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Does ROMWE Use Child Labour? [2024]

Does ROMWE Use Child Labour? [2024]

Does ROMWE Use Child Labour? ROMWE is a style obsession platform, one of the leading socially inspired shopping places in the US. It only deals with customers through its online platforms, offering you a good mixture of themes and styles of clothes and related accessories to fill in your wardrobe. 

ROMWE is a popular title in the fashion industry, not as famous as other huge names, but it still has a stable influence. However, some issues like ROMWE using child labor and forced labor have recently come to light.

Does ROMWE Use Child Labour? Does ROMWE use sweatshops? If you are here to know the answers to these questions, then our article mentioned below contains the accurate answers for the same! 

Does ROMWE Use Child Labour?

Honestly, there is no correct answer to this question. According to many people on the Internet, buying from ROMWE should be boycotted because they claim it uses child and forced labor.

However, there is no legitimate evidence stating the same. Along with this, ROMWE has clearly stated in its sustainability and social-related page on its website that — it is entirely against child and forced labor.

Does ROMWE use Sweatshops?

Although the Internet has many stating that it is, ROMWE uses sweatshops, in reality, it seems that the label produces and orders all its products from China.

Moreover, there’s not much information or legitimate news about this issue, nor from ROMWE, or from any other authorities. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does ROMWE Use Child Labor?

As of March 2024, there is no such legit news that states that ROMWE uses child labor or forced labor. As for what it claims, ROMWE says it doesn’t tolerate the aforementioned at all. 

Is ROMWE safe to order from?

Yes, ROMWE is 100% safe to order from. It is a verified company from the US, offering a good variety of clothing and related products at reasonable prices.