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Missing Hastings? Try These 6 Best Stores like Hastings! [2024]

Missing Hastings? Try These 6 Best Stores like Hastings! [2024]

Stores like Hastings: Recently, one of the headlines on the internet was that the partnership of Hilco Merchant Resources and Gordon Brothers had secured the assets of Hastings Entertainment and that all 126 of Hastings' outlets were due to close soon. The demise of Hastings spells the end of a shop that formerly handled around $100 million in book sales.

You're not alone if you miss Hastings. Many folks miss browsing through books, music, video games, and movies on Saturday afternoons. There were also several collectibles and novelty products. Not to mention the t-shirts. It used to be a popular shopping destination for many people. However, in this post, we have some extremely great stores like Hastings that you should try if you are missing Hastings.

2nd & Charles

2nd & Charles Stores like Hastings

The 2nd and Charles, a self-described “nerd's paradise” for all of you, is the first on our list of alternative stores like Hastings. This Birmingham-based store for books, music, gaming, and pop culture has multiple locations across the United Nations and is a favorite among avid readers.

When you walk into the shop, you will have a strong want to buy stuff. The ambiance, book collection, and unique collectibles give you the impression that you have arrived in another version of Hastings, but with a more aesthetic touch.

Under the Books-A-Million corporate umbrella, books are the backbone of each 2nd and Charles store's inventory. New releases, classics, rare special editions, and hard-to-find graphic novels are among the titles available, such as work for children, romantics, sci-fi aficionados, history buffs, and fantasy readers.

To summarize, we recommend 2nd and Charles to anybody searching for unique and distinctive items. And the vintage quality of their offerings is difficult to obtain in a conventional retail store.

Key Highlights

  • 2nd & Charles has a large selection of books, music, instrumentation, movies, video games, novelty items, gadgets, and comics and manga.
  • It's similar to a secondhand bookshop on steroids, with possibilities to purchase and sell the products stated above, as well as swap them for cash or store credit.
  • You may take up to three bins of stuff to exchange. If you have more than this to exchange, call the shop and they can give you a more accurate time.

Mad Hatter's House of Games

Mad Hatter's House of Games Store

Mad Hatter's House of Games has been a fixture among collectible card games, board games, and role-playing game aficionados in Lubbock for the last 22 years, beginning on February 1st, 1994.

This business is almost 11,000 square feet in size and is completely stocked with gaming products and space. Moreover, it offers permanent seating for more than 250 players! There are divisions for board gamer players, war games,  collectible card game players, and miniature players. Come in, you'll feel right at home!

The stores are massive encyclopedias of games, current gaming history, and the entire culture of RPG and war gaming. Several gaming leagues are held here on various days of the week.

For example, if you enter the shop on any random Wednesday, you will see the Yu-Gi-Oh League; the Magic the Gathering Magic Tournament on Friday evenings; World of Warcraft on Saturdays, and so on.

This is one of the necessary locations where all the gamers of the town gather and form a network. And when you arrive here, you will be amazed by their enhanced customer care that will guide you around the store at all times.

Key Highlights

  • Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, and rpg.jpg are some popular Collectible Card Games to attempt. If you have gone along with your friend, consider role-playing games where you may build your own characters and go into one of the various RPG realms. Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Battletech, Shadowrun, Paranoia, and G.U.R.P.S. are some popular role-playing games.
  • Every day of the week, the store is open. To find out the specific times, go to their website. 
  • If you are visiting from afar and seeking a classic gaming collection, then Mad Hatter's House of Games website will be a treasure for you! Check out the products area and buy everything you like.

806 Games

806 Games Store

806 Games, located on the streets of Lubbock, is a business that sells a large range of games for Android and iOS smartphones. It deals in a wide range of video games, from classic to antique to recent war games. When you enter the store, you will find the most diverse collection of all! 

All video games and systems are available for purchase, sale, and play. It is a locally owned and operated business that strives to gratify every customer. Great rates and excellent service.

