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10 Best Apps like Field Agent to Earn Real Cash [2024]

10 Best Apps like Field Agent to Earn Real Cash [2024]

Are you finding the best apps like Field Agent? To earn additional cash right from your computer or phone just by sitting in your home!

Here, we have created a list of Field agent alternatives that work like Field Agent or in a similar way.

Field Agent is an application that permits you to earn extra cash by executing small tasks within your area. However, this might not be right for you.

Field agent might be the best working option to earn extra cash, but you can also try out the other apps to do extra work. Here is the list of similar apps like Field agent:



EasyShift is one of the best apps like Field Agent that permits you to create fast cash from doing an assortment of small jobs in your area, such as in local stores and shops. 

One of the most prominent things about EasyShift is that you can complete the jobs given to your timetable.

It is a free app available for download on iOS and Android, and you can be able to find jobs across the U.K. and the United States, according to the company. Furthermore, EasyShift pays from $4 to $20 for a shift. 

Once you’ve completed the Shift, there are 48-hours of processing time before your payment is permitted.

How Does EasyShift Work?

Easy Shift uses a point system to reward and score users depending on how many jobs they have accomplished and how well they performed.

Once you download the app and sign up, you get to choose between the List and Map view to see jobs.

When you tap on a green pin on the map to choose a ‘Shift’, it’ll show you how many points you can get, the minimum average completion time, how much you’ll get paid, and how many miles you’ll have to travel for the job.

  • How much can I earn with EasyShip??: For a shift, it pays you around $4 to $20. When you get a job, you’ll usually get 24 hours to complete the job.
  • As soon as you finish your Shift, there will be 48-hours of processing time before they approve your payment.
  • Types of EasyShift Jobs: Completing surveys or tasks at local shops and stores.
  • How Does EasyShift Pay You?: Currently, EasyShift only issues payments through PayPal. Therefore, to receive payments for approved location-based shifts, you’ll have to need a PayPal account.
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With Gigwalk, making money with your smartphone has never been easier. One of the best apps like Field Agent, pays you to perform small tasks depending on your location. 

Organizations looking for Gigwalkers are typically retail stores searching for brand audits or feedback on products.

One of the great advantages of Gigwalk is its flexibility; you can be able to choose if you want the Gig, if it fits your plan or if you are going to pass it for something rather different.

How Does Gigwalk Work?

After downloading the Gigwalk app and creating an account, you can look at a map that shows you available ‘Gigs’ represented by pins.

Choose ‘Apply for this Gig’ and choose a timeframe to finish it. Usually, you’ll get three choices – 3, 12, and 24 hours.

After adding your timeframe, you’ll have to select ‘Gig Details’ in the application to see a list of instructions on how to finish the task.

  • How much can I earn with Gigwalk?: On average, Gigwalkers can earn around $3 to $100 for a single task.
  • Types of Gigwalk Jobs: The jobs Gigwalk offers are Vapor/Tobacco auditor, customer service, taking photos of the point-of-sale display, Loyalty membership auditor, Storefront Inspector, Product display auditor, and many more.
  • How Does Gigwalk Pay You?: Just like EasyShift, you don’t have to link your bank account to Gigwalk as it pays you through your PayPal account. So, in order to get paid, you’ll need to have a PayPal account. 
  • Once the client approves your work, they will transfer the money to your account.
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Mobee application is a free mobile app that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It gives reward points to users for shopping at famous retail stores. 

You can be able to convert your points for cash or gift cards of popular stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, BestBuy, and much more.

People who use this app become anonymous shoppers for the company, and as you complete the assigned work, you get paid through the app’s point system. 

However, this opportunity is location-based. That means the opportunities you get will depend on where you are living.

How Does Mobee Work?

Mobee consists of missions; these missions are a mystery shopping opportunity to earn points. You can search for your local mission by activating the GPS.

Then, it’ll show you the list of available missions that you can choose from. After choosing the mission, you’ll need to finish the mission within the given timeframe.

As soon as you complete the job, you’ll be asked to give feedback and answer some questions, and then the app will review the mission within the next 48 hours.

Once your mission is approved, you’ll receive points, which you can redeem as cash or gift cards.

  • How much can I earn with Mobee?: You can earn around 100-300 points for the time you’ve spent to accomplish a mission, which is redeemed into cash as $1-$5.
  • Types of Mobee Jobs: Mobee Jobs comprises taking photos of different products or displays and answering questions.
  • How Does Mobee Pay You?: You’ll get points for every mission completed and approved, which you can redeem as cash or gift cards. Each 100 point ‘mission’ is equal to $1.
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Use the Shopkick application to earn rewards for the shopping you already do by scanning receipts. 

