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Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: Which is Right for You? [2024]

Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: Which is Right for You? [2024]

Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: Do you want to buy a premium plan streaming platform but both Apple TV+ and HBO Max look appealing, which among the two is the best option for you?

Are you sitting in your house thinking about doing something productive? Or, maybe you have something in mind but you require inspiration to get up from your comfort zone and do it. How about you take inspiration from watching some good TV shows or movies on premium channels like Apple TV+ and HBO Max?

If you are finding inspiration to do something like going hiking, doing something adventurous, etc – movies and TV shows presented on Apple TV+ and HBO Max can help you a lot.

Maybe you had a look at both of them but are confused as to which one can be a well-suited one for you. Which one can suit your budget and provide you with content up to the mark?

To help you solve this issue of yours – we have provided all the information you will need to decide which one is the best one for you. To get the answer to your lingering question – read the following Apple TV+ vs HBO Max comparison article.

Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: Overview

Apple TV+: Apple TV plus is an online streaming platform where you can get a good set of exclusive content available. You can watch the content of Apple TV plus on all devices.

Apple TV+ is a part of Apple subscription and it is the premium part of Apple TV. Apple TV+ is a streaming service that is quietly taking over Netflix, Hulu look and other streaming platforms.

You can find a lot of originals at Apple TV+. Once you pay for the premium, no ads will pop up to disturb your streaming time – except for the time of promotional content and other add-on streaming services that are allowed within the walls of Apple TV+.

To stream the original TV shows and videos on Apple TV+, you are required to pay a premium amount. If you wish to see how the software works, you can opt for its 7-day trial.

apple tv vs hbo max

HBO Max: HBO Max is a well-known television network based in America it is a subscription-based service on-demand service that is owned by 80 and 30 Warner media through the one and media direct subsidiary it was launched in 2022 on 27th March.

HBO Max has all the content available on HBO including new sections like – TV favorites, Max latest releases, originals, blockbuster movies, etc.

Users can download the HBO Max application on their devices. They can get access through both Android and Apple devices. Or, they can go for streaming on TV or desktop, whichever they are comfortable with.

HBO Max had an option for a free trial for those who wanted to have a taste of the streaming website before paying for the subscription but it no longer provides any free trial to new subscribers.

However, if you have a coupon or promotional offer that includes a free trial from HBO Max, you can get the free trial and access to all the content present on HBO Max to stream.

According to the polls and results of analytics, the total number of subscribers received by HBO and HBO Max combined was 73.80 million.

Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: Pricing and Plans

Apple TV+: Users get to use a 7-day free trial on Apple TV+. After the free trial is completed, you will no longer be able to use the services until you pay for the subscription.

On Apple TV+, you are required to pay $4.99 every month to get access to all the features of Apple TV plus and more.

hbo max vs apple tv

HBO Max: HBO Max no longer provides a free trial feature for its users. It gives you two plans to choose from:

  1. Pay Monthly – paying monthly will cost you $9.99 every month. The ads will be included in this plan but if you wish to remove the ads – you will have to pay $14.99 every month. You will be able to download 30 titles for offline watching and can stream in 4K UHD. This will only work if you have a good network connection.
  2. Prepaid for a Year – this plan will cost you $99.99 every year. Ads will be included in this plan and if you wish to remove the ads – you will have to pay $149.99 every year. The benefits are the same as the monthly plan – you will be able to download 30 TV shows or movies in total and can stream in 4K UHD.

Apple TV+ vs HBO Max: How they stack up!

Device Support

Apple TV+: Apple TV+ can be streamed on all devices of Apple. It may not be compatible with all the devices, but it will be accessible to at least half of the devices you own at your home.

The list of device compatibility of Apple TV+ includes – Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, Samsung Smart TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox series S, Xbox series X, Xbox One, Android TV, LG smart TVs, Mac, Sony Smart TVs, and Vizio Smart TVs.

HBO Max: the compatibility list of devices for HBO Max contains PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Samsung TV, Roku, Cox Contour 2 and Counter stream Player, Apple TV, Android TV, Android TV with Android OS 5, Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV devices.


Apple TV+: on Apple TV plus you will find all the originals focused on Apple originals program list of sections includes talk shows, documentaries, comedy movies, shows, and more.

Although Apple TV+ does not offer a lot of licensed content, the reason behind people paying for a subscription is to view the original productions of Apple TV. There are over 60 original movies and TV shows streaming on Apple TV+ right now.

A few of the most popular originals streaming on Apple TV plus by Apple company are Dickinson, Ted Lazzo, Foundation, Helpsters, Central park, Tehran, Oprah's Book Club, Mythic Quest, Home Before Dark, Amazing Stories, For All Mankind, and The Morning Show.

HBO Max: comparing HBO Max with the free version of it – HBO, has more content available. HBO Max has all the Movies, Shows, and Originals available to stream on HBO.

In addition to all the content of HBO, HBO Max users gain access to view a huge library of movies and TV shows from different productions, franchises, and streaming brands.

The list few of the most popular content available on HBO Max contains – Westside story, Drive my car, Dune, King Richard, Free Guy, Our Flag Means Death, The Tourist, Nightmare Alley, The King Man, The Gilded Age, The French Dispatch and Euphoria.


Apple TV+: As Apple TV+ is a part of Apple TV. if you have a device that is already connected to Apple TV, connecting the Apple TV+ with that device will not be a big deal. It will detect the relationship and support the device immediately.

At times, users can get confused on the Apple TV+ application as the TV shows and movies are repeated in more than just one or two categories. TV shows and movies consist of more than just one genre, which is why they can be included in more than just one category.

HBO Max: HBO Max can work with a good speed if you have connections with a good network and device. If you are using a device that lags a lot and contains a lot of bugs – there is no chance the HBO Max application will run smoothly on that device.

Although HBO Max services receive 5-star ratings for interfaces, there are a lot of times when users find it difficult to run the app. Because, either it appears to be full of bugs or slow in working. This usually happens because of the device and connection being used by the user.

Video Quality

Apple TV+: For detailed and high-definition quality, you can access the 4K video that supports the 3840×2160 resolution. But, if you are accessing a network connection that has a low speed, you will not be able to stream the content on 4K even if the content supports the resolution.

Keeping the 4K aside, the experience of streaming the content on 4K HDR is something on another level. Apple has visibly focused on increasing the quality of its sound effects and picture quality for 4K HDR.

HBO Max: HBO supports 4K HDR resolution content only when you pay for the subscription plan that cost $14.99 and above. Plans below that will help you stream in the highest HD quality but not in 4K and 4K HDR.

HBO Max has a feature to adjust the quality according to the speed of your network connection. Instead of buffering, it will decrease the quality of the content automatically if the speed of the internet decreases.


According to the information given, if you have a lower budget, you can opt for Apple TV plus but as the company supports and focuses on Apple devices more, you may face problems connecting the streaming website to your device.

Apart from this issue, HBO Max vs Apple  TV+, both the streaming channels are at their best.

Both of them have good quality services and serve a few of the best masterpieces currently streaming across the world. If you are only focusing on the quality of the content – then maybe you should go for both of them one after another.

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Which is better HBO Max vs Apple TV+?

If you are looking for a cheaper streaming website then Apple TV plus can be your rescue. But, if you need a wide range of options to choose from, especially the originals then go for HBO Max.

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