Dollar Mall is a popular store that has great deals on different regular necessity categories such as home products and many more. The main highlight of the site is that every item is priced at only 10 dollars. 

Although it sounds like an amazing place to shop but is it the only option you have? No! There are more similar stores like the 10 Dollar mall in the market. So, if you wish to know the list of the best 10 Dollar Mall alternatives, then we highly suggest that you continue reading this article.

Five Below

Stores like 10 Dollar Mall

Five Below is a popular chain of specialty discount stores in the United states that deals in products which are below the range of 5 dollars along with a small assortment of items ranging from $6 to $25.

It is one of the best stores like 10 Dollar Mall because both the brands deal in cheap and cheapest items. They have some set prices which are applicable to all the products they offer, for Five Below, this price range starts from as low as $1 to 5 dollars.

They have many categories like toys, home appliances, food, beverage, apparel and more to offer. They offer good customer service whether you are contacting them through the website or visiting them in one of their stores.

Key Highlights 

  • Five Below is affiliated with over 1000 stores and has a huge variety of items to sell.
  • Offer plenty of clearance sales and discount offers to help you save more on your orders.
  • Although the items are cheapest, the quality is highest.

99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores is another American-based price-point discount store company that offers a mixture of closeout branded items, fresh food and general goods. The store originally decided to offer all the items at $.99 or less.

All these products are nowhere near expiry date and fresh to use. And it claims to surprise you with its amazing deals, hot sales and items at the lowest prices in the market.

They deal in categories like fresh pets, beer, wine, beauty, snakes, home goods, cleaning, freshly produced food items and branded name closeouts. It is a trusted brand by thousands of people, especially for those who cannot afford expensive branded items.

Key Highlights 

  • Offer the lowest price guarantee along with valid usage of the items.
  • 99 Cent Only Stores guarantees you it will match the prices in case you find a lower price at any other brand or store.
  • Official store comes with an in-site store locator.
  • While offering the lowest prices, they also guarantee you plenty of promotional offers and discounts.

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Store

Dollar Tree is a multi-price point chain of discount variety stores in the United states. It is a Fortune 500 entity and handles over 15,000 stores across 48 contiguous states of America and Canada. Their stores are supported by a nationwide logistics network. 

Like 10 Dollar Mall, Dollar Tree offers bulk items at the lowest prices available in the market. There is no minimum quantity that you are required to order and moreover, all the items have good quality and long-lasting usage.

It is chiefly known for offering items for business sections like schools, churches, party planners, restaurants and anyone who is looking for bulk orders at the lowest rates.

Holidays, seasons, celebrations, toys, crafts, food, candy, drinks, health, personal care, home, orphanage, kitchen, home decor, craft and toys are the main categories you will find. You can also shop through the All Department category where all the items will be listed.

Key Highlights

  • Has a feature of inside store locator.
  • They allow you to place your orders through a call.
  • You can see the unbiased ratings of customers on all the listed items.

Dollar General

Dollar General Store

Dollar General Corporation is another famous chain of variety stores in the USA that operates over 18,000 stores in the continental United States.

It makes it easier to shop for regular needs, with a guarantee of the lowest prices in most popular brands. 

Fall, Halloween, health, but, cleaning, personal care, household, food, beverage, beauty, electronics, office, school supplies, auto, hardware, party, occasions, toys, baby and DG brands are the main categories you can shop from on their website and app. 

What makes it more interesting is that they offer a separate category for the items currently under sale. And there is also a category where you can find items worth $1.

Key Highlights 

  • Offer store pickup options for product delivery through their website and app.
  • The deals and promotions are updated frequently.
  • Get exclusive discounts, offers, and coupons.

Dollar Days

Dollar Days Store

Dollar Days is a perfect store for bulk goods for businesses, schools and non-profit programmes and organisations. It offers the biggest assortment of bulk quantity items for store friends, fundraisers, charitable outreach efforts and relevant programmes.

We can say that Dollar Days is one of the best stores like 10 Dollar mall because both offer bulk items at the lowest rates. Besides, you also get good quality items with a low price guarantee.

Clothing, betting, Decor, bed, travel size toiletries, shoes, oral care, toys, games, school, office, backpacks, baby, household essentials, holiday, party, electronics, hardware, tools, outdoor tools, food, kitchen, dining, luggage, travel, PPE, masks and pet are the main categories.

Key Highlights

  • Website is updated with new wholesale products frequently.
  • The monthly add feature in the main menu will give you access to all the trending deals.
  • All the offers in monthly deals can be downloaded in a direct PDF.
  • Dollar Days is a certified secure platform by TrustedSite for safe shopping.

Family Dollar

Family Dollar Store

Family Dollar stores is a variety store chain in the USA that has established over 8000 locations in all states of America except Alaska and Hawaii. It was known as the second biggest retailer of its type in the United States until just recently.

It is included in the list of stores like 10 Dollar mall because it guarantees you that all the products come at low costs. While the quality is top-notch, the discounts are big in number and help you save more on your purchases.

The highlight of Family Dollar is that it offers branded and expensive products for lower prices compared to your local convenience stores.

Get supplies, seasonal, party items, bed, body, beauty, beverages, snacks, cleaning, office and home are the chief categories you can shop from on their website. Not only that, but you can also shop from the All Department category where all the items available on the site will be listed all together.

Key Highlights 

  • Provides smart coupons, weekly coupons and many promotional offers which are updated frequently on its website.
  • Their website comes with an inside story located.
  • Offer items from many brands and have a vast sea of variety to offer.
  • Family Dollar is said to offer first-class customer service.

6 Dollar Shirts

6 Dollar Shirts Store

Lastly, we have 6 Dollar Shirts in our list of the best stores like 10 Dollar Mall. 6 Dollar Shirts is a platform where you can find various styles and colours of shirts. 

6 Dollar Shirts offers thousands and thousands of T-shirts and shirts starting from just $6.50. Cool tees for impressing your significant other or delicate vintage shirts to suit your warm vibe, and many more styles.

Guys tees, kids tees, foodies, girls tees, guys tanks, girls tanks, sweatshirts, prints, and hats are the main categories that you can shop from the 6 Dollar Shirt' website. 

Besides, you can also select the type of T-shirt you need. For instance, they offer funny, science, parting, pop culture, Sports, politics, holidays and so many more types of themes.

Key Highlights   

  • The website launches new shirt and T-shirt designs frequently.
  • They offer multiple deals and promotional offers, which are updated frequently.
  • 6 Dollar Shirts offer quick shipping.

Final Words 

10 Dollar Mall is an ultimate store for shopping regular necessity with the cheapest prices,. If stores like 10 Dollar mall are offering you branded and good quality products at cheap prices, why would you go for expensive ones?

However, if you are not able to find what you are looking for at 10 Dollar Mall, do not worry as there are plenty of other choices as mentioned in this article.

We hope by reading our article, you now have enough similar brands like 10 Dollar Mall to shop for the cheapest yet good quality products.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best cheap stores like 10 Dollar mall?

Dollar Tree, Five Below, 99 Cents Only Store, Dollar General, 6 Dollar Shirts, Dollar Days and Family Dollar are the best cheap stores like 10 Dollar mall.
There are more options in the market where you can find cheap products from well-known brands but the quality might not be as good as with the aforementioned brands.