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20 Real Apps like Just Play for Android & iPhone [2024]

20 Real Apps like Just Play for Android & iPhone [2024]

Apps like Just Play: Have you mastered earning through Just Play? If so then how about you try your luck at Just Play alternatives where rewards are Real Money?

In the world of Technology, where people can earn loads only by sitting in front of their monitors, why are you wasting your time searching for gigs that are out of your reach instead of trying Real Money Rewarding applications?

To your surprise, you can earn rewards in the name of Real Money being transferred to your account or Gift cards through Amazon and such only by touching a bunch of times on your screen!

If you want to earn through Easy Online means, there are two ways – You can either opt for an Online game of your liking or go for Apps that pass on surveys.

To help you learn more about the topic, we have presented the Top 20 apps like Just Play which pay Real-time money, or Amazon Gift cards as gifts in the article below!

What is Just Play?

Just Play is an Application that allows fellow Players to earn through Online Games. If you invest your time in playing your favorite games through Just Play, it will help you earn Real-time rewards in return. The App will allow you to get a hold of your Scouting reports, Game Plans, and such through your Apple cell phones.

According to the reviews from Google Play, Just Play has successfully gained a good amount of attention due to its legitimate services that profit a player. The rewards you earn are easily redeemable after following a few steps.


swagbucks apps like justplay

Swagbucks acts like a bridge between you and their clients. Through Swagbucks, you can access simple tasks and on completion of them, can earn Points. Swagbucks will pay you through its initial points method – SBs.

The application is affiliated with great brands like Amazon, iTunes, Tesco, etc. After earning SBs points, you can go for PayPal and convert the points into cash and get them Transacted. For the times when you are feeling Generous, there's an option to put those points into charity.

Key Features:

  • By using their browser for searching anything, you can earn by default.
  • Swagbucks have an option for surveys and polls. By spending 20 minutes on completing the survey/polls, you can earn up to 40-100 SB depending on the task.
  • If you are interested in trying new games, Swagbucks can offer you a good amount of points for downloading and installing, then operating certain apps. You can use your Computer, Tablet, or Cell phone accordingly for this task.
  • If You want to buy anything from Adidas, eBay or ASOS, search for the items through the Swagbucks website and earn points automatically.
  • Invite friends to this website and earn points when they use your Referral code.
  • Through the Swagbutton browser extension, you can earn extra after getting notified right after the latest release of codes.
  • An option is available for your daily bonus tasks through a to-do list. Stack up your points by completing daily tasks.
  • Through Competitions and Giveaways on the application, if you are lucky enough you can get a chance to win a whole lot of points in one go.
  • By spending free time playing online games through mobile, anywhere and anytime, people can earn money easily.
  • Interested in trying new things? The free trials option on Swagbucks can give your knowledge for the latest releases while you send your sum for showing interest in them.


inboxdollars apps like just play

InboxDollars is a 21-year-old company, established in 2000. Daren Cotter is the CEO of the brand. InboxDollars works for connecting brands – they bring people who are ready to invest their time and dedication for something to Companies who require people to give feedback.

At InboxDollars, money can be earned through simple means. Try newly released products, Take Various Surveys, Give in Feedback, and such to enjoy from InboxDollars.

Key Features:

  • The Daily Polls tasks available regularly can be the easiest way to earn some bucks.
  • InboxDollars have several Online games for you to try out and win Real Cash Prizes.
  • Through Contests availing at InboxDollars, you can win a good amount in one go if you are lucky and experienced enough.
  • Ever heard about getting paid by reading Emails? InboxDollars pays for reading certain paid Emails.
  • Paid Searches at InboxDollars only require you to search for something of your choice through their browser to earn Rewards.



Do you need money and are you good at Playing Online games? If so then Mistplay here can offer you both the benefits at once. After you install this Application, you can earn Real-time money by playing online games for a few moments.

Mistplay was established in 2017. It has a good variety of lists to choose from. If not playing, only Downloading and Testing the games will complete your certain tasks too.

Key Features:

  • Mistplay has a good variety of games to choose from. If you can not find your favorite game on the list, you can try new games that might be of interest to you.
  • The games you find at Mistplay give a Thrilled feeling while playing. A decent chance to earn while exploring more about games.
  • Once you reach a new level in a game or after installing a game, you can transfer the collected points into Money prizes.
  • Do you find interest in searching for more gamers like you? Mistplay allows you to chat with other players and Make new groups of online friends.
  • If you can, then invite your Friends into this gaming Application and earn when they use your referral codes.


cointiply app

Cointiply can be your ultimate brand if you wish to explore new Businesses and Brands while earning some bucks. Cointiply asks you to run some surveys and while you are on your exploring tour, the brand pays you a certain amount depending on the survey.

