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Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Which is Cheaper for Shipping? [2024]

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Which is Cheaper for Shipping? [2024]

Shipping is an important aspect for smaller as well as huge industries and businesses to import and export everything from raw materials to final product deliveries. But which one to choose for millions of shipping companies is a tedious task.

The shipping companies are growing day by day and hence choosing which is great from all the perspectives like fast delivery, safe delivery, discounted costs, etc. We have FedEx, Shippo, ShipStation, Pirate Ship, and many more companies that offer shipping services to businesses.

In this article, we are going to talk about two main shipping companies and their comparison review namely Shippo and Pirate Ship.

By the end of the article Shippo vs Pirate Ship, you will get to know about them and detail them with features, pricing, ease of use, overview, and which is cheaper than whom.

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Overview


Shippo vs Pirate Ship

Shippo is an online software company that offers services for shopping solutions to small businesses to streamline and maintain their shipping processes.

Shippo is known for interacting with several major brands and platforms like Shopify and Etsy to help small shop owners easily manage their orders and shipping of the same. It is based in San Francisco and has clients numbering more than 35000 in brands with more than 100 million annual shipments.

Shippo manages everything from shipping labels to tracking the shipments until it gets delivered safely and sounds to the customers. The online software shipping company is also very famous for its working partners namely United States Postal Services, FedEx, UPS, and many more.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship vs Shippo

Pirate Ship is an eCommerce online software company like Shippo which offers its services in the shipping industry to help out small businesses with shipping procedures.

Pirate Ship is quite famous for inexpensive postage and shipping charges compared to every other shipping industry. It has the most affordable offers and costs for small or bulk packaging for sellers.

Pirate Ship provides all the tools from address validation to purchase integration, mobile shipping labels, etc. Pirate Ship is said to have USPS-approved postage costs with no hidden fees or markups.

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Pricing


Shippo has many different plans with monthly charges and exclusive benefits.

  • The three top eir plans of Shippo are: Pay as you Go Plan, Professional Plan, and Premier Plan.
  • Pay as you Go Plan is a commitment-free plan where you will ask to pay $0.05 per label plus the cost of packages.
  • Professional Plan offers many benefits like no per label fee, Best USPS discounts, branded customer experience, email and live chat support, and allows 5 users to account at the cost of $10/per month.
  • The Premier plan comes with 15 user accounts, technical assistance, and dedicated customer support with all the features of the Professional Plan, pricing is said to be Quote Based, and hence they have to contact the Sales Team for pricing.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship also works on no commitments with commercial pricings and hence comes in 3 top tiers as well.

  • Retail Pricing is said to be the most expensive shipping rate with other tiers to choose from.
  • Commercial pricing is said to have discounted shipping rates with savings of up to 89% for small packets.
  • Priority Mail is said to be 9% cheaper than commercial pricing and hence there is sort of more savings for up to $1.02 based on locations and zones.

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Features


  • Shippo has a great partnership with standard and exclusive shipping brands such as FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, CouriersPlease, DHL, Fastway, Hemes, GLS, Sendle, Parcel Force Worldwide, and many more.
  • Shippo also offers up to 90%off with discounted rates for small businesses to look out for.
  • Shippo also offers ETA with real-time tracking of the shipments both for customers as well as sellers to keep everyone intact.
  • Shippo also offers a creator option for creating branded tracking pages outside Shippo shipments.
  • Shippo not only just offers a platform for tracking your shipments but also for e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, inventory management apps, finance software, etc.
  • Shippo also allows sellers to import all the order details in the format of CSV File or Orders Endpoint.
  • The shipping company also offers several channels for customer services such as online chat, chat live, or phone call solutions.

Pirate Ship

  • Pirate Ship’s most famous or best feature is about turning spreadsheets into shipping labels to let you import addresses and order details from other e-commerce services.
  • Custom Forms are also made available to let the recipient know about paying import taxes or duties or not.
  • You can also ship tons of small packages and the same sizes to the customers without any queries.
  • The Pirate Ship also allows the creation of customized notifications and scheduling of emails which has a tracking number that is direct to your recipients.
  • Another important feature of Pirate Ship is regarding auto-completion of addresses. It has a duplicate shipment button to complete your addresses easily.

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Ease of Use


Shippo is a great option for an easy user interface. If sellers don’t want to waste much time understanding new websites and their working then Shippo can be an excellent choice since the user interface is very friendly for newbies.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is said to be user-friendly with plenty of options to search and use. It also takes only 3 steps to buy and print labels.

Pirate Ship also provides a batch workflow feature that supports unlimited batch shipping label processing. Irrespective of the number of packages you are shipping, Pirate ship allows you to do weight and dimension and then buy or print postages with pinning it on the package and then simply hand it to USPS.

Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Customer Support


Shippo is said to have a good customer rating when we talk about G2 Crowd and Capterra to be more than 4.5-5 stars. Shippo can save a lot of time by customizing email notifications etc which people are loving about Shippo.

Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship website offers a live chat feature. If you want to write a designated email then you can simply write them an email regarding any of your queries on- [email protected] .

The customer support is quite positive and makes sure customers and sellers both are satisfied.

Ultimate Verdict: Shippo vs Pirate Ship: Which is Cheaper?

Even after, Pirate Ship only has USPS on their side for shipping yet the cost is cheaper than Shippo. So ultimately on the prices, Pirate Ship is cheaper than Shippo with the most trustworthy experiences of the millions of citizens.

Hence even though Shippo is user-friendly and has easy prices, people find Pirate Ship more trustworthy and cheaper in everything. [Pirate Ship is said to earn more ratings and trust compared to any other.

Here, we come to an end of the comparison reviews of Shippo vs Pirate Ship where eventually Pirate Ship wins an easy user interface and pricing.

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Which is Better Shippo or Pirate Ship?

Pirate Ship is said to be better than shippo in terms of user interface and cheaper rates.

Is Shippo Legit?

Yes. Shippo is 100% legit with an official software company tag offering services with more than 10 best shipping partners around the globe.

Is Pirate Ship Legit?

Yes. Pirate Ship is 100% legit and is said to be more trustworthy for millions of sellers and customers for USPS compare to Shippo or any other.