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7 Best Apps like Postmates & Postmates Alternatives [2024]

7 Best Apps like Postmates & Postmates Alternatives [2024]

Looking for apps like Postmates? You and us, we all are aware of the fact that the laziest section of the population is the Youth.

As technology is getting a step up, laziness is becoming a regular topic in our lives including the action where we are asking apps like Postmates to help us by delivering our necessities to our doorstep – in return for a few extra cents.

While apps like Postmates are offering deliveries to few among these fellows, it has also offered youngsters a chance to stand on their feet – with the help of their license, work in the busy cities of the USA to earn a few bucks with hard work.

Are you one among those who have ordered delivery from one of the Apps like Postmates? Or, maybe you wish to start your career and are searching for a part-time job? If you are a good driver, then how about you work for delivery apps to make money? Just as easy as it sounds – let's have a look at the article below to decide on your next part-time Gig!

What is Postmates? How does it work?

A subsidiary brand working under Uber – Postmates is a delivery service company that helps you by delivering items from Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, Electronic Stores, etc.

Let it be from a far-away beauty store or a mall right across from your apartment building, once you schedule and pay for the delivery, they will deliver you your needs.

Postmates works as one of the best food delivery apps in the USA. It operates in about 100 areas and is convenient to use. An ultimate helping app when you are sick and can not get out of the house to buy food or medicine.

Approach them by installing the application. Add the requested details such as your accurate address. Scheduling is an easy task too. Then, you can wait for your item to arrive while having a look at the map on your screen – tracking your delivery gentleman/Lady.

Uber Eats

uber eats apps like postmates

Uber is an infamous good delivery service provider that works in more than 900 active cities across the globe. It has not limited its routes to the USA only.

The working of the software is an easy task – without an account, you can type in your favorite restaurant or dish's name and order within a minute.

Uber Eats is one of the most-liked and trusted food ordering services. The revenue for the same arrives when you make a delivery, 25% of it is transferred into your pockets as commission.

Key Features:

  • As the brand is well-known in most countries and cities, getting a driver to pick up your meal is easy.
  • The pre-order features in the application allow you to make an order for the meal you wish to eat beforehand.
  • Get the details of every vital term displayed on your screen before you confirm the order.
  • The company is affiliated with every sort of restaurant. You can try different cuisines with the help of Uber Eats.

UberEats for Drivers

UberEats has a high reputation because the staff they choose to act as their faces are good. To become an UberEats driver, have a look at the following content.

What are the Requirements?

  • Must have a valid Driver's License.
  • A proof that states you are residing in a certain city.
  • Must pass the minimum age requirement test.
  • Must not have violated guidelines for driving and related.


The Payment depends on the work you do. The more actively you deliver food on doorsteps, the more money you will earn. The distance covered per mile is also taken into consideration.

If your city is eligible, you can earn through rates alloted per minute. The customers can pay you through online modes or cash if they wish.

Reviews by UberEats drivers

Drivers state the Gig is simple and decent. You are required to pick up the food from a certain restaurant and deliver it to the person's doorstep.

The golden point for drivers is – they can work a flexible schedule. They do not allot your shifts and as the services are open 24/7, so you can work at night too. Part-time or full-time, you can even decide the schedule.

5 Best Apps like Uber Eats & Uber Eats Alternatives!



Doordash is another app like Postmates that is partnered with local restaurants and food shops for the delivery of the food to your doorstep. It is an online food delivery service that gets your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant for you.

The company has acquired one of the top-most food delivery service ranks in the USA. It operates in many metropolitan cities of the country and the company was founded in 2013.

The main point that helps Doordash stand out in a crowd is – they have their delivery workers doing the freelance work. They are known as ‘Dasher/s'. The company is ready to add in delivery drivers in return for a base salary and additional pay according to the tasks.

Key Features:

  • Doordash not only works in the USA but also in Australia and Canada 4000 cities in total.
  • With a DoorDash subscription, users can use the delivery services without needing to pay any penny for casual deliveries.
  • With a few easy steps – order all your favourite meals or materials to make a dashing dinner for your family.

