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Hopper vs Google Flights: Which Is Better Choice? [2024]

Hopper vs Google Flights: Which Is Better Choice? [2024]

Hopper vs Google Flights: Hopper and Google Flights are two popular travel search engines which let you find and compare flights for your travel plans.

Since both are popular online travel services, are you wondering which is the best flight booking app – Hopper or Google Flights?

So, if you want to know which app provides an affordable and convenient flight booking experience, keep on reading the article.

Hopper vs Google Flights: Overview


Hopper vs Google Flights

Hopper is a free to use app to get the best time to book, secure the best price on flights, homes, hotels, and car rentals, earn Carrot Cash for free and explore Flash Deals.

With 95% accuracy, it predicts prices for hotels and flights up to one year in advance. And if you don’t want to book right away, it lets you freeze the price so that you never miss a travel deal. So, take the time you want to sort out your plans.

Moreover, by referring Hopper to your friends, you can earn money which you can instantly claim and use for your future trips. Not only that, unlock exclusive deals to gain bonus limited time discounts!

Google Flights

Google Flights vs Hopper

Google Flights is another flight booking and comparison service that allows you to purchase airline tickets via third-party suppliers. You can easily search for tickets and book flights directly from your phone. In this way, you’ll spend less time, money, and effort on finding the trip you dream about.

Here, you can search for round-trip flights to cities across the world, one-way tickets, and even multi-city trips. Although it doesn’t let you directly book a ticket through Google, it links you to another site.

What’s the Key Difference between Hopper and Google Flights

Although both Google Flights and Hopper are travel search engines, they have a few key differences. Starting with Hopper, it is a travel planning and flight booking app which lets users search for hotels, flights, and rental cars.

One of the main features of Hopper is that it offers predictive algorithms to give you insights into the best times to book along with the price trends for flights.

Furthermore, it also offers real-time alerts whenever prices change and even sends push notifications when it is time to book a flight.

Like Hopper, Google Flights also allows users to look for flights, compare prices, and book tickets through online travel agencies or airlines.

Moreover, it also provides information about airports, airlines, durations, flight schedules, and connections.

One of the main key differences between Hopper and Google Flights is that, unlike Hopper, Google Flights doesn’t offer predictive insights or real-time alerts on price changes.

Another difference is that although both Google Flights and Hooper let users book flights, Hopper also has the option to book car rentals and hotels. So, we can say that Google Flights specializes in flight bookings.

Besides, unlike Hopper which lets you book tickets from its website or app, Google Flights doesn’t offer direct booking and it’ll redirect you to an airline’s website to complete the booking process.

Key Features


  • Predicts future prices for hotels and flights with 95% accuracy to let you find the best time to book.
  • Get discounts, rewards, and extra savings on top destinations.
  • Offers recommendations based on your travel pattern and requirements.
  • Ability to directly book flights from the app instead of navigating multiple sites to complete the booking process.
  • To let you take advantage of price drops, it sends push notifications whenever prices change.
  • It provides a refund if you get a lower price for the same trip after booking.
  • It doesn’t charge any hidden fees.
  • Easily find the best flight options depending on your desired travel dates and budget.

Google Flights

  • Search and compare flight prices from various airlines for various destinations.
  • You can search and book flights for multi-city trips.
  • Search flights by dates, destinations, and number of travelers.
  • Ability to filter your search results by flight duration, arrival time, departure, and the number of stops.
  • The map view feature lets you see the flight routes and prices for the specified destination.
  • View your flight details including travel information.
  • Price tracking feature lets you set alerts for a certain flight or destination.
  • It has flight ratings and reviews from other travelers to assist you in making informed decisions regarding your travel plans.




  • Price Prediction: It predicts the price of a flight to ascertain the best time to book.
  • Accessibility: Offers all your travel requirements like hotels, flights, and rental cars.
  • Price Alerts: You can set price alerts for flights to get notified when the price changes.


  • It doesn’t offer direct booking for hotels and rental cars.
  • A few airlines may add hidden fees to the flight price.
  • Prices can be more expensive than the airline’s website.

Google Flights


  • Filter: You can filter your search by departure, flight duration, number of stops, and arrival time.
  • Accessibility: Offers a one-stop-shop for all your travel requirements and makes it easy to get the best flight deals by comparing prices from multiple airlines.
  • Incorporation with Google Travel: It lets you plan your complete trip all in one place.
  • Price Tracking: Set alerts for certain flights to get notified if the price varies. In this way, you’ll get the best deal.


  • No Direct Booking: One of the major drawbacks of Google Flights is that it doesn’t allow direct booking and rather it redirects you to the airline’s website for your booking process.

Hopper vs Google Flights: Which is Better?

Hopper and Google Flights are online travel search engines to book flights. Both apps offer several similar features like the ability to compare prices from various airlines and choose flights depending on your schedule.

Though both Google Flights and Hopper assist you to find flights, Hopper offers a more wide-ranging experience with its real-time alerts, predictive algorithms, and planning tools.

Nonetheless, Google Flights is a more seamless flight search engine that offers data on flights and airlines. So, both have their pros and cons, and it’ll entirely depend on your requirements and preferences to decide which can be the best option.

FAQs: Google Flights vs Hopper

Is Hopper reliable for booking flights?

Yes. Hopper can be a reliable place for booking flights and hotels at a lower price.

Is it better to book flights through Google Flights?

Google Flights doesn’t allow direct booking. But it redirects you to the airline’s website for your booking process.

Does Hopper have hidden fees?

No. Hopper doesn’t have hidden fees or any other fees.

What is the disadvantage of Google Flights?

One of the major disadvantages of Google Flights is that it doesn’t allow direct booking and redirects you to the airline’s website to complete the booking process

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