You can redeem your rewards with major retailers and brands such as Amazon, Marshalls, Lowe’s, Starbucks, Nike, Walmart, eBay, Sephora, Groupon, Best Buy, GameStop, T.J. Maxx, and many more.

It is one of the best apps like Field Agent. Likewise, it partners with specific food brands with the same types of rewards it offers for restaurants and food. 

Users can easily open the Shopkick app, and it will show the nearby retailers offering numerous kicks just for going to the store.

How Does Shopkick Work?

First, download the Shopkick app and register by entering your name, email, and password or with your Facebook account.

You can then look out for jobs by selecting either Kicks Nearby or Kicks Online. Kicks Nearby will provide you with a list of available stores in your area, and Kicks Online will provide you with a list of websites partners that offer opportunities to earn kicks.

The number of kicks you have is shown at the top of the home screen. Access the rewards by choosing which company you’d like a gift card from and in what amount.

  • How much can I earn with Shopkick?: There is no limit to the amount you can earn through Shopkick. Usually, for every dollar you want to earn in a gift card, you’ll need 250 kicks.
  • You can increase your earnings by opening the app at least once a week, enabling notifications, planning out your shopping trips, inviting friends to join Shopkicks, and keep checking the Discover tab.
  • Types of Shopkick Jobs: You can earn kicks by scanning barcodes of selected products within the store, purchasing an item and scant eh receipt into the app, linking a Mastercard or Visa with your account, entering a store with a beacon located at the entrance, making purchase at online partner stores and watching videos in the app.  
  • How Does Shopkick Pay You?: You can redeem your kicks to electronic gift cards to various stores.
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With AppTrailers, you can preview ‘Video Trailers’ of applications, DIY videos, celebrity gossip, and get rewards or points which you can redeem with Amazon gift codes, PayPal cash, and much more. 

It is the only place that allows you to see a movie preview of the app and some other amazing web videos for rewards.

It is a completely free-to-use app that is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Currently, there are videos for several popular apps such as Groupon, PingME, Priceline, Blendr, LivingSocial, SkyGrid, and other. However, you don’t get any points if these apps are already installed on your device.

How Does AppTrailers Work? 

Download the App Trailers app on your device and register using your credentials. Then, you can earn points by watching videos.

  • How much can I earn with AppTrailers?: The amount you can earn with App Trailers is based on the number of tasks you finish. However, typically, you can earn up to $2 in three hours.
  • Types of AppTrailers Jobs: Watch videos, app trailers, movie trailers, game videos, and sports.
  • How Does AppTrailers Pay You?: You can redeem the reward point you get for gift cards from your favorite stores or brands like PayPal, Starbucks, Amazon, Target, and more.



With Swagbucks, you can make cash or earn gift cards. It is the perfect way to make money and get cashback. 

Users can collect and redeem Swagbucks in several different ways. Both mobile app and website are available.

Using Swagbucks is quite easy and simple. Apart from earning cash-backs rewards on different purchases, you can also earn S.B.s by completing various tasks.

How Does Swagbucks Work?

First, sign up for Swagbucks by either using your Facebook account or by entering your email address.

You can then take part in the activities of your interest and earn ‘Swagbucks.’ These credits will add up quickly, and once you’ve earned some credits, you can redeem them for gift cards.

  • How much can I earn with Swagbucks?: The number of points you earn will depend on the tasks you finish.
  • You can increase your earnings by making Swagbucks your default search engine, completing surveys and polls, shopping online and earning cashback, inviting your friends, entering competitions, completing daily goals, playing games online, and by watching out for swag codes.
  • Types of Swagbucks Jobs: Online shopping at over 1,500 popular sellers, filling out surveys, reviewing products, watching online videos, playing online games, and buying or reading about Swagbuck deals.
  • How Does Swagbucks Pay You?: You can redeem the points for gift cards or cash on Swagbucks? Typically, for every 100 points, you’ll get $1.


Observa is a mystery shopping app that pays shoppers either through PayPal or with Bitcoin. So, if you are a cryptocurrency fan, Observa can be the best option!

Just like any other apps mentioned in this list, Observa also pays money for the tasks you complete. It states that payments are between $4 to $20. All you need to do is go to the store, click some photos and answer a few questions.