Doordash for Drivers

Doordash can be a good source of part-time income for students or people finding startup gigs. With safety and security measured highly, getting a driver's job at Doordash can be easy if you are eligible.

What are the Requirements?

  • Should be an adult.
  • Have a Smartphone.
  • Driver's License.
  • Must pass an individual criminal background check.
  • Must not have violated any driving regulations in the recent 7 years.
  • The candidates residing in the USA must obtain a Social Security Number.


Drivers at Doordash, also called Dasher, can earn through three modes – Promotions, Tips, and Base fees from each delivery they complete. Dashers are allowed to keep all the extra income, and tips to themselves. All the Extra bonuses will be recorded under Dasher's name.

The base stipend ranges from $2-10 with every delivery the Dasher makes. It depends on the distance and other details. Another mode – promotions can be earned through completing certain unusual tasks.

Reviews by Doordash drivers

Although the extra income apart from the fixed fee requires extra effort, you can go along with the fixed fee process as it will pay you more if you accept offers for far-away locations.

The gigs are flexible and durable. As long as you are not violating any major rules and behaving properly, part-time at Doordash can get your exploration at high peaks while you earn yourself some bucks.

7 Best Apps Like DoorDash & Doordash Alternatives!


grubhub postmates alternatives

GrubHub is one of the best apps like Postmates. If you are searching for a company that has a lot of similarities with Postmates then GrubHub can be your ideal place.

GrubHub, as the ultimate Postmates alternative, is connected with several restaurants. The number exceeds 115,000 for restaurants in 3,200 cities and works in all stages of the United States.

It connects with users through both smartphone and online service means. Tapingo, Seamless, AllMenus are a few of its affiliates under its official portfolio.

Key Features:

  • GrubHub includes every type of menu including Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, and more.
  • Drivers working for deliveries can keep all the tips for themselves.
  • Along with the states of the USA, it also works in London – in over 2000 cities overall.

GrubHub for Drivers

You will find a completely flexible schedule at GrubHub. And it does not limit the income model to only one means, through a fixed stipend. To know the requirements and such, have a look below.


  • If in Las Vegas, you are supposed to be 21 years old or older. For the rest of the cities, 18 is the age.
  • A valid license of driving for bike riders and State ID in general.
  • Candidates must possess 2 years of experience in driving.
  • Internet connection is required.
  • A smartphone is required.
  • Should pass the background check for criminal issues.


GrubHub offers earning through – Tips from the customers, the time required to cover a certain distance, mileage/hour, etc. The company does not ask for a part from the tips given to drivers.

With extra effort, drivers can complete certain challenges and such to earn through promotions. Along with a fixed stipend, you have more ways than one to survive with GrubHub.

Reviews by GrubHub drivers

GrubHub does not put the drivers under their control, they decide their schedule and everything on their own based on the details required.

You can work for a couple of hours on Monday and can go on a spree of earning on Tuesday, it is your choice. Delivering blocking is required too or the driver behind you might get the opportunity instead of you.



GoPuff is a well-known good-food delivery service where you'll need to order food online and get it delivered with the help of GoPuff delivery employees.

GoPuff is operating in about 650 cities in the USA and has 250 centers in total. If you wish to get snacks, household items, beverages, or ordinary good items, then give GoPuff a call and it will be at your door with your goods.

GoPuff has about 10,000 employees working and it was founded in 2013 by Gola and his Friend – Co-founder of GoPuff, Rafael Ilishayev.

Key Features:

  • GoPuff is quick at service. It does not require much time to deliver your necessities to your doorstep.
  • Pricing for deliveries never exceeds the amount of $1.95. The prices can be lower than the sum mentioned and reasonable accordingly.
  • GoPuff accepts more than just one kind of payment methods, such as Apple pay, Google pay, Venmo, UPI payments, Credit cards, and Debit cards.
  • You can gain points with every order with GoPuff. Unlock new rewards and daily or weekly discounts.

GoPuff for Drivers

As sitting in your comfort zone instead of stepping out of the house seems more blissful most of the time, GoPuff might as well need your help if you want to work with them. To approach them for Gigs, you can visit their website as your first step.