Cointiply has paid over 7 million to this date. By following a few easy methods, you can become a member of the team. Earning can start as soon as you step on the application.

Key Features:

  • There is no limit to how much you can work and earn on Cointiply. The more you work, the more you and Cointiply will be benefited.
  • Cointiply has online games for both Desktops and Mobiles.
  • Leveling up and taking rewards only require you to complete an easy task.
  • Fan of Bitcoin? Being an active user on the app and acquiring 30,000 points can get you $3 bitcoin each time.
  • Users can also earn through sharing their opinions through feedback on surveys.

Coin Pop

coin pop

Coin Pop is a Free application that distributes Cash Rewards in return for the completion of certain tasks. The Application is available on Google Play and has over 300k downloads Worldwide.

Coin Pop gaming Company falls under the Lifestyle category for Games. It has been downloaded over 10,000,000+. Reading the reviews of the app, you can see as many proofs as you require to see how legitimate Coin Pop is.

Key Features:

  • If you have more spare time than needed, then invest it in playing games at Coin Pop and earn rewards without spending a single penny.
  • After you compl
  • ete playing your favorite game on the application, you can choose the reward you want from the list.
  • Not only cash but users can be rewarded with certain Gift cards too.
  • Users can also receive bonuses like – Sign up Bonus and Referral code Bonuses.



Are you interested in Development, Prototyping, After Releases, and Soft Launch? Then it is a must for you to visit PlaytestCloud. The Application supplies power for Playtesting. It has all the mentioned topics under it.

You can find 45 of the top-most 100 Grossing games on its list. The brand is trusted by thousands of User Researchers, Game Designers, and other dedicators for gaming. Tilting Point, Wooga, Wargaming Mobile, Social Point, Gameloft, Zeptolab, Frogmind and so many more have acquired the affiliation.

Key Features:

  • The set-up for Playtest requires only 5 minutes.
  • Only the accurate audience, who likes the game that comes under your Category will try your game.
  • If you wish, there is an option present that allows you to watch how the Gamer is playing your game on PlaytestCloud.
  • Every type of game is allowed.
  • Targets are captured through Genres, Demographics, and Games.
  • Each time a player plays your game, it will be recorded.
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Playspot can be called your Finance buddy if you need money. When nothing is working, Playing simple online games on Playspot can give a boost to your income immediately.

Playspot has more than 10 million users as its Guests. If you want to do simple tasks like watching a few minutes of video or playing games, Playspot can help out the best. The withdrawal system is quick. In addition to that, Playspot offers other Payment methods too.

Key Features:

  • Play games for free and earn money.
  • Playspot has a lot of surveys and Videos that need your attention through which you can earn according to the content and Task.
  • Get a wide variety of games in options and choose the one of your taste.
  • Playspot updates game every day.
  • You can either withdraw in the name of an Amazon gift card or directly transfer it into your account through PayPal.

App Flame

app flame

App Flame is one of the easiest Applications to manage if you want to earn money rewards through playing online games. It is a Get-Paid-to application that pays you for trying new games each time you enter the app.

Your number of coins increases as per the minutes you spend playing a game. The records will be stored in the application automatically.

Key Features:

  • The rewards you will win through App Flame will arrive from Online Mobile Games.
  • The list of games contains a lot of games to choose from and each game is priced accordingly.
  • Unlike other Brands, App Flame does not reward you for reaching higher levels in one game. All you have to do is try a new game if you can not find the one you were looking for and start playing it till you get bored.
  • If the game you recently tried caught your interest, you can go back to it the next day as the timer resets each day.
  • After you are done installing a game, it will automatically appear in your records on the App Flame app.
  • Extra points can be earned if you invite your friends to the application.



Playsmart can be a well-suited Application for you if you prefer earning through gaming. With the help of a few games, you can earn coins daily and convert them into Rewards whenever you want.

The app offers two different ways to earn coins. Rewards can be chosen by users as per their will. For every 400 coins you earn on the app, it will give you prize money worth €0.5.

Key Features:

  • Playsmart features a good number of games for players to choose from
  • All the games can be played through mobile. You can play anytime and anywhere using your cell phone.
  • The app requires you to download the game on your device and play on it for a certain period. Once you are done, your performance will be automatically recorded.
  • The multiplier on the games depends on the game you are playing. If you are searching for a game that pays more, you will find it easy to identify them on Playsmart.
  • Playsmart hints you to try other games when they offer fewer coins on higher levels. Thus, you only need to play a game. Does not matter if you are an expert in it or a loser.
  • With the help of your invitation, both you and the person who used your referral code will be receiving bonuses of up to 50 coins.



