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9 Best Manga like Lookism to Read Right Now! [2024]

9 Best Manga like Lookism to Read Right Now! [2024]

Are you looking for some interesting Manga like Lookism where you can find body swapping, high school-themed action, or something similar to read? If so, then you have landed on the perfect page! 

About Lookism

Lookism is about Park Hyung Suk, an overweight, short and totally unattractive 17 year old boy. He is constantly bullied by his classmates and discriminated against for his looks. So, to put an end to this mess, he decides to transfer schools and enrolls in a vocational preparatory school.

The school is famous for its liberal education system. But, a few days before his first day at school, he wakes up to become an entirely different person. His chubby self and unattractive body are gone and he has a perfect body – tall, handsome, and beautifully sculpted.

Everything looks great, but the only problem is that his old body is still attached to him. Whenever his first body sleeps, the second awakens. With this, you will see him navigating across several mysteries and obstacles with his superhuman body in Lookism. 

Lookism is one of the interesting masterpieces in the manga industry. However, if you have already given it a read and liked its concept, then we highly suggest you go through our list of the 9 best anime like Lookism which is set to grab your interest, in the article below. 

List of Manga like Lookism

1. Weak Hero

Weak Hero Manga like Lookism
  • Original run: May 5, 2018 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: 5
  • Genre: Coming-of-age Action Drama thriller
  • Author: Seopass

Weak Hero takes place in Eunjang High School, a school with lots of bullies making the weakest students live in fear of becoming the next target. 

However, things take a sudden turn when a new transfer freshman – Gray Yeon, a guy no taller than 157 cm stands up to a bully twice his body size and defeats him easily.  

Gray’s brave personality and unique perspective quickly earns him the title of White Mamba. After that, the boy continues to fight against bigger and stronger bullies from different high schools in town – all this to stop what has been going on for years. 

Similarities: Weak Hero is one of the good manga like Lookism because although the hero looks weak, he turns out to be stronger and the main similarity can be the art style. 

2. Viral Hit

Viral Hit Manga
  • Original run: Nov 15, 2019 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: n/a
  • Genre: Realistic action story
  • Author: Taejun Pak

Viral Hit is about Yoo Hobin, a high schooler who is bullied by his classmates along with a popular streamer Pakgo. His life currently is filled with abuse and humiliation, all while working hard at his part-time job to pay his mother’s medical bills.

One day, Hobin accidentally spills his Ramen on Pakgo’s cameraman –  Jiksae. He also tripped over a wire and disconnected the other boy from the gaming stream. Angered by the mess, Hobin decides to fight back and ends up in a bad fight – all while not knowing that their embarrassing fight is being streamed. 

Surprisingly, his video of fighting with the cameraman earns him a total of 10 million won from viewers. Now, he has the chance to work with the streaming platform and fight with Jiksae again in the same ways to earn more and pay for his mother’s bills easily. 

Similarities: again, the main similarities between these manga can be their unique art style. Also, similar to what you see in Lookism, the main lead in this manga also gets bullied before becoming stronger.

3. My Life as a Loser

My Life as a Loser Manga
  • Original run: Nov 8, 2019 – Nov 8, 2020
  • Number of Volumes:  n/a
  • Genre: Drama webtoon
  • Author: Taejun Pak

My Life as a Loser talks about Jang An Cheol, who was constantly bullied throughout his high school life. Now, with the power of swapping bodies, he is back to take revenge on his bully and make him taste his own medicine of shame and abuse.

In My Life as a Loser, you will see the main protagonist abusing his bully’s body in several ways and making him do all sorts of things, to which the other has to comply as long as he wishes to go back to his old body.

Similarities: once again, the main similarity between this manga is their art style, the body swapping, and the plot including school boys and action.

4. Eleceed

Eleceed Manga
  • Original run: Oct 2, 2018 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: 5+
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action
  • Author: Son Jeho

Eleceed includes Jiwo, a kind young boy who is equipped with lightning-quick reflexes like a cat and has a mission to save accidents in town and bring peace to this world.

Meanwhile, we have Kayden, a secret agent currently on a mission. But, the twist in the story is that this agent is currently stuck in a fat old fluffy cat’s body.

During an encounter, these two became acquaintances, and taking advantage of Jiwon’s powers and Kayden’s intelligence; they embarked on a journey to fight all those who wish to rule the world with evil.

Similarities: Eleceed is one of the most similar manga like Lookism because even though the main lead is not involved with the body-swapping thing, we can still see it in the second lead, while the art style is the same and this manga includes similar action and drama too. 