What are the Requirements?

  • The person is required to be 21 years old or older.
  • He/she should have Vehicle Insurance and Registration of the same.
  • Driver must use a Smartphone.
  • When required, the driver must agree to go under Alcohol Delivery Training.
  • The person must get a US driver's license.


Payments for GoPuff drivers come from Tips, Mirage Compensations and Base fee per delivery of an individual. For now, GoPuff has offered a certain amount per hour for drivers. The city where the driver is working matters too as rates in cities may differ accordingly.

According to the information passed by Glassdoor, GoPuff drivers can earn up to $13 or $14 on average every working hour.

Reviews by GoPuff drivers

After you are finished with your online application filling and submission, you automatically give allowance to GoPuff to do a thorough background check on you.

Scheduling the working hours is up to the drivers. They can decide when they would like to work every once week. After you agreed to work on a certain schedule by the company, you have to show up and work till the working hours at any cost.

In many places, GoPuff is available for 24/7 services meaning your schedule can be arranged in the night shifts too. You are free to use any vehicle of your choice as long as it has passed the requested regulations.



Caviar offers food delivery services from various restaurants and was established in August 2019. It is a substitute company with Doordash company being its parent.

Caviar has expanded wisely in the merchant and other markets. From the records of 2021 January, it works in 20 areas, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Portland, Washington D.C, and Seattle.

You can operate Caviar with the help of its application present on the App Store and Google Play Store. Although registration is not mandatory after you install the app, you'll need to put in your address for them to track your location.

Key Features:

  • The delivery fees will depend on the locations of both parties. The more distant the restaurant is, the higher the charges will be.
  • On the app, you are asked to decide the menu for your today's meal and once you are done, you can either pay through multiple payment options or COD.
  • The scheduling option allows you to expect the delivery later in time. You can book the disk to arrive at night, at 10 in the morning.

Caviar for Drivers

Caviar is one of the best food delivery apps in the town. With its fast-paced work, you can get your meals delivered within a short period at your doorstep. Likewise, it works highly for drivers who are ready to deliver for them.

Drivers have access to schedule their working hours. They can take breaks in the middle at times of emergencies, only when they are not in the middle of the task. Caviar offers flexibility in working hours for its drivers.

What are the Requirements?

  • The candidate must have a Social Security Number. It only applies if you are working within the borders of the USA.
  • A vehicle of your own. Model and type do not matter.
  • A driver's license.
  • The candidate is supposed to be an adult, 18 or older.


According to the recent reviews by Caviar's drivers, you can make up to $16 every hour. But, the company states you can earn around $25 easily.

It depends on the distance you are covering within an hour and the number of tasks you can complete. The more, the merrier. Also, they calculate the amount mentioned before your tips and extra amounts.

Reviews by Caviar drivers

The current set of Caviar drivers say – if you are willing to take the job as a driver at Caviar, the decision is good. It pays nicely according to the locations and tasks you complete.

While violation of rules and such can cause something bad, if you keep your work issue-free, you can as well earn through extra modes such as tips, bonuses, and promotions from the company and individual customers.



Roadie is one of the major leading delivery service providers. Through this company, you can exchange anything of your liking with the person staying far away from you.

The application is easy to download on both Android and IOS. It has easy functioning and all types of people can access it easily.

Apart from delivery services, the company is helps in giving part-time jobs to many side hustlers. It is providing them with a not-so-easy yet legal job to help themselves in this fast-paced world.

Key Features:

  • Roadies do not ask you to deliver food, instead, it asks you to deliver completely sealed packages.
  • You can check the details like locations and such before accepting the delivery request.
  • Deliveries come in various forms, you can select the one you find most comfortable.
  • The stipend will depend on your work. If you worked more today than yesterday, you will get higher than yesterday.

Roadie for Drivers

If you are looking to become a driver for Roadie, as it pays white a good amount compared to other agencies, then here is everything you are required to know.

What are the Requirements?

