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Pixelup App Review: Complete Guide [2024]

Pixelup App Review: Complete Guide [2024]

Pixelup App Review: What is a pixelup app? What are the features? How does it work? And what are Pixelup app alternatives? Every question is being answered in our Pixelup review.

Pictures taken from an iPhone or any other high-definition camera appear to be amazing, no doubt about that–but always taking real and natural photos may not suit your variant taste.

How about you try some photo AI Enhancer apps like Pixelup and look for something unique in the ordinary?

Do you wish to enhance your photo with the help of pixelup? But is unaware if the app is legitimate or not. Read our Pixelup app review and know if you can use the AI photo enhancer software for your good or not.

What is the Pixelup App?

Pixelup app is an AI software for enhancing your photos. You can use your latest selfie or an old photo from the camera roll and enhance the outlook of the pic through Pixelup app's photo enhancement features.

Pixelup is best known to increase the quality of your picture. From bad quality to HD resolution – you can do everything with the Pixelup app. The AI algorithm in the app will also help you zoom a bit if you do not want the surroundings to interrupt and still give an Outlook with High resolution.


  • You can add colors to your Black and White, Nostalgic, and old family photos.
  • Change the outlook of photos with only one or two taps.
  • With the help of animated features – animate old or new pictures.

How does it work?

To start with, you are required to install the app on your cell phone or tablet. The app is free to download and can access almost all types of brands and models. It works with both Apple and Android devices.

Once you install the app, switch it on and the guide will help you enhance the quality of your old pictures with a few touches. You can undo the work and look for updated features frequently.


The app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and App Store but may have in-app purchases available to help you use additional features of the app.

Pixelup Alternatives

The list of alternatives for the Pixelup app is mentioned below:

  • Gemini
  • PicPlus
  • Tingo
  • Animatify
  • EnhanceFox

These were the initial alternatives of the Pixelup app – you can find more according to differences on the internet.


If you are in the mood to bring out something new in regular pics – Pixelup AI photo enhancer is the best choice you have. It works fine and does not require much storage. Even with the in-app purchases, it will not require a lot of storage.

The in-app purchase rates are reasonable and worth it as they come with a whole bunch of new and enhanced features.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the pixelup app review?

Pixel up review is a free photo AI Enhancer software available for both ios and android devices. It helps you transform your old photos into something new. Add colours to your monochromatic photos and animate them.

Is the Pixelup app free?

Yes. You can install the app on your Phone or Tablet for free. You can also use the features of the app to enhance your photos. But, if you wish to try additional features – you are required to pay for the subscription.

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