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Elevate vs Lumosity: Which Is Better Brain Training App? [2024]

Elevate vs Lumosity: Which Is Better Brain Training App? [2024]

Elevate vs Lumosity: In this generation where people are relying on brain training apps to improve in various mind-related activities, why would you bother giving your precious Among Us and Fortnite time to some boring common games?

However, sorry to break it to you, but these games aren’t helping you in any way. Instead, apps like Elevate and Lumosity don't require all your gaming hours to help improve your mind activities. Just give them about half an hour or so – and see the results yourself. 

Elevate and Lumosity are two currently popular brain training programs. Both are online and consist mainly of games that will help you increase and enhance the activities of your brain effectively. But the question is – which among them is better?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, then you must dive into this Elevate vs Lumosity comparison article below to know the answer! 

Elevate vs Lumosity: Overview


Elevate is a well-known brain-training computer program. It’s specifically designed to improve different activities of your mind like your memory, speaking skills, processing speed, increase in reactions, math skills, focus, and much more.

Elevate is a trusted and professional program which gives every individual a personalized training routine to follow. This routine has a goal – to maximize your desired results over time.

Elevate vs Lumosity


Lumosity is a trusted online program including games that help you improve in different aspects of your mind. This list includes many titles such as attention, flexibility, problem-solving, memory, and speed of processing. 

The Lumosity brain training program asks you to challenge yourself. It isn’t bothered with your skill level, brain level, any issues you have, or your age – all you have to do is be determined when you take up challenges and ready to adapt to your weaknesses while developing unique strengths. 

Lumosity vs Elevate

Elevate vs Lumosity: How do they work?


The work of Elevate is simple. As soon as you have entered the community and edited the default settings, the platform will pass you a personalized training program based on your current condition.

Additionally, even if you are good at some aspects like your processing speed is good or you are already more than average at solving math problems, Elevate will still help you improve more in those parts. 

In simple words, Elevate will help you prepare from every corner of your mind. 


To start with Lumosity, you’ll first have to let the app know about your current mind and skills level for it to understand your condition and appoint you to a proper brain training program. 

As already mentioned, all the training programs are personalized according to your current condition. 

The areas that require more attention, for instance — memory, speed, flexibility, etc will be given more preparation, while other areas like problem-solving and attention, which you might be good at, will be trained steadily. 

Elevate vs Lumosity: Skills Targeted


The personalized training program will improve in all the ways mentioned below:

  • Better reader and learner 

The app will help you become a better learner and reader. You’ll understand the words and sentences easily and will get better at reading confidently in front of an audience. 

  • Math solver

It will help you get better at solving math problems. You’ll eventually get better at calculating, markups, splitting bills, comparing prices, etc, and at many such areas of math. 

  • Boosting memory

It will play a good part in boosting your memory. You’ll no longer need shopping lists and forget to buy stuff. Likewise, remembering names and faces will get easier. 

  • Expanding vocabulary 

The app will help in expanding your vocabulary by learning how to use hundreds and thousands of new words with interesting games. 

  • Getting sharper

It will help you mentally feel sharper as a grown-up, or smarter as a kid. The games in the program will help your mind exercise and continue to evaluate, and it has games for both kids and adults. 

  • Improving spelling and punctuation

The app will help in improving your spelling and punctuation to avoid common writing mistakes. Eventually, you’ll get better at grammar. 

  • Being entirely expressive

The app will help you express yourself effectively through writing with concision, persuasion, and transparency.

  • Speaking more confidently

You will be able to speak confidently. Your speech will be advanced with unique words and your manner and expression will be clearer. 


Lumosity will first start from a basic brain training program after analyzing your current brain condition. After that, the personalized training program will continue to adjust according to the results produced, only if needed.  

Moreover, below are all the skills targeted by Lumosity:

  • Flexibility

Indeed, the flexibility of the body isn’t directly related to your mind, but mental flexibility is. The app will focus on mental flexibility of your mind and make it flexible enough to work according to different emotions.

  • Memory

Lumosity works to increase the efficiency of your memory. If you have weak memory and you forget things easily, then the training from Lumosity for boosting memory is sure to help you. 

  • Problem-solving

Problem-solving is an essential skill, most needed if you are working. This app helps you think in various ways to give you solutions to problems quickly – basically helping you work your brain out of the box. 

  • Speed

The app works to increase your speed, which comes through refreshing the mind. The program includes exercises that will rejuvenate your mind and help it increase the speed of your thinking as well as movements.