  • The person is supposed to be an adult, 18 years or older.
  • Candidates must have a Social Security Number.
  • A valid driver's Licence-generated in the USA is required.
  • All the Roadie drivers must maintain a rating of a minimum of 4 stars in the community. Stars will be given based on the feedback from the customers to whom they deliver packages to.


Being a Roadie driver, they will pay every week on Tuesdays. Once you get the notification of your weekly payout, you can expect the pay to get transferred into your account within one to three working days.

For emergencies, Roadie has an option through which they will pay you instantly, right after you complete the task. The transfer spans may differ depending on your bank.

Reviews by Roadie drivers

The experience of the Roadie Drivers speaks for both ways. The brand will compensate you well if they deliver the package because the customer canceled the order.

But, the narrow option for location does not work accurately. Drivers may have to spend hours waiting for a task to arrive. The earnings can depend on the period of day you are deciding to work.

Top 12 Delivery Apps Like Roadie to Make Money!

Amazon Flex


Unlike other food delivery service providers, Amazon Flex works with contractors instead of individual local restaurants. It is one of the best apps like Postmates and is currently operating in over 50 different lands.

The brand does not work with a single mode – it works through Store Orders,, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Prime. It also provides instant orders service.

Along with delivery meals, you can order other goods from Amazon Flex. If you wish to make a delicious dish for your spouse, you can order the ingredients through any of the above-mentioned Amazon substitutes.

Key Features:

  • Amazon Flex is operating in over 50 places from recently recorded information.
  • If you wish to expect delivery later in the evening time, schedule it according to you.
  • The application includes extra features such as Help and Support Resources, Training videos, Offers, Account information, etc.

Amazon Flex for Drivers

Amazon Flex offers a good range of part-time gigs. By passing a few required eligibility tests, you can start earning immediately.

What are the Requirements?

  • The person is supposed to pass a background check for criminal purposes.
  • The candidate must have a smartphone.
  • The person must have auto insurance as proof.
  • Models of the vehicle do not matter as long as the goods are being delivered safely.
  • The candidate has to be 21 years old or older.
  • A driver's license is a must.


If you work wholeheartedly as an Amazon Flex driver, you can earn from $18-$25 an hour. It is one of the best-paying apps like Postmates.

The earnings can differ as per the details like your location, tips you receive from customers, and other factors. It takes about 1-2 days for your fixed payment to get transferred into your account.

Reviews by Amazon Flex drivers

Drivers are supposed to sign up for ‘Delivery Block' to receive orders. The brand will pass block details depending on the information you have passed on.

While everything is going smoothly, it might be a bit tough to sign up for blocks as there are more than enough drivers waiting in line. The competition is high, but if you receive a block, the company will pay you more depending on the time you take to complete the task.

Final Words: Apps like Uber Eats!

The food delivery sites and apps mentioned in the above context are all high brands working for both consumers and job seekers. The list of ‘apps like Postmates' could be bigger but the Postmates alternatives mentioned above are the closest ones to the app.

The requirements for every company are easy to pass if you are not involved in some funny business. The process is quick and drivers can start driving as soon as they get the confirmation from the company.

Frequently asked Questions

Which companies compete with Postmates?

The top rankers in the list of competitors of Postmates include – UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub and Instacart.

Which food delivery app is at the top of all Food Delivery apps?

UberEats is a worldwide famous app. It is known as the best food delivery app to make money. The brand is active in all the 6 continents leaving the obvious one.

UberEats holds the top two ranks for Gross orders in most of the countries. Following behind is GrubHub which successfully managed to control more than 50% of the online Deliveries in the USA.

Which courier company pays the most?

So far, Caviar is the leading company for paying its drivers the most Among others. On average, you can earn up to 25$ an hour from Caviar.
Unfortunately, the brand is not present worldwide. Next are Shipt Shopper and DoorDash. Drivers working for these companies make $20 – $23 per hour on average.

Which Delivery Application will deliver anything?

If you are searching for an application that will get you everything and anything you need, then Grabit is its name.

It has contacts from several restaurants to various e-commerce shops in the market. Let it be your grocery shopping or package from the Chocolate shop, Grabit will get it for you.