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Clapper App Review: Pros-Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

Clapper App Review: Pros-Cons, Is it Legit? [2024]

Clapper App Review: As a creator, if you have talent and are confident about showing it to the public, choosing popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are not the only good options you have. Why? Because some other apps like Clapper can also help you gain a following, and maybe some tips here in there.

Clapper is your new-generation video social media platform where you can also go live and chat with your fans. It hasn’t been long since it debuted but it already has over 1 million users as of March 2024.

Clapper seems to be a good app, but is it actually worth it? Can you make money on Clapper? What will you gain as a creator on this app? If you’re here to know the answers to these questions, then you are on the right page because we have presented an honest Clapper app review in the article below!


Clapper is a well-known and fastest-growing social media platform focusing on promoting the real lives around you. It supports the latest trends in all the industries along with people's real lives as they share their secrets, unfold their hidden talents, and also share opinions about various services and goods. 

If you want to be a creator at Clapper, it isn’t compulsory to have a talent for dancing, singing, acting, etc, but as long as you have ideas and you are productive with yourself and your surroundings, the Clapper community will welcome you. 

Clapper App Review

Key Features

  • Post Content 

Short videos are your ultimate weapon on the Clapper app where you have to post videos up to 3 minutes. You can use the app’s additional features like trimming, adding music, adding other effects, etc.

  • Live

The app allows you to go live and share what you’re currently doing and working on. The app also has a duet live option where you can go live with someone else, interact with their audience, and gain new followers. 

  • Community

Clapper is a complete community including a variety of communities. Additionally, you can also create your own community of fans where you get to interact with them 1 on 1.

Pros and Cons


  • The auditorium/radio feature allows you to create a room with a maximum of 2000 listeners and 20 speakers as hosts.
  • The radio feature will only include vocals and not videos, where only your voice will be hard.
  • You get to receive tips from your followers through patron tiers, DMs, etc.
  • The app has additional effects for creators where you can do editing to some extent before posting the content. 
  • The app comes with 0 ads – no disturbance at all.


  • The app has several bugs.
  • It doesn’t allow you to put a cover for your uploaded videos. 
  • The voiceover function lowers the quality of your audio after uploading. 

Benefits for Creators

Clapper helps you become your own Brand where you can monetize a good list of things like live streaming, create tiers, and receive tips from your audience. Like these, we have some more benefits for creators at Clapper as mentioned below:

  • Since Clapper is only for 17-year-olds and above, it has fewer limitations and fewer restrictions compared to other similar platforms including TikTok, which means — even if your content is a bit intense, it’ll do. 
  • As the creator, you can take 40% more revenue from the Clapper app compared to other similar platforms including TikTok. 
  • As a creator, you can receive tips from your fans and followers through direct messages. 
  • It’s seen that some well-known creators first work on gaining followers on TikTok, and then service them systematically on the Clapper app. 

Is the Clapper app safe?

The Clapper app, according to its users, is 100% safe to use. Yes, it might not be very good if you compare it to some big names like TikTok and Instagram, but with all its current services, it’s a safe platform for watching videos and showing off your talent to your audience as a creator.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Clapper app used for?

The Clapper app is a video social media platform, similar to TikTok where you can browse through hundreds of videos daily. Similarly, you can also become a creator and upload videos on the app to gain a following.

Can you make money on Clapper?

Yes, you can make money on Clapper. Clapper is a video social media platform where you, as a creator, can make money by receiving tips from your followers and fans.

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