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Paramount Plus Error Code 124? Try These Steps to Fix!

Paramount Plus Error Code 124? Try These Steps to Fix!

Are you facing the Paramount Plus Error Code 124? Is Paramount Plus not working for you? If so, then we might help you out with solutions.

Paramount+ is an American-based on-demand content streaming service provider that is managed by Paramount streaming – a part of Paramount Global.

Paramount+ is a well-known channel that streams a lot of good-quality content. It has brought many series to light, including Mayor of the Kingstown, 1883, Halo, Star Trek: Discovery, SEAL Team, iCarly, Star Trek: Picard, and many more.

Apart from the originals, Paramount+ has licensed streaming content from other channels like – Nickelodeon, BET, CBS, Comedy Central, etc.

While everything was running smoothly, a new topic jumped up from the crowd – What is Paramount Plus Error Code 124?

The Paramount Plus error 124 seems to occur only when you try to stream on the channel. The screen will go blank and an error with 124 digits will pop up.

To help you guide you through this problem and continue streaming on Paramount Plus, we have mentioned all the possible solutions for the problem along with some bonus information.

How to Resolve Paramount Plus Error Code 124?

The officials have not announced the actual problem behind this issue, meaning – the issue is not from their side. Therefore, follow a few common steps to resolve the Paramount plus error 124 issues:

  1. Restart – to restart your Paramount Plus channel, remove the plug of the computer it is streaming on. Then, plug it in again after some time. The Paramount+ channel along with the other channels will restart all over again.
  2. Check your Internet Connection/ Internet Speed – as Paramount Plus is an internet-based channel you are required to have at least 4 MBPS speed in network connection to stream on the channel. Therefore, check if the internet speed is over 4 Mbps or not.
  3. Clear Cache – Whether you are streaming it on a cell phone or browser, you are required to clear the cache for smooth streaming on Paramount Plus.

Why did Paramount Plus stop streaming suddenly?

Are you not able to play the video and stream your favorite content on Paramount Plus? We have all the solutions you need to stream Paramount plus on your Computer. You should consider these solutions when Paramount Plus is showing a blank screen or having issues with content streaming:

  1. Web Browser – if Paramount Plus is not showing on your web browser, your web browser might be the one infected. So, check for the cache and other unwanted extensions to delete. Remove all the unwanted things from your browser, refresh twice and then try again. Also, make sure the device you are using is compatible with Paramount Plus.
  2. Turn off Tracking Protection on Firefox – Firefox has an infamous feature called – Tracking Protection. It is not a bad call but it may cause interruptions while streaming on Paramount Plus. Thus, to continue streaming on Paramount+, you are required to switch off Firefox.
  3. Check Internet Connection – if you are streaming on Paramount plus, you at least need a 4 Mbps web connection to stream properly. If the speed is less than required, there is no way Paramount plus will work on your device. Thus, ensure the speed is good while you are streaming.

Paramount Plus Playback Error Roku (Solution added)

To the people who are finding trouble in the playback and receiving a message like ‘Unfortunately an error occurred during playback' while streaming on the Paramount Plus channel, below are the steps to be followed to solve the problem:

  1. Go to the Home Screen on Roku and press * on your remote.
  2. Choose the option that says REMOVE CHANNEL.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Once your device is switched on again, navigate to the STREAMING CHANNELS side on the home screen then ADD THE CHANNEL again.

If the error still occurs, go for the system update. Check if you have any and do it if required. If you are still facing the problem, the Roku team asks you to send them the information mentioned below along with the exact issue, they will then look forward to solve it personally:

  • Serial Number
  • Device ID
  • Roku Device Model
  • Software OS/Version
  • Answer the question – does the error occur on specific channel/s? If yes then what is the channel and version?
  • Provide them with a screenshot of what you are viewing on the screen.
  • Tracker ID
  • Steps that are leading you to this issue.

Final words: Paramount Plus Error Code 124

We have answered ‘How to Resolve Paramount Plus error 124', ‘Why is Paramount Plus not working?', and ‘Why is Paramount Plus not working on Roku?' answers in the above context.

With the help of the above-mentioned solutions, you must be able to continue streaming on Paramount Plus. But, if the issue continues to linger around, you can get in touch with Paramount Plus's customer support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting an error code on Paramount Plus?

If you are using Paramount Plus on your desktop and it is showing you an error code, it probably means you have enabled Ad-blockers. For smooth streaming on Paramount plus, you are required to disable the Ad-blockers.

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