5. Study Group

Study Group Manga
  • Original run: Jan 4, 2019 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: n/a
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen, Martial Arts, Drama
  • Author: Hyungwuk Shin

The Study Group involves Yusung Technical High School, a school with the title of ‘school for future criminals’, a place certainly not suitable for studying seriously.

However, one among these delinquent students is Gamin, with a goal to enroll in a high-grade university. With this goal, he tries to enter countless study groups but due to his personality and serious goal, he is instantly rejected. This goes on until he decides to form his own study group.

Meanwhile, we gave Hankyeong, Gamin’s ex-tutor, joining the same high school to earn her teachers certification. Both the student and the tutor are thinking of an impossible goal, and the rest of the anime includes them fighting against the odds and struggling to achieve their dreams.

Similarities: Study Group is again one of the most interesting mangas like Lookism, because the main character is weak at the start but gains strength gradually till the end, and the anime also shows him fighting against his powerful peers, something you witnessed in Lookism.

6. Girls of the Wild's

Girls of the Wild's Manga
  • Original run: Aug 14, 2011 – Oct 29, 2016
  • Number of Volumes: n/a
  • Genre: Action
  • Author: Hun

Girls of the Wild's talks about an elite all-girls school named Wild's Private High School, a well-known name in the martial art industry since it has sent off some renowned martial artists globally.

To help the kids polish their skills, the school has a tradition of hosting brutal tournaments where these students are supposed to fight and the strongest fighters among them will stay at the top. Currently, a beautiful S-class mixed martial art student named Yoon In Gyi is at the top of the tournament.

But, the main twist arrives when the school breaks its 42 years of ritual and lets males in. One among them is Song Jae Gu, desperate enough to polish his skills, and keep a hold over his full scholarship. 

But, when he witnesses In Gyi and the boxer Lee Moon Young’s brutal fight – he for sure thinks this school life isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Similarities: Girls of the Wild's has a school-themed action and drama plot where you see the main character, first weak, evolving his strength and power to climb to the very top of the school. 

7. Questism

Questism Manga
  • Original run: Oct 22, 2021 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: n/a
  • Genre: Action
  • Author: YuNuni

Questism is about a gamer Suhyeon Kim, who hates his school life because he constantly gets bullied by his classmates, and wishes that his life could be something like the RPG quest game he loves.

To Suhyeon's surprise, his wish is granted when he witnesses a quest popping up in real life with a satisfactory reward. Since he has nothing to lose, he decides to take the part and one quest leads to another.

The levels of the quest seem to go higher and the rewards get bigger. At some point, Suhyeon realizes that his life has certainly changed because before he was a nobody, and now he is currently at the top in the school.

Similarities: Questism is one of the good manhwa like Lookism because the main character, similar to what you see in Lookism, hates his school and is constantly bullied by his classmates.

8. Hanlim Gym

Hanlim Gym Manga
  • Original run: May 25, 2020 – ongoing
  • Number of Volumes: n/a
  • Genre: Highschool Fighting, Action, Martial Arts
  • Author: Hyeseong

Hanlim Gym revolves around another weak transfer student named Yeongha, who is always bullied. To put an end to his miserable life, he decides to fight back and further discovers that even he can throw a punch or two.

Just after a few days, he finds himself at the top of the hierarchy and gains the title of the strongest guy in the school. But, his fame is soon stepped upon when the champion of PVP games defeats him and his crew easily.

To earn back what he lost, Yeongha decides to join the PVP games. The rest of the story shows him struggling to go at Suho’s level while mysteriously gaining something else alongside. 

Similarities: As you might have already noticed, the main similarity between this manga and Lookism is that the main character is the weakest and bullied in the start, but evolves to be the strongest by the end.

9. Teenage Mercenary

Teenage Mercenary Manga
  • Original run: 30 April 1997 – 30 September 2008
  • Number of Volumes: 10
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thrill
  • Author: YC, Rakyeon

Teenage Mercenary starts with Yu Ijin surviving alone in a plane crash in a foreign land. Not giving up on his unfortunate life, he decides to become a mercenary and develops certain capabilities, leadership and combat powers.

However, after 10 years of that incident, he meets some soldiers from South Korea and finds out that his family has an adorable sister and a warm-hearted grandfather left.

He returns back to his home country and everything seems to be good until he’s met with his typical high school student life where he has several seniors and peers to bully him. 

As he tries to fight against everyone, his past seems to invade his present and he’s eventually forced to run back to the battlefield for the sake of his family.

Similarities: The main similarities between this manga are their unique art style and the usual high school life where the lead will fight against local bullies. 

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