Fitplay can be known as one of the best Apps like JustPlay for Androids. It falls under Rewards Apps and works for Brands and Consumers. Tom Blake is the Author of this Application.

Fitplay is a new generation Real-time Money Rewarding Application. In return for spending your time on a few Mobile games, Fitplay pays you a certain amount. Instead of cash, you can as well get a Gift card of your choice from the App.

Key Features:

  • Creating an Account on Fitplay is No big deal. All you need to do is put in some General information and that is it.
  • Arcade, Action, Casual, Strategy, Adventure, and Puzzle are the types of games you will find at Fitplay.
  • You don't have to choose the game of their Liking or randomly only for it to turn out as a ‘Less paid' game. The points every game is ready to give you each minute are always present on top of them. You can always choose the games with the most points.


app karma

At AppKarma, you can get rewarded for playing a few mobile games daily. All you are required to do is download them, install them on your device successfully and play them for a few minutes.

Over 5 Million people across the world have used AppKarma to get rewarded. It has a nicely rated Game on Google Play. Walmart, Starbucks, Google Play, PayPal, Target, Amazon, iTunes are a few of the brands whose Gift cards you can expect to see if you join the AppKarma community.

Key Features:

  • Has more than just a few brands in options for choosing Gift Cards from.
  • Known as one of the best apps like JustPlay – Real and Legitimate.
  • You do not need experience to earn. Only your few minutes' attention on the game will do.
  • AppKarma can reward you with Scratch cards at times which can help you win big.
  • Play the games of your choice.

Cash Alarm

cash alarm

Cash Alarm is a high-ranking Rewarding Application on Google Play. With more than 2 lakh people already voting for it, a good amount of Traffic has already had their share from this Application.

Cash Alarm is Free to play. You do not need to pay a single penny to start playing at the application. No in-purchase-like terms exist on the app. Just play the games which you prefer and start earning right away.

Key Features:

  • Cash Alarm is easy to use. It has games with Simple Gameplays. You do not need to master In Online game at Cash Alarm. Only Playing is what matters.
  • No delay in Payouts. Right after you are all settled to get your payout, you can look forward to it.
  • Payments can be received in three ways – Gift cards, Cash, and Vouchers. You can choose accordingly.

Swagbucks Live

swagbucks live

Unlike the already-mentioned application called ‘Swagbucks', Swagbucks Live is all about trivia. At Swagbucks Live, you test yourself by answering a few General Knowledge questions.

The Application is free of cost. Just download the application on your mobile to get started. Earn daily points to be transferred into cash rewards and such when required.

Key Features:

  • Swagbucks Live is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  • You can randomly select the Answers if you do not have any knowledge about the Questions.
  • You are not required to stay active daily, the host at the Application will appear every weekday to ask you Multiple Choice Questions.
  • You get a set of 10 seconds to choose your answer.
  • If you were able to answer every question correctly, you have a chance to win the Grand Prize.
  • If you think you can pass the tests with a 2nd chance, Swagbucks live will offer a 2nd chance to play the trivia in return for a few coins.

Money Rawr

Money Rawr comes with its Package name – If you were searching for a place where playing easy games help you earn, then you are at the right place

The Application counts the Seconds you spend on games and not the minutes. Money rawr can be a stable choice if you wish to support yourself financially by investing some of your free time on Playing.

Key Features:

  • You can find the Application on Google Play.
  • It requires you to have an Android 5.0+ to get downloaded in your system.
  • It falls under the Lifestyle Category, meaning it won't have many competitive games to play. Instead, the games will be easy to crack.
  • If you are a gamer, then this Application will keep you entertained by exploring new and latest Game releases while you are earning.
  • The Application is free to download.
  • A new collection of games is updated regularly.
  • Each second you invest in the game will be recorded
  • The Application is safe to be used along with your Personal Information.
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Rewarded Play


Rewarded Play – the ultimate gaming app to earn revenue through playing simple games will cost you 0 bucks. It is a well-known Application to spend time on in return for money.

The Application gives you chances to win Gift cards from categories across the Globe. You will get a good handful of options in everything at Rewarded Play.

Key Features:

  • Rewarded Play is known to be  Facebook Gift Collector and Amazon Gift cards giver in return for playing Free games.
  • For Xbox lovers, Rewarded Play has Xbox Gift cards too in its Prizes options.
  • Gamers can spend a good time on different games and earn Gift cards for their favorite Game.
  • After you applied for a Gift card/s, you will get your delivery in less than 48 hours, i,e. 2 days.
  • The application can be used regularly and rewards can be redeemed frequently as per needs.

