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BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Which Is Better? [2024]

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Which Is Better? [2024]

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: When you start forgetting the names of the people you often see, and it’s getting harder for you to stay focused and confident – it’s your hint to get to know some brain training apps like Lumosity and BrainHQ.

Lumosity and BrainHQ are two of the popular brain training apps which offer you daily exercises. These exercises help your brain stay active and improve its working in different parts including memory boosting, reflexes, confidence, staying calm, etc. 

Indeed, Lumosity and BrainHQ are here to offer you good services, but which among them is a better choice for you? If you don’t know that, then you must go through our comparison article between BrainHQ vs Lumosity mentioned below to know which platform you should be choosing. 

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Overview


BrainHQ, with its real name — Posit Science, is an American-based company delivering brain training/exercise services. BrainHQ is its online headquarters to help your brain work out. It offers brain training, and exercises, and works to make it healthier. 

At BrainHQ, the training program includes a good set of different exercises for different parts of your brain. It mainly focuses on topics like memory, brain speed, and attention along with other relevant things.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity


Lumosity is another trusted online program including games that claim to help healthy activities for your brain. Similar to BrainHQ, Lumosity also helps enhance different aspects of your brain like attention, speed, reflexes, memory, flexibility, and more.

Lumosity is for all ages – although it’s highly recommended for adults, the young generation who are losing the natural abilities of their brains by hectic work, stress, depression, and more such natural life problems.

Lumosity vs BrainHQ

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: How do they work?


BrainHQ follows a systematic pattern for exercising your brain and it mainly works through brain plasticity –  a procedure through which the brain physically changes and enhances through experience, training, and learning.

BrainHQ focuses on these few physical changes in your brain which are the key to gradually improving its performance. Similarly, it has many such exercise challenges which will contest different parts of your brain including accuracy, speed, etc.


Lumosity brain training works professionally keeping expert research in mind. It transforms scientific tasks into exciting brain games that will challenge various parts of the brain including memory, speed, math, etc.

Likewise, Lumosity offers a personalized training program based on your current state, and it also focuses on the part that means the most improvement. 

For instance, if you are bad at remembering people or you take time to react to stuff – then it will focus more on memory boosting and flexibility.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Skills Targeted


BrainHQ offers over 24 brain training exercises, all different but they can be summarized in 6 sections as mentioned below:

  • Speed – 

The brain speed, or if you want to call it flexibility or reflexes of the brain, its thinking, is enhanced gradually and you’ll take less time to think and act.

  • Attention – 

Since staying ignorant of the environment and surroundings doesn’t usually help, BrainHQ will exercise your brain in a way that you’ll start paying attention to your surroundings without putting effort into it.

  • Memory – 

BrainHQ’s brain exercises will help you not only remember faces, but names too, and maybe the small conversations you shared with that person.

  • People Skills – 

People skills include you interacting confidently with people. Whether you are at a party talking with a group of people or talking with the crowd standing on stage — BrainHQ will make you confident in your interactions with people.

  • Intelligence –

As the name suggests — BrainHQ will boost your intelligence. It doesn’t mean it’ll teach you some subjects, but help you think wisely and act like an intelligent person. 

  • Navigation –

Again, the Navigation exercises will open a good variety of training like a mental map, optic slow, true north, and right turn-like topics, which will help you in navigation.


Similar to BrainHQ, Lumosity focuses on a good list of cognitive skills, but it mainly works in the below-mentioned aspects:

  • Processing speed –

Processing speed defines the speed, the time you take to think and act on. For instance, if you take time to understand topics and concepts or you are too slow most of the time, then Lumosity will help you speed up naturally.  

  • Problem-solving –

Whether you’re a student or an office worker, as a grown-up with intelligence, you’re expected to use your problem-solving techniques at some point to solve issues, then whether it’s something small or life-threatening, and Lumosity is here to you improve in that. 

  • Memory boosting –

If you had a good memory in your childhood, it doesn't mean it’ll stay the same in adulthood. As you face different challenges in life, along with your body, your brain changes too and you might start forgetting names and things easily, and this is where Lumosity will train you. 

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Pricing and Plans


BrainHQ allows you to use the first level of selective exercises for free. It is to get an idea of how the platform and exercises work. There is no time limit as to how many times you can use them – they are free forever.

Moreover, if you wish to get access to complete BrainHQ exercises and services, then you’ll have to pay a monthly sum of $14, or you can also opt for an annual cost of $96. 


Similar to BrainHQ, Lumosity also has a free version where you can use some of its features and services for free forever. However, if you wish to upgrade your experience – then the pricing starts from $11.99 per month. 

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: What are the Differences? 

Although both BrainHQ and Lumosity use evidence-based practice methods, BrainHQ here seems to be offering more support and a bigger level of scientific evidence behind every exercise compared to Lumosity.

On the other hand, while BrainHQ concentrates on the overall parts of your brain, like memory boosting, flexibility, etc for all ages and genders, Lumosity, although it claims to offer the same, is recommended specifically for adults. 

The above statement also justifies that while BrainHQ can be used for old age people, kids, teenagers, as well as adults – Lumosity here is best in use for adults. 

Another point that can easily differentiate the platforms is that while BrainHQ is a bit more focused on specific training and exercises like virtual attention, navigation, etc – Lumosity here focuses on the overall growth of these areas through one or two main exercises.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Pros and Cons



  • It gives you the first levels of the majority of its training routines for free forever.
  • It lets you focus on certain exercises to improve faster in that field.
  • It has a simple UI and is quite adaptable.
  • All its exercise routines are focused on brain plasticity – the natural process to bring a change and improvement to your brain.


  • It charges relatively higher than most similar platforms.
  • According to customer reviews, it’s not useful to improve a particular brain area. 



  • Games are quite interesting and not boring or common.
  • While covering all the brain topics it claims, it also helps in soothing excessive stress.
  • It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services.


  • Games are repetitive when played regularly – although you’re supposed to use the app daily.
  • You will only be able to track progress through an app login.

BrainHQ vs Lumosity: Which is better?

Honestly, both BrainHQ and Lumosity are good choices. They are loved by millions, are legitimate, and have helped thousands and thousands improve drastically over a short period.

However, BrainHQ seems to be charging a couple of dollars more for almost the same services as Lumosity – who offers cheaper services. 

On an important note – neither of the brain training programs offers prior guidance. Like, if you are a beginner and you don’t know how a brain training app works, then you’ll probably be lost whether you go for BrainHQ or Lumosity first.

In conclusion, we think you should go to BrainHQ for starters since it is good for kids, teenagers, and old people.

On the other hand, Lumosity sounds best if you are a hard-working adult who needs brain exercising to stay sharp when working, solve problems, be a good leader or team member, and stay calm on chaotic days. 

With this, we have come to the end of our comparison article between BrainHQ vs Lumosity, and hope you now know what’s the difference between the two and which is a better option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Lumosity and BrainHQ?

The main difference between Lumosity and BrainHQ is that while Lumosity is highly recommended for adults, BrainHQ here can be used by all ages.

Is BrainHQ better than Lumosity?

Not exactly better, but if you wish to focus on detailed training exercises and specific parts of your brain, especially when you are a teenager – then BrainHQ is indeed better than Lumosity since Lumosity is quite popular with adults.

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