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7 Tops Apps like Clapper & Clapper Alternatives [2024]

7 Tops Apps like Clapper & Clapper Alternatives [2024]

Apps like Clapper: Clapper is one of the leading and fastest-growing social media platforms – mainly focusing on promoting communities, the real lives of influencers and creators, and connections. It’s a platform where you get to show what you excel in and what your real life looks like.

Now, we know Clapper sounds like an ideal platform to grow your community and let the world know more about you – but there are many more apps like Clapper, and plenty of Clapper alternatives out there to give your talent more exposure.

Moreover, these Clapper alternatives will also help you maintain a steady income through influencing and content creation once you get a hold of your audience. Therefore, we suggest you don’t hesitate and dive right into our list of the 7 top apps like Clapper mentioned below!

List of Apps like Clapper:

1. Fanbase 

Fanbase Apps like Clapper

Fanbase is one of the unique social media platforms out there – where you can get started with getting paid right after joining the site, something you have to work extremely hard on if we’re talking about other popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

Fanbase is a subscription social media app where you get to interact with your exclusive group of followers through a variety of media types including photos, audio, live streaming, video, and long-form content – and you also get to monetize your post by organically gaining subscribers.

Key Highlights

  • Cheap and Legit — Fanbase allows you to organically grow your community for only $4.99 per month – that too, only for the exclusive content you create for subscribers, other than that it’s entirely cheap and 100% legitimate. 
  • Easy to set up — Fanbase doesn’t have big criteria to follow, and all you have to do is link your debit card or bank account to get started.
  • Get 50% of earnings — Fanbase keeps it fair, and in return for the monthly subscription fee and your content – it pays you the exact 50% of all your earnings.

2. Uplive 

Uplive App

Unlike other social media platforms mentioned above, Uplive here is specifically focused on live streaming where you have plenty of fun going live. 

Uplive is a place for hosts who will host live streams, and fans are allowed to join all types of live streams, chat with others in the group, participate in all the activities they’re allowed to throughout the live stream, and they can also support the host by sending gifts.

Key Highlights

  • Join different streams — Uplive is an open platform for all types of communities, whether we are talking about anime and manga or K-pop & K dramas. Join, chat, interact, and have fun!
  • Interact with your fans — for hosts, Uplive gives a more realistic way of sharing their everyday life, whether as a student or a full-time influencer. How? By offering more direct ways to interact and have fun with your fans.
  • Everyone is welcome — Uplive is the platform where you can host as well as become a fan for others, irrespective of your job as a celebrity, professional singer, choreographer, actor, artist, or ordinary person. 

3. Plamfy 

Plamfy App

Plamfy is another good live streaming and social networking platform, where you get to host and watch broadcasts of popular influencers and streamers — and watch pre-recorded vlogs, and real-life videos from famous as well as ordinary people across the world.

Plamfy is a trusted platform where you can easily meet new people, find popular bodies from your community, enhance your hobbies and skills – and build real friendships in multiple fandoms. 

Key Highlights

  • Vote and support — one of the most interesting things at Plamfy is that you get to participate in online battles between popular streamers, where you have to vote for your favorite streamer and help them win. 
  • Direct Message — Plamfy support the DMs feature where you can first find your soulmate through live chat in streams, then later build a proper bond with them through direct messaging. 
  • Participate in streams — Plamfy is not only for popular people to stream, but even an ordinary group of friends interested in topics like gaming and anime can host live video parties and hangouts. 

4. Tango 

Tango App

Tango is another popular social-live streaming platform with over 100 million downloads and more than 400 million users worldwide. 

Tango focuses on helping you interact with your community and fans through one of the best ways of interacting – live streaming and video chatting, where you can chat 1-on-1 with them. 

Key Highlights

  • Enjoy all-language lives — Tango allows you to enjoy lives from all influencers, even when they’re speaking different languages with its instant translation feature. 
  • Create a community — Tango claims to be a safe site where you can join other communities, and also create one of your own within different niches, including DIY gaming, anime, etc. 
  • Support your favorites — Tango has a gifting tool that can help you support your favorite streamers by sending them different types of gifts. 

5. MeMe 

MeMe Live App

MeMe Live might be another good underrated live-streaming platform you need to interact with your community and fans. It’s where you can stream popular live shows from talented streamers worldwide and keep yourselves entertained.

MeMe seems to be a dedicated platform to help empower human connections through live streaming and technology, where you can promote positive and effective messages, and showcase your ordinary life along with the things you’re good at.

Key Highlights

  • Enjoy as a streamer or viewer — MeMe works with a few simple steps, and with just one tap, you can join global lives or go live globally for gaming, cooking, mimicry, comedy, dancing, singing, and whatnot.
  • Filters and stickers — MeMe has hundreds of free filters and stickers to add an ounce of moreto your live streaming.
  • Join groups — MeMe has a feature where you can join DM groups with up to 9 people. It’s where you can hang out with your online friends, play and sing, go on with audio or video calls, and have a blast virtually.

6. TikTok 


When it comes to entertainment through videos – who doesn’t know Tik Tok? It’s one of the top-most social media platforms to explore what you like and let others discover your talent.

TikTok is that platform where you can be real and yourself and share everything you have through short-form videos like reels and gain a fanbase.

Moreover, it’s a free platform where you don’t have to pay for any content, you have more chances of getting discovered, and, the best part? The videos are never-ending! In simple words – TikTok is not only for attracting customers, but also a popular site for finding the latest trends and trusted sources.

Key Highlights

  • Thousands of communities — TikTok has the biggest user count for a Video Content provider where you can discover and join thousands of communities worldwide.
  • Personalized content — TikTok will personalize your feed content according to the videos you have watched, videos you have skipped, and videos you have interacted with.
  • More exposure — since TikTok is the original base for millions of content creators, it’s more likely you will get more exposure, and, a few good videos can get you started.

7. Instagram 

Instagram App

Yep, Instagram has to be on this list because even though it has fewer chances of easy exposure and genuine interaction with fans – it’s still a base for thousands and millions of good influences from across the globe.

With Instagram’s massive over 1 billion user base, it is unlikely you’ll fail in attracting the right and genuine audience — as long as you’re creating safe and effective content in the right niche. 

Additionally, Instagram has many more interesting things to help you interact and create a base, where it not only has live streaming or videos, but you can also share photos, different-sized videos, and many more things to keep a steady yet effective flow.

Key Highlights

  • Free support — since Instagram pays the majority of the content revenue to influencers, you can support your favorite account for free by engaging with their every post, including live streams, videos, and pictures.
  • Instagram Reels — Insta reels are another important feature of the platform – probably the best way to attract an audience to your account in less time, of course, with the safe and right content. 
  • Filters and Story — Instagram allows you to keep your fans and followers updated through the story feature which will disappear within 24 hours — and to make it more exciting, add filters and different types of things. 

Final Words 

Indeed, popular and leading social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok will do the magic, but if you wish to start from a smaller platform and really interact with your fanbase – then trying the other apps like Clapper mentioned in this article is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are other apps like Clapper?

TikTok, Instagram, Tango, Uplive, MeMe, Plamfy, and Fanbase are a few of the other apps like Clapper — best in use if you wish to genuinely interact with your fans, or create a community of your own.

Is Clapper the same as TikTok?

Yes, to some extent, you can say Clapper is the same as TikTok. One of the major similarities between these social networking sites is that they entertain their users through videos, and have hundreds of communities for you to join and explore.