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Strava vs Nike Run Club: Which Is Better And Why? [2024]

Strava vs Nike Run Club: Which Is Better And Why? [2024]

Strava vs Nike Run Club: Fitness is a major aspect of day-to-day lifestyle. Without fitness, the body is just waiting for medicines to be described. And to monitor your fitness streaks, how much you are working out, or giving time to fitness, there are applications online to help you with the same.

Several online applications help you keep count of how many km you walked, how much you ran, how much time you spent on the same etc. It helps you keep a record of days, weeks, months, etc to monitor your fitness.

In this article, we are going to talk about these 2 apps to monitor your run, walk, and rides namely Strava and Nike Run Club. Both these applications are known for tracking down all your fitness activities with graphs in one app.

By the end of the article, you will get to know in detail about both apps such as how they work, prices and plans, features, other important aspects, etc.

Overview: Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is a great choice for a simple training guide with basics. It is also a great choice for tracking down all your fitness activities such as walking, running, cycling, etc.

The best part about Nike Run Club is they don’t have any premium packages or hidden plans, everything comes free of cost with social leaderboards, guided runs, etc. The most featured or preferred part of the app is the guided runs with overviews and kinds of music to look for.

You can easily choose podcasts with the start your run option, and the narrator will talk you through your whole session.


Nike Run Club vs Strava

Strava is a freemium version to download and use. It is easily available to be downloaded from Apple and Google Store. Strava is also a very popular app for runners in comparison to Nike Run Club and many others.

Strava wins over any other fitness app for the extra and advanced features it has in store for the users. It has many unique features like Beacon- a safety feature that shares your live location to your contacts, advanced and personal heat maps, custom goals, training plans, plus power and advanced heart rate data, etc.

Strava’s paid membership is said to be very popular and has insights and features for routes, segments, advanced performance metrics, and training plans. For the training plans, users can access Strava from their desktops also if they are paid users.

How Does It Work? Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club has 3 different choices for running. You simply have to choose from Quick Run, Guided Run, and Coached Run.  So you can simply choose Quick Run for distance measure or guided runs for short runs, treadmill runs, mindful runs, speed runs, etc.

You can choose Coached Run where you can choose a customized plan for running which adapts to your progress and can be derived by answering simple questions. The Coached Run app allows you to edit plans and also run smarter.


Strava is the easiest app to start your tracking features with smartwatches. It is easily compatible with many other watches and brands to look out for.

The setup and connectivity with Strava and watches is just a two-step process. Once it is done you simply turn on the Beacon mode by clicking on the record button to record your sport with live location and suggest the better routes which are less busy.

Strava is also very easy to use for homepage customization to see the activities of the people you admire and care for. You can also check peoples’ routines and workouts with their statistics to learn from them.

Key Features: Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

  • Nike Run Club is said to change the running experience for free cost.
  • It offers many community guidelines and tips for running and how to improve the same.
  • The app is said to offer a similar experience to the Adidas Runtastic app but is more advanced.
  • The Nike Run Club is divided into three levels which are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • The choices for different types of runs are a huge collection for First Run, Power Pyramid, 8K Tempo Run, etc.
  • You can listen to professional athletes with one click namely Mo Farah, Shalane Flanagan, Eliud Kipchoge, and many more.


  • Strava is free to download and also has a free version for runners.
  • Strava is compatible with smartwatches under the title – Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit, Apple Watch 3, and newer models with Amazfit and TomTom.
  • It has a multisport tracking feature that tracks more than 31 sports in general.
  • Strava is mainly popular for its easy-to-use features and community services.
  • The best thing is you can easily stalk statistics of other community members and runners and learn from their routines.
  • Strava has all the primary workouts which any athlete would need for a better and fast running spirit.
  • Strava also has a safety feature named Beacon which allows its users to send their location to any 3 contacts via Bluetooth in any emergency.
  • You can track all the post-workout statistics such as distance, pace, moving time, elevation gain, calories, heart rate, run splits, etc.

Pricing & Plans: Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

  • The running app is completely free.


  • Strava has a free version to use with limited options.
  • Whereas the Summit Membership where you get access to the exclusive features with the payment for a month is $5 and $59.99 per year.
  • So the decision for paid or unpaid stands for the features being in use for you.

Pros-Cons: Strava vs Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club

Pros of Nike Run Club

  • You can easily get access to professional coaches.
  • You can connect to your Spotify while using the app.
  • It is free to use and download.
  • The runs include both warm-ups and cool-down features.
  • It has great integration with NTC.
  • It allows users to keep a log of how many miles their shoes have run.

Cons of Nike Run Club

  • The app doesn’t note down the exact suitability level for each run.
  • The app still has many glitches to be solved.
  • The measurements of steps and miles are not always 100% accurate.


Pros of Strava

  • Strava is said to have a rich set of features.
  • It also has a strong emphasis on the community setup.
  • It supports many fitness trackers and hence it is a great package deal.
  • Strava also offers a 30 day trial of summit membership before you subscribe to them on paid plans.
  • Strava also allows its users to track multiple sports.
  • It also has a location tracking feature to use.

Cons of Strava

  • Strava may concern you about the privacy guidelines.
  • The premium plans offered by Strava are costly.

Ultimate Decision: Which is better?

Making an ultimatum out of Strava vs Nike Run Club is a difficult task to do so. If we talk about Nike Run Club then it has a huge fan following list with free-of-cost services and famous athletes to follow.

And on the other side, we have Strava with paid and unpaid versions and unique features like Beacons and post-workout data analytics which is outstanding to choose for running and other 31 sports.

If you are into running and not other sports and want something basic then Nike Run Club can help you out more easily than Strava. But if you are a multi-sports person and you go from workouts to bike rides etc then Strava is a one-stop destination for you.

So we want more features and need versatility in the interface as well as features that Strava wins for the paid version. But if you are really into famous athletes and want to follow them on free plans then Nike Run Club is the best choice to make.

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Is Strava or Nike Run Club Better?

On the free plan term, Nike Run Club is better than Strava, and on the count of features and analytic tools, Strava is better than Nike Run Club.

Does Nike Run Club work with Strava?

Currently, there is no official venture signed up between both Nike Run Club and Strava for mergers, but in the future, you never know they might work together.

Who owns Nike Run Club?

Nike Run Club is handled and owned by Nike, Inc.

Who owns Strava?

Strava is managed and in hands of Mark Gainey and Michael Horvath from the year 2009.