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Meijer vs Walmart: Which Is Cheaper & Better? [2024]

Meijer vs Walmart: Which Is Cheaper & Better? [2024]

Meijer vs Walmart: when you have plenty of options to choose from, it just gets irritating to compare prices from each and every grocery or department store, check the quality, search for offers and promotions, and then decide which among them is a better brand for you.

In addition to that, two of these brands are Meijer and Walmart – which are currently being highly compared by US citizens. While Meijer is known for its better quality products, Walmart here has acquired most of the US territory. Which among them is a better choice?

If you are here to know the answer to the aforementioned question, then we are glad to inform you that this article contains a fair-and-square comparison battle between Meijer vs Walmart – with price comparison being the major highlight! 

Meijer vs Walmart: Introduction


Meijer is a supercenter chain operating in the majority of the Midwestern US parts. At Meijer, you can shop from a huge variety of categories such as groceries, electronics, home, pharmacy, style, and more.

Moreover, you get to discover interesting deals and unique finds — all at competitive prices. Additionally, since it operates through its local stores as well as a website and an app, you can find exclusive deals and combo offers on its digital platforms.

Meijer vs Walmart


Walmart is a well-known American-based multinational retailer running a set of grocery stores, discount department stores, and hypermarkets across the US. It has a good variety of products in categories including pharmacy, electronics, grocery, home decor, and whatnot. 

Walmart is best known for offering good quality products at fair prices. With so many promotional offers available regularly on its platforms and local stores, you’ll save money and get additional premium perks if you join its club called Walmart+. 

Walmart vs Meijer

Meijer vs Walmart: Price Comparison 

Under this headline, we’re going to compare the prices from both Meijer and Walmart, but before that, the price comparison table mentioned below will help you understand the price differences between the two clearly.

Celery$2.19 for 1 stalk$2.39 for 1 stalk 
Potatoes $2.99 for a 5lb bag of russets$3.67 for a 5lb bag of russets
Cucumber $0.69 for one$0.68 for one
Bananas$1.68 for six, $0.56 for each lb$1.26 for six, $0.52 for each lb
Tomatoes$1 for four, $1 per lb$1.16 for four, $0.98 per lb
Biscuit Mix$2.69 for a 32 oz box of Pearl Milling Bake mix$2.50 for a 40 oz box of Great Value mix 
Peanut Butter$2.19 for a 16 oz jar $1.74 for an 18 oz jar of Great Value
Ranch Dressing$0.99 for a 16 oz bottle $1.91 for a 15 oz bottle of WishBone
Soy Sauce$1.19 for a 10 oz bottle$1.58 for a 15 oz bottle 
Rice$1.59 for a 2lb bag of Riceland (sale price)$1.38 for a 2lb bag of Great Value
BBQ Sauce$1.19 for an 18 oz bottle of Open Pit$1.34 for an 18 oz bottle of Great Value
Applesauce$2.69 for a 46 oz jar$2.72 for a 28 oz jar
Canned Peaches$1.89 for a 15 oz can of Del Monte$1 for a 15 oz can
Quick Oats$2.79 for an 18 oz container$2.48 for an 18 oz container
Chocolate Chips$1.89 for a 12 oz bag$2.32 for a 12 oz bag
Frozen Peas$0.89 for a 12 oz bag$0.84 for a 12 oz bag
2% Milk$3.09 per gallon$2.96 per gallon
Eggs$2.19 for 12 ct$1.96 for 12 ct
Shredded Cheddar Cheese$1.88 for an 8 oz bag (sale price)$2.20 for an 8 oz bag

This is probably the very first time in our ‘grocery store comparison article’ history that we have found two grocery stores being compared with the prices having barely any differences.

As you can clearly see in the above comparison table, both Meijer and Walmart offer cheap prices but you find Meijer cheaper for some products, and Walmart for others. In simple words – between Meijer and Walmart, you could choose any of them since you’ll find cheap prices at both accordingly. 

Meijer vs Walmart: Store Experience 

Starting with the customer and staff service, according to the majority of the customers, Meijer comparatively has better staff and customer service support than Walmart. 

Meijer is more of a local brand whereas Walmart is widespread nationally – but the staff is better in interaction, conversations, help, and overall service at Meijer. 

Apart from all this, one of the customers mentioned an incident from 2022 in Walmart, where they found a bag of rotten kielbasa right in the center of a front rack. Although it can be a coincidence or a big mistake — whatever you name it, it’s still more than disappointing. 

Meijer vs Walmart: Which is Better?

Talking about the quality of the products, according to the majority of the customers who have tried both, they clearly stated that although the quality of products at Walmart is fair, Meijer still has better quality products to offer. 

They later continued with justifications like – Meijer’s good quality products and high-level service are the main reasons why they’d choose Meijer over other similar brands with cheaper prices.

Now coming to the prices, both don't necessarily have the cheapest prices, but they do offer good quality products at competitive prices with enough promotional offers and deals regularly. 

With all the headlines highlighted in this article and the price comparison table, it’s certain that Meijer is better than Walmart in more than just one or two aspects.

Walmart is widespread across the US, favored by thousands and thousands and it does offer good services, but not the best, definitely not better than Meijer. Therefore, we highly suggest you go for Meijer before Walmart. 

With this, we have come to the end of our Meijer vs Walmart comparison article and hope you now know the differences between the two, the price variations, and which is better for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Meijer better quality than Walmart?

Yes, at some point, Meijer charges a couple of dollars more for its products only because it offers better quality products and professional services to all its consumers. 

Is Meijer or Walmart cheaper for groceries?

According to our price comparison research between Meijer and Walmart, none of them is specifically cheaper than the other, and you can get some products cheaper at Meijer, and other products at low prices at Walmart

Is Meijer better than Walmart?

Yes, Meijer may charge a couple of dollars more than Walmart for some of its products, but in overall service – the quality of its products, the cleanliness of its local stores, the behavior of its staff, and the responses of its customer service – everything is better than Walmart.

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