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Endel App Review: Is It Really Helpful? [2022]

Endel App Review: Is It Really Helpful? [2022]

Endel App Review: Do you wish to try out the Endel app because it is hard for you to sleep nowadays? If yes, then have a look at our Endel app review and see whether it is legit or not.

In a stressful life, when life is burdening you with responsibilities – it gets hard to sleep. Not only for this case but there can also be many reasons you simply cannot relax, even when you have time to.

As you might already know, sleeping is required, especially at night. If you do not sleep on time and get enough sleep, you can face severe problems in the future.

To kick away these problems, you must have come across the Endel app which is an amazing app for relaxing, sleeping, and focusing. So, do you want to learn how it works? Or is it worth your time? If it is legit? If so, then have a look at our Endel app review and get answers to your every question.

What is an Endel App?

Endel App was created to help the minds stay at peace, focus on important things, relax when required, and sleep peacefully. To the people who can not focus on work due to a lack of relaxation and sleep, this app is a well-suited software for you.

Endel App Review

It has exactly what you need – a fine-tuned and carefully calibrated soundscape to help with the exact needs of consumers. The soundscapes do the best work to help you sleep, focus, and relax. This is an app that aims to change your life for the better.


  • Endel app has a feature to use real-time inputs including the user's activity level and heart rate.
  • The app uses a circadian typical rhythm.
  • It also includes inputs for weather, building personalized soundscape, and exposure to natural light.

How does it work?

The working of the Endel app is smooth and natural. And the people who think it brainwashes and does all sorts of illegal things, this is not the case.

It uses artificial intelligence to generate custom soundscapes according to the user's requirements that will help them relax, focus and sleep – to stay on a healthier side.

It includes extra features like – measuring the rate of your heartbeat, changing the exposure according to the natural light and many more.


Endel app is free to download on the Google Play Store and App Store – but it comes with in-app purchases. So, once you are sure the app is well-suited to help you, you can go for subscription plans.

And the app gives you three subscription plans and options, they are:

  1. $6 per month – Billed monthly.
  2. $50 per Year – Billed yearly.
  3. $90 for a lifetime – Billed once.

Is it Legit?

According to the reviews on the internet – the Endel app is legitimate. It works the best for people who have trouble sleeping and relaxing. The results will be visible as soon as you start using the app. So, we can say that it definitely helps you focus on important things and have peace of mind.


We hope that by reading our Endel app review, you must think of giving the app a shot. If you did not like it working or anything else, you can simply back off or cancel the subscription anytime. But trying it is a must before the lack of sleep and relaxation cause you something extreme.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the Endel app free?

The Endel app is free to download on app stores but requires a subscription to use it completely.

What is the Endel App price?

The Endel app has 3 subscription options for you. You can either go for a monthly subscription that will cost you 6 dollars every month. You can opt for a $50 per year subscription. Or, you might as well go for a one-time subscription plan which will last for a lifetime that costs 90 dollars.

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