Cash'em All

Have you heard about Online Games but with a simple Interface that pays? The application allows you to earn by easy means. Android and iOS devices both can have access to this App..

Cash'em All comes under the Lifestyle category in games. Play games and win Gift cards from huge brands. It uses the International Language – English for communication.

Key Features:

  • The minimum withdrawal limit is low. Meaning – when you gather a small amount as asked in the App, you will be able to withdraw it. No need to keep playing for days and earn a large amount to withdraw.
  • The list of games added at Cash'em all has appeared to be addicting. One can immensely feel attached to the games due to them being thrilling.
  • The games do not require any prior experience, neither in the game nor in Gaming.
  • Games have easy Gameplay. Easy enough for anyone to play.

Money Well

One of the best apps like JustPlay for iOS – Money Well. The Application is well-suited if you wish to report your Funds Withdrawing balance by the end of the day.

Money well is a Budgeting Software. It manages all the setups of Employees, Managers, Owners, etc. You can either ask the Application to handle single or more than single cash withdrawals.

Key Features:

  • It is a Finance Package for Personal Use.
  • The Application is known better for Handling the Budgets for Groups of Managers, Owners, and other related Teams.
  • The system used contains High-quality Technology to supervise the Affairs.
  • It does the best work of allowing permissions to Different levels of employees accordingly.
  • It is a good earning platform for Small businesses and Mid-sized Business Owners.
  • It has an option for a free trial for customers who would like to get a hang of it before investing.


Cashyy has a lot of missions for you that will shower you with unlimited revenue according to the Mission. Exchange PlayStation Gift cards for Huge Games like Nintendo and Xbox.

The more Hours/Minutes you spend on the Application, the more money you will see getting recorded under your Name. With Cashyy, you can earn loads through your favorite games.

Key Features:

  • If you invite a friend or more than that, both the Parties will receive the Prizes.
  • The list is connected with Google Play, meaning you can choose any game from the wide range of Games present on Google Play.
  • The Application is simple to use.
  • There are more than just a few options for payments like – Xbox Gift Cards, Nintendo Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards, PayPal Money Transfer, PSN Cards, Steam Vouchers, Walmart Coupons, etc.
  • No advertisements will drop in to disturb you while you are earning.

The Lucky Miner

The Lucky Minor is an Application that will help individuals earn through their smartphones just by playing a few Online Video Games. The Lucky Minor works under an Infamous brand called – Applied Group.

You can find The Lucky Minor wherever Google Play is available. Apart from being handled in International Language – English, the Application works in French, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spain too.

Key Features:

  • The earnings of an individual will start as soon as they sign up on the Application.
  • Every new member at The Lucky Minor Application receives a bonus of 4,444 points.
  • If you play whenever you get time on unwanted things, you will take a week to reach the Threshold for Payments.
  • Casually you can Win up to 2-3 dollars with The Lucky Minor Application every month.
  • The earnings depend on the speed of an individual.
  • Before you download the game, you will be able to see the rates of every Game to help you Select the game which pays the most.


TapChamps works under the Entertainment-Gaming category to supply fellow users games that can earn both parties some bucks. You get a whole set of lists to explore new games and find your Matches.

With more than 165 games in the List for Alternatives, it is impossible for one to get bored easily on the Application. If you have a lot of free time and a Bank account, Playing and Earning through TapChamps can be the best option for you.

Key Features:

  • To earn through TapChamps, you can not only focus on exploring new games, but you can also download the games which you already love and play.
  • The more you use this application, the more you will be rewarded. Earning points is what matters. If you know the game, if you like it, if you reached a new level, etc will not count as long as you are playing the game.
  • PayPal is the main option through which you can transfer the money in your account. But, if you wish to get some Amazon Visa Gift Cards and other rewards present in the list, you can opt for them too.


All the Cash Rewards Apps mentioned above are Licensed and Tested. All pay Real-time Cash prizes or Gift Cards according to the points you earn and the Application you choose.

If gaming bores you, other Applications that focus more on Financial Topics can catch your Interest. However, if you were searching for Cash Rewards Apps that pay, the above-mentioned list can help you to a good extent.

Frequently asked Questions

Are there more apps like Just Play?

Yes. Applications like Playspot, Playsmart, Fitplay can fit you well if you prefer earning through games. If not, then you can go for Swagbucks and InboxDollars like Applications that pay through easy Tasks.

Which Applications are Quick to pay?

The list of Gaming Applications that give you cash through PayPal includes Swagbucks, Swagbucks Live, InboxDollars, etc.