Key Highlights

  • 806 Games has a wide range of games available, including action, adventure, puzzles, sports, and more.
  • The shop is updated on a regular basis with new games, ensuring that consumers always have access to the most recent and popular titles.
  • The store includes a simple and user-friendly layout that makes it simple to search and download games.
  • Some of the games on 806 Games are completely free to download and play.
  • To protect consumers' personal and financial information, the shop employs secure transactions.
  • 806 Games provides 24-hour customer service to assist consumers with any problems or inquiries they may have.

Ralph's Records

Ralph's Records Store

Even his closest friends predicted a disaster when Ralph DeWitt launched his first record store in Lubbock. On the other side, Ralph's Records turned out to be one of the most successful aesthetic and business stores of the time. Even after 35 years of service, the business is still running strong, keeping up with trends and keeping consumers. 

This fantastic Hastings alternative houses Video Games, posters, Pokemon cards,  toys, tapestries, and other entertainment-related items! It provides the greatest assortment of new and used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays in West Texas, as well as concert tickets!

Key Highlights

  • Those who live far away from Lubbock may visit their online store, which is a treasure trove of collectibles and vintage stuff. Their selection includes Memorabilia, Posters, Toys, Tapestries, Cards, Video Games, Movies, Vintage DVDs, Autographed things, and Blu-ray titles.
  • This store's customer service is excellent, and you may visit whenever you like because it is open all weekend.
  • Payments are secure and may be made using both cash and credit cards.

Star Comics

Star Comics Store

The next on our list of alternative stores like Hastings comes Star Comics. Since 1977, many comic book readers, as well as book lovers of other genres, have found solace in Star Comics. Originally known as Star Books & Comics, it was the brainchild of two brothers, Joe and Mike Gulick. They gradually broadened their holdings in the categories of comic books, science fiction, and fantasy. 

Many things, such as D&D, sports cards, anime, gaming cards, and old books, came and went over the years. Deadpool, Star Wars, Harley Quinn, Batman, and The Walking Dead have been among the greatest sellers in the store. Favorites among Lubbock residents have included Saga, Fight Club 2, Sex Criminals, and Afterlife with Archie.

Key Highlights

  • Star Comics publishes a wide range of comic book titles, including action, adventure, fantasy, and science fiction. The store routinely adds new issues of comic books to its collection, keeping consumers engaged and up to date with their favorite series.
  • Star Comics may create high-quality comics with well-written narratives, fascinating artwork, and good printing quality. Digital comics, which allow readers to access them on their mobile devices or computers, are one of the most popular kinds of comics that have captivated fans.
  • It provides a subscription service that allows consumers to automatically get new issues of comic books at a discounted price.

Ettin Games

Ettin Games Store

Ettin games are next on the list of our Hastings alternatives. This is one of the most popular takeaway options for game enthusiasts because from a local gaming retailer to an international gaming retailer, the business has seen many changes over the years, and it now includes a library of over 450 board games that are free to play at any time! 

Every day of the week offers a variety of events and activities for the entire family. There are lots of tables where you may sit and play games with your friends and family. Moreover, Ettin Games is also a fantastic location to meet new people. So, go to the shop right now and check it out!

Key Highlights

  • Ettin games offer a dedicated online store where you can browse through all of its collections in the games section. You may buy whatever you want and pay for it throughout the checkout process to have it delivered to your door.
  • It is open seven days a week and provides excellent customer service.
  • The game collections on this site are constantly updated so that players are always up to date on what's going on in the field and may enjoy themselves. It's a terrific venue for the town's pro gamers to network.

Conclusion: Stores like Hastings

Now that you know the major alternatives of Hastings, there is no reason to miss them so much. Take your time and visit the stores to find out which attracts you more. If you are far away from the in-store locations, check out their one-of-a-kind collections, and trust us, they will wow you with their vintage collectibles and authenticity.

FAQs: Stores like Hastings

Are there any hastings stores left?

No, all 126 stores got closed down altogether! But, don't be disheartened. Check out the Hastings alternatives and you will definitely find your new favorite.

What exactly are Hastings stores?

Hastings Entertainment was an American retail business that sold books, movies, music, and video games as well as renting out video games.

What is the significance of the name 2nd and Charles?

In terms of the store's name, the firm stated that it desired something that felt like a destination. As a result, it chose a street name, and the 2nd refers to its used items. The store employs around 50 people.