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Family Dollar vs Walmart: Which is Cheaper? [2024]

Family Dollar vs Walmart: Which is Cheaper? [2024]

Family Dollar vs Walmart: with so many supermarkets, retailers, and discount variety stores in the area, it is understandable if you get confused to know which among these is a better option and which is cheaper.

Keeping that topic on board, recently two retailers, Family Dollar and Walmart have been gaining attention and people are curious about which among them is the cheapest. 

Now talking about you, if you also want to know which between Family Dollar and Walmart is the cheaper and a better option overall, then you must dive into the article mentioned below because it contains an unbiased and updated comparison between Family Dollar vs Walmart. 

Family Dollar vs Walmart: Overview

Family Dollar

Family Dollar is a popular retail company, a trusted general discount store offering branded products for less prices compared to MRP. Here, you can explore smart coupons on eligible items and orders while shopping for all your regular necessities.

Further, you can shop from a good list of categories including home, office, cleaning, snacks, beverages, body, bed, beauty, seasonal, body, pet supplies, ads, and books.

Family Dollar vs Walmart


Walmart is an American-based multinational retailer that handles a set of department stores, grocery stores, and hypermarkets offering better quality products from most of the similar stores at reasonable prices.

Walmart is more famous because it offers a huge list of categories to shop from including electronics, furniture, appliances, home, outdoor video games, toys, groceries, clothing, wellness, household items, baby, home improvement, beauty, personal care, office supplies, and many more.

Walmart vs Family Dollar

Family Dollar vs Walmart: Price

ProductsFamily DollarWalmart 
Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, 10.3 ozStarting from points $5.50Starting from $5.72
Vitamins and Supplements Energy shots (drinks) start from $1Energy drinks start from $3.96
ShampoosStarting from $1Starting from $0.98 
FragrancesStarting from $1Starting from $2.93
Fabric Softener – Gain Fresh Splash Fabric Softener, 41 fl.ozAt $4.45 eachAt $19.99 for a pack of 3
Face washesStarting from $3 for 10 oz Starting from $2.97 for 2 oz
Comforters and blanketsStarting from $5 each for printed plush throw blankets 50-60 inch Starting from $19.97 for a reversible comforter

Now it might be clear to you that the prices mentioned for Family Dollar are lower than Walmart. 

But, do not get fooled by its cheap prices because when comparing the quality of the products with Walmart, Walmart has better and more durable quality items, surely better than what you can find at Family Dollar – stated by the customers and brought up in our research after comparing brands. 

Family Dollar must be a destination if you have a tight budget to follow and need products that have average quality. However, if you can add a bunch of dollars more for good quality with more durability – then Walmart must be your next stop.

Family Dollar vs Walmart: Locations

Family Dollar

Family Dollar has over 8000 locations in the 49 states of the US. Among these, Texas is the state with the most Family Dollar locations with 1130 retail stores. It also means Texas covers about 14% of Family Dollar retail stores overall in the US.


Walmart has over 10,000 stores globally with 4720 being in the US. Apart from this, Walmart runs 365 discount stores, 682 neighborhood markets, 8 convenience stores, and such. 

Likewise, Texas has the most Walmart locations with 516 stores, about 11% of overall Walmart locations. It is followed by Florida with 341 stores and then California with 278 stores.

Family Dollar vs Walmart: Summary Table

StoreFamily DollarWalmart 
LocationsIt is operating 8240 locations overall.It is operating 10,586 stores globally.
Variety and Categories Doesn’t have much variety and has a good set of categories to shop for basic regular necessities.It has much more variety compared to Family Dollar and offers almost all types of categories to shop for all kinds of events, celebrations, regular necessities, etc.
Quality and QuantityThe quality of the product is average since it offers branded products, but the durability is not as good as Walmart's. Quantity based on prices is good.The quality of the product is good and more durable than items from Family Dollar. Quantity is good based on the prices.
PricingIt offers the cheapest items, cheaper than Walmart.It offer cheaper products, but not more than Family Dollar
Deals and Promotional OffersIt offers one or two deals and promotional offers on ordinary days.It offers a couple of deals in promotional offers on regular days. In case you are a member of Walmart+, then you will get multiple offers and rewards with every purchase.

Final Words: Family Dollar vs Walmart

Starting with the prices, it is clear that Family Dollar offers cheaper prices than Walmart. However, if we were to talk about more deals & promotional offers, then Walmart has more of it and it has sales and offers available all time of the year.

Now, although Family Dollar offers cheaper products with the same brand, there are products that it offers for cheaper prices than Walmart but when comparing to the quality – the customers clearly stated that Walmart items are more worth it than Family Dollar.

The quantity of the products is similar by talking about the variety and categories. Walmart has way more variety and categories to choose from. You can get pretty much anything and everything you want from Walmart, without needing to visit any other stores for one or two remaining products on the list.

Compared to this, even Family Dollar has a good list of categories to offer. However, it doesn’t focus on every necessity and variety for the customers.

With this, we have concluded that both Family Dollar and Walmart are good stores. 

Regardless, talking about who is the cheapest, then the answer is Family Dollar. But, if you want to focus on quality, then Walmart is a good option too with the prices not that high compared to other similar supermarkets and stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Family Dollar cheaper than Walmart?

Yes. From our comparison table, Family Dollar seems to be cheaper than Walmart by a good couple of dollars.

Walmart vs Family Dollar: Which is better?

In the case of lower prices, Family Dollar is better. But, when it comes to the variety, categories, and quality of the products, although both the labels offer branded products, Walmart product’s quality is still better and more durable.

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