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Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Which is Cheaper? [2024]

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Which is Cheaper? [2024]

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: With so many dollar stores in the market, it is quite confusing as to which among these is the best one offering the cheapest products. All these stores promise to offer you products from well-known brands, in fact, they do offer branded products, but there’s still a change in prices.

Not only does the price vary according to your location and region, but for more reasons, you can see a price difference of about $0.75 to $2 in these stores.

Now coming to the main topic, among these dollar stores – Dollar Tree and Dollarama have been recently compared by the customers to decide which among these is the cheapest.

If you are here to know the same answer, then without any second thought, dive into the article below as it contains a comparison battle between Dollar Tree vs Dollarama, to know all the information that will help you decide which is the cheapest. 

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Overview

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a popular discount store company in the US and Canada. It is well known to offer products in bulk for various events and seasons including businesses, schools, parties, restaurants, etc.

At Dollar Tree, you get to shop from a good range of departments including toys, crafts, kitchen, home decor, home essentials, office, health, personal care, food, candy, drinks, holidays, seasons, and celebrations. 

Apart from this, it also offers trending products like kitchen tools, house essentials, etc right after they have entered the market. 

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama


Dollarama is a Canada-based dollar store retail chain where you can discover multiple bulk sales and cases for retail. 

Whether you want things in bulk for schools, hospitals, care facilities, catering, hotels, maintenance, etc, or parties, events, wedding planning, and workplace – in any case, Dollarama has everything for you.

To give you a better idea about its categories, you can shop from a good set of departments including cleaning, school, office supplies, home, kitchen, food, health, beauty, hardware, body, electronics, pets, and toys at Dollarama.

Dollarama vs Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Prices

Products Dollar TreeDollarama
Laundry stain removerStarting from $1.25Starting from $3.25
Food StorageStarting from $1.25Starting from $3.75
Paint SuppliesStarting from $1.25Starting from $1
Dinnerware and PlatesStarting from a $1.25Starting from $3
ShampooStarting from $1.25Starting from $3.50
Trash BagsStarting from $1.25Starting from $1.25
CandlesStarting from $1.25 for scented Starting from $1.25 for normal and non-scented 
RazorsStarting from $1.25Starting from $2
SnacksStarting from $1.25Starting from $1

All the pricing mentioned in this table is per unit. While Dollar Tree allows you to buy one unit from one product, Dollarama has a complete set to offer where you can’t buy just one unit from them.

In simple words, if you want to buy a shower cap for $1.50 per unit, Dollarama has its complete case including 16 shower caps for $24. 

As you can see, Dollar Tree majorly focuses on providing items for $1.25 per unit whereas, at Dollarama, you can get the same for various higher prices as mentioned above. 

These are just a glimpse of the currently updated prices for both the labels, which can vary according to your location. In case you’re going to buy this in-store, then no wonder the price will change, even if it’s a difference of a few cents. 

In conclusion, Dollar Tree wins over Dollarama for offering cheaper items.

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Locations

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has over 15,000 stores across the 48 US states including Canada. Talking about the popularity region-wise, then the Arizona region has the most Dollar Tree locations with 296 stores, about 1.90% of overall Dollar Tree locations.

It is followed by Arkansas with 191 stories, about 1.30% of the overall locations, and British Columbia with 49 stores, about 0.30%.


Dollarama has over 1400 locations across Canada. It is most popular in Ontario with 565 stores. Further followed by Quebec with 391 stores and Alberta with 147 stores. 

Dollar Tree vs Dollarama: Summary Table

StoresDollar Tree Dollarama
LocationsIt has about 15,115 stores in the US and Canada.It has about 1421 locations in Canada.
Item SelectionWider than Dollarama. Wide, but not wider than Dollar Tree.
PricingPricing can be a bit higher than other Dollar stores but compared to Dollarama, it is clearly cheaper.Dollarama’s pricing is certainly higher than Dollar Tree’s.
Deals and OffersIt offers deals and promotional offers at the time of occasions and festivals.It offers deals and promotional offers at the time of seasons, festivals, and occasions, but compared to Dollar Tree, its sale and promotions start sooner.
Quality and Variety The quality of the products has to be good since the products are coming from trusted brands. As for the variety, it is quite good compared to Dollarama.The quality of the items is good. The same goes for the variety, it is enough but compared to Dollar Tree, it is less.

Final Words 

Although both Dollar Tree and Dollarama have dollars in their titles and are seen as brother and sister in the industry, based on the price comparison table mentioned above in this article, you can surely see that Dollar Tree offers way cheaper products than Dollarama.

The difference between the prices is not merely a few cents or one or two dollars, but more than two dollars. Yes, the quality of the products can vary and be better, but in the end, both labels offer products from trusted brands.

Additionally, you can find occasional and seasonal promotional deals on both platforms, but compared to Dollar Tree, Dollarama starts sales and promotions sooner. For this reason, you might have an upper hand while shopping from Dollarama.

With this, we have successfully ended our Dollar Tree vs Dollarama  comparison battle, and hope you can now choose the best option between these for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the best dollar store in Canada?

Dollar Tree and Dollarama are two of the good dollar stores in Canada, but if you want the cheaper one, then Dollar Tree must be your destination.

Dollarama vs Dollar Tree: which is better?

Dollar Tree is better than Dollarama because it has cheaper products to offer. But both labels offer branded products.

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