Currently, the vast majority of opportunities are available in the United States and Canada. However, it is always working to provide more opportunities for international secret shoppers.

How Does Observa Work?

To get started with Observa, you’ll have to download the Observa app and sign up by entering your credentials.

Once you’ve created an account, you can see a map that’ll show you the tasks in the red dot. And when you click on the task, you’ll get to see the information regarding what the task and what it pays as well as the timeframe (usually 2 hours).

It has two types of tasks-Secret Shopper, in which you’ve to take photos anonymously, and the second one is to speak to the manager and ask them to add a certain product to their inventory.

  • How much can I earn with Observa?: Once you finish your task and submit it to Observa, their team will review it within 24 hours and either reject or approve it. Usually, every Observa gig’s pay is around $4 to $20.
  • Types of Observa Jobs: Secret Shopper
  • How Does Observa Pay You: Payments on Observa are made through PayPal. So, you’ll require a PayPal account to sign up for Observa.  


iSecretShop is an app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It pays users to mystery shops in certain outlets. 

In this way, it connects businesses and companies that are looking for ways to collect customer feedback.

To complete the tasks and collect data from the company, you’ll get paid. Depending on your location, there are a variety of tasks to choose from. So, there will be no limit on the number of tasks you can do!

How Does iSecretShop Work?

First, download the iSecretShop app and register using your email credentials, and provide your location.

When you choose a particular task, you’ll be given instructions on what and how to do it. For instance, if you’re interested to visit a store or restaurant, you’ll be asked to take photos, speak to customer service or see how products have been arranged.

  • How much can I earn with iSecretShop?: Your earning depends on the number of tasks you complete. Nonetheless, several jobs on iSecretShop pay around $5 to $15.
  • Types of iSecretShop Jobs: Mystery shopper.
  • How Does iSecretShop Pay You?: Payments on iSecretShop are made through PayPal. So, you’ll require a PayPal account to sign up for iSecretShop.  

Secret Shopper

secret shopper

Secret Shopper is one of the best apps like Field Agent that helps clients enhance their business by using mystery shoppers to collect data.

You can become a mystery shopper by signing up and selecting your country. 

Then read & agree to its shopper rules and guidelines, complete the basic certification test, provide your basic details and enter your personal information.

How Does Secret Shopper Work?

Download Secret Shopper on your device and register yourself by entering your credentials.

After registering yourself as a shopper, you’ll have access to view all shops that are available in your area. Since you are an independent contractor, you can accept or reject individual shopping assignments on a case-by-case basis.

  • How much can I earn with SecretShopper?: Every shopping assignment has different arrangements. A typical range of payment is around $15 to $25. Payment information for every unique condition is explained before you agree to do the shop.
  • Types of Secret Shopper Jobs: Secret Shopper.
  • How Does Secret Shopper Pay You?: For domestic shoppers, checks are mailed on the 20th of every month for shops completed in the previous month.
  • For international shoppers, payments are done securely through PayPal. These payments are also sent on the 20th of the following month.



GigSpot is an online platform that connects users with mystery shoppers and market research companies.

That means companies offer you tens of thousands of job opportunities, where you get to decide which job you want, when, and where.  

How Does GigSpot Work?

Once you have downloaded the GigSpot application on your device, you can sign up using your credentials.

Then, you can choose from thousands of available mystery shopping jobs from several mystery shopping provider companies.

  • How much can I earn with GigSpot?: You’ll get paid for every job that you’ve finished. You can earn around $10 to $15 per gig.
  • Types of GigSpot Jobs: Mystery shopper
  • How Does GigSpot Pay You?: Payment is managed by the market research company posting the job or mystery shopping. You’ll get paid based on start & end date, compensation & reimbursement, and distance.



Ibotta is one of the best apps like Field Agent that provides you real cashback on every purchase, in-store or online. So, you can earn cash back every time you shop for groceries, necessities, and much more. 

No coupon or promo codes are required, so you can be able to shop for the things you require without hassle.

Furthermore, it is partnering with the top customer-packed goods brands to put millions of dollars back into the purchaser’s pocket. 

Unlike other apps, it allows you to grow your savings and shop for essentials at the local grocery store or online stores.

The Bottom Line: Apps like Field Agent

Now that you see making money from applications is pretty easy, what did you choose? Well, it certainly depends on your needs and requirements. 

If you have more queries regarding these apps like Field Agent, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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