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6 Best Stores like Dollar General to Visit Right Now! [2024]

6 Best Stores like Dollar General to Visit Right Now! [2024]

Stores like Dollar General: When you are getting items from popular brands at cheap prices, like basically for a bunch of dollars, then won’t you give it a shot? In case you don’t know any such shops, then we have a good set of recommendations for stores like Dollar General.

About Dollar General

Dollar General is an American-based chain of variety stores operating over 18,000 stores across the continental US. It helps you in shopping for your everyday necessities from the most popular brands at everyday low prices in convenient locations and through its website.

Here, you get to shop from a good range of categories such as health, food, beverage, personal care, toys, electronics, pet, beauty, school supplies, party, hardware, cleaning, and more.

Dollar General offers a good variety, has a good range of products and most importantly, prices are less than your local grocery stores. 

However, in case you want to find an even cheaper store, a store with more variety, or probably the one closest to you – then you must have a look at our list of 6 best stores like Dollar General to visit right now!

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree Stores like Dollar General

Dollar Tree is again, one of the most similar stores to Dollar General, because, to start with – they have similarities in their name also. Also, Dollar Tree helps you buy a good variety of products at low prices with quality at its best for the price you pay.

It helps you buy products mainly for occasions, festivals, and events. You can shop for businesses, schools, churches, parties, restaurants, and more things through this brand.

Talking about the department types, you can shop from a good range of departments such as home and office, health and personal care, food, candy and drinks, toys and crafts, holidays, seasons, and celebrations.

Furthermore, Dollar Tree has the feature of a catalog quick order through which, you can type in the catalog SKU number in the box from the printed catalog, and add all the products you want to buy one at a time by separating the SKUs with space. This technique helps you save time.

Key Highlights 

  • You get a free in-store pick-up for the majority of the orders listed on this website.
  • It offers the same-day delivery option for the majority of the products. 
  • Its official website comes with an on-site store locator.
  • All the products listed on the website come with star ratings and reviews for better understanding by previous customers.

Best For: buying in bulk for events, occasions, etc

Five Below

Five Below online store

Five Below is an American chain of discount stores selling items priced less than $5, basically between $1 to $5, along with an assortment of items starting from $6 to $25. It operates over 1000 stores across the US.

Five Below has low prices, no doubt, and the quality of the product is reasonable, comparatively lower than other similar brands in the market.

When it comes to categories, you get to shop from a wide range of categories like beauty, style, create, toys and games, tech, and room. These are just the main categories which are further subdivided into specific sections to make shopping easier for you.

Key Highlights 

  • Both the website and app come with an on-site and in-app store locator.
  • It gives an easy experience for checkout through Google Pay and Paypal buttons directly below the item listing.

Best For: novelty items, little treats, tech, and gifts

Family Dollar

family dollar General Discount & Dollar Store

Family Dollar is another popular Dollar General competitor, a retail company helping you shop branded products for less prices compared to your local grocery stores.

It is known to be the USA's fastest-growing retail shop in the US delivering an assortment of merchandise for your full family, then either it is about regular products or shopping for special days and festivals.

Here, you can shop in all departments such as snacks and beverages, home, cleaning, bed, body and beauty, seasonal and party, ads and books, and pet supplies. Moreover, there is a special section where you can shop for exclusive deals on various items.

Key Highlights 

  • Offers the weekly coupon and ad feature for groceries and everyday household necessities.
  • Has the same-day delivery option.
  • Has a specific page on the website and app to track your orders in real-time.
  • Every product comes with a star rating and reviews directly under the product listing for better understanding.
  • The website and app come with a robust filter tool.

Best For: craft supplies and personal care items


Temu store Explore the Latest Clothing, Beauty, Home, Jewelry

Temu, unlike other stores like Dollar General mentioned in this article, doesn’t necessarily offer you products under $5, $10, $1, and such. Instead, it mainly focuses on providing you with a huge variety of products, with the price starting from below 1 dollar.

Talking about quality, Temu does focus on quality and has its connections spread wide across thousands of sellers from China and neighboring countries like Singapore. 

It is known for a wide variety of categories including beauty, home, jewelry, clothing, accessories, automotive, smart home, garden, health, industrial, commercial, musical instrument, home improvement, kitchen, maternity, kids fashion, school supplies, bed supplies, bags, luggage, and much more.

Key Highlights 

  • All products come with star ratings and reviews by previous customers for better understanding before buying.
  • A special button beside the ‘categories’ button named ‘5-star rated’ will help you get your hands on all the 5-star rated products on the website.
  • Give $5 credit in case you got the delivery late.
  • Offers easy refund and return policy with 90 days return window.
  • You get free shipping on your first order. 
  • Your first return shipping will be free.

Best For: buying products in bulk


Walmart online store

Walmart is one of the leading multinational retail stores across the US, operating a bunch of hypermarkets, grocery stores and discount stores. It is one of the promising stores like Dollar General since it focuses on good quality products at reasonable prices.

Here, you can save money and live better with everyday low prices, and unlimited free delivery from the closest Walmart store.

Further, you can shop from a good set of varieties like beauty, personal care, bed, home improvement, garden, baby, health, industrial, clothing, shoes, accessories, grocery, sports, outdoors, furniture, appliances, electronics, and much more.

Key Highlights 

  • You can check your purchase history any time with your account logged in on its website and app.
  • Under the cart icon on the app and website, you’ll see the order total without actually visiting the cart page.
  • It offers the buy now and pay later service through Affirm.
  • Every product listed comes with a star rating and review section.
  • It offers insurance on expensive and relevant products like TVs.
  • The website and app come with an on-site and in-app Store locator.

Best For: groceries and everyday necessities


AliExpress Online Shopping for Popular Electronics, Fashion

AliExpress is similar to Dollar General and Temu. It offers a huge variety of categories with prices starting from only $0.01. The quality of the products you find is satisfactory and average mostly, and the items directly come from the manufacturer without any third-party involved anywhere in the process.

At AliExpress, you can shop for all types of items like baby, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, appliances, home decor, appliances, electronics, gaming, apparel, and more.

Overall, you can shop for more than 100 million quality deals on all its categories daily. In fact, it has a special page for super deals which gets updated with multiple deals regularly.

Key Highlights 

  • Its app and website have robust filter tools. 
  • Has easy return and refund policies with a return window of 15 days.
  • It offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not 100% satisfied with your order.
  • The shipping time, irrespective of your location and order contents is a week on average for standard delivery.

Best For: dropshipping

Final Words 

The market includes plenty of other stores like Dollar General which offers the three basic things – a good variety of categories, low prices with reasonable quality.

However, if you wish to choose the best, then you must try at least half of the stores mentioned in our list of best stores like Dollar General.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which states have no Dollar General?

Dollar General is present in all 47 states in the US except for three including Hawaii, Montana, and Alaska.

Is Dollar General all $1?

No, Dollar General does have the word ‘dollar’ in its brand name, but not everything offered by the brand can be bought for only 1 dollar. If you want to buy their merchandise, then all of it will be priced lowly, but other things will cost you more.

Which are other stores like Dollar General?

Walmart, Aliexpress, Temu, Family Dollar, Five Below, and Dollar Tree are some of the most similar stores like Dollar General spread wide across the US.