  • Attention

Being attentive in regular life, then whether you are a student or a worker, is really important. Lumosity will gradually work your brain, exercise it to be attentive to the surroundings, even if you are not in your best mood.

  • Math skills

Now, math skills are not important for all of us, but if you are a student or someone who has to be good at math, then Lumosity has multiple games and routines that specifically work on your math skills. 

Elevate vs Lumosity: Pricing and Plans


Elevate has an annual subscription plan with a 14-day free trial. After that, you’ll be charged $39.99 per year for his premium services. 


Following are the pricing and plans offered by Lumosity, except its free version:

  • Monthly subscription plan – $11.99 per month
  • Annual subscription plan – $59.99 per month

Elevate vs Lumosity: Differences and Similarities 


Moving ahead with the differences between Elevate and Lumosity. We will first start with their applications.

Elevate here seems to be using a lot of cartoon-like characters and objects through animations on its platform. You’ll probably see a flock of birds, a spaceship, and nesting dolls in its game and other parts of the app.

On the other hand, Lumosity here doesn’t necessarily have such active and cheerful characters in animations. It does use animations to keep you attentive and motivated, but has fewer animations compared to Elevate. Instead, it uses a decent UI and colors to keep it simple. 

The second big difference between Elevate and Lumosity can be that while Elevate majorly focuses on trainable skills like math, spelling, grammar improvement, etc, Lumosity here does focus on math skills specifically, but that is it.

Although the other skills targeted by Lumosity will gradually increase your studies including grammar and punctuation, it still won't directly train you for that, as Elevate does. 


The major similarity between Elevate and luminosity is probably that they both focus on and target almost the same skills.

As you might have already seen in the above paragraphs, both Elevate and Lumosity focus on your flexibility, memory, math skills, flexibility, attention, etc, and many such skills.

Secondly, both work similarly – they offer personalized training programs depending on your current mind conditions.

Elevate vs Lumosity: Pros and Cons



  • It offers a personalized routine and the routine will keep on changing depending on your progress on the results.
  • The app continues to research your condition and how you are adapting to your personalized routine.
  • The app is highly recommended for kids and students who wish to improve their punctuation, grammar, math, spelling, reading, writing, etc skills. 
  • Users have voted it positively for its vibrant colors and fun games. 


  • The majority of the games require specific prior knowledge of core skills like grammar and math to play. 



  • The app comes with over 40 activities, and the number is increasing with frequent updates.
  • Exclusive challenges for logic, problem-solving, language, memory, etc like important brain activities. 
  • It has personalized challenges to offer based on your training routines, preferences, and habits.
  • It gives a systematic analysis of all your gameplay to help you understand your cognitive patterns. 
  • You get information about your strengths and weaknesses while you progress through games and training. 


  • The free version of Lumosity doesn't even offer even half of its services for free. You’ll be forced to go for its premium version to see practical results. 
  • Users have stated that its games are not exactly interactive. 

Elevate vs Lumosity: Which is better?

Let’s start with what we saw on the Internet from the users who have used both Elevate and Lumosity.

To start with, users said that Elevate is much fun because it has vibrant colors, interesting characters, and fun games which automatically motivate you to come again tomorrow and play to improve.

On the other hand, few people complained that Elevate is louder than needed and its bright colors are a major drawback of the platform.

On the contrary, many users love Lumosity because of its minimal UI and simple user-friendly interface, and how it likes to keep it all simple. If you are into minimal graphics and less vibrant colors – Lumosity can be a better option for you.

Likewise, we have a few users complaining that Lumosity and its simple UI are way too simple to motivate you. They also mentioned that Lumosity doesn’t have interactive games — a major pitfall for the app. 

Now, with all the points mentioned in the above article and user opinions, we think that it depends on your preferences on the purposes of brain training – decide which between Elevate and Lumosity is a better brain training app for you.

With this, we hope our comparison article between Elevate and Lumosity has helped you understand both the brain training programs, and by now you have decided on your favorite app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Elevate and Lumosity?

The main difference between Elevate and Lumosity can be their graphics, UI, and how they operate. Elevate likes to keep it energetic and cheerful with hundreds of bright colors. But, Lumosity here stays minimal with simple yet fun games and a training program. 

Elevate brain training vs Lumosity – which is better?

Elevate brain training app is better if you want to focus more on trainable and study skills like spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. But, if you want to focus more on other aspects like focus, memory, etc overall – then Lumosity sounds good. 

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