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7 Best Yuri Manga like Citrus to Read Today! [2024]

7 Best Yuri Manga like Citrus to Read Today! [2024]

Manga like Citrus: Are you interested in some Yuri manga where you will see some forbidden relationships with loads of drama, and an ounce of romance or slice of life? If you’re up for such manga, then we have some good suggestions including a few manga like Citrus.

About Citrus

Citrus starts with Yuzu Aihara’s mother getting remarried, automatically forcing her to transfer to a new school. But, with her extroverted personality, socializing with new people, falling in love, and making friends is no big task. But, all her dreams are shattered when she’s transferred to an all-girls school.

On top of that, everyone seems to be obedient, trying to achieve good grades. But, Yuzu still manages to get the attention of the beautiful student council president, who, while in the process of confiscating her cell phone, caresses her body sensually.

After that incident, worn out by her first day, Yuzu arrives home only to be more shocked to see the same student council president as her new stepsister, the moment where a new love story starts.

Citrus narrates a beautiful story between two stepsisters. Now, if you have already read this manga and are interested in reading similar manga, then we will recommend you to have a look at our list of the 7 best manga like Citrus you must read right now! 

List of Manga like Citrus

1. Bloom into You

Bloom into You Manga like Citrus
  • Original run: 10 November 2018 – 10 March to thousand 20
  • Number of Volumes: 9
  • Genre: Shonen manga, Romance
  • Author: Nio Nakatani

Bloom into You includes Sayaka Saeki, a model child with good grades, and excellent participation in extracurricular activities which demonstrates an ideal student. Her life is going perfectly until she receives a confession from a girl in her swimming class, which forces her to rethink her straightforward emotions about love.

Sayaka further befriends her senior to corporate instead of competing with her and her peers. But, the gentle bond between them is broken when she confesses her feelings. This time Sayaka reciprocates the love, hoping to learn the significance of it.

But, after sacrificing her current personality and devotion to studies, their relationship ends, leaving Sayaka devastated. After that, she swears that she will never let her feelings control her life. However, her promise seems to be weakening again when she notices the class representative Touko Nanami. 

Similarities: the main similarity between these manga is that they are Yuri with similar dramatic scenes. 

2. Hero and Former (villain) General

Hero and Former (villain) General manga
  • Original run: 8 October 2018 – 8 July 2022
  • Number of Volumes: 5
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Yaoi, Yuri
  • Author:

Hero and Former (villain) General starts with a mysterious race of monsters named Antinoids invading the earth to conquer it. While the majority of the population is unaware of this fact, the heroine Rapid Rabbit is fighting against these evil beans.

At the time of the battle, Honey Trap, one of the executive officers from Antinoids sees a Rapid Rabbit without her mask on, with her identity crystal clear. But, as soon as she holds the upper hand in the battle, Honey Trap flees back with a flushed face, confusing Rapid Rabbit. 

Later she finds out that she is Honey Trap’s ideal type. Meanwhile, returning to the organization with nothing but a new crush, Honey Trap is fired from the job and has nowhere to go. Wandering around alone on the street, she is rescued by Rapid Rabbit after collapsing near her house.

Since now Honey Trap doesn’t have anywhere to go, she decides to team up with Rapid Rabbit and take revenge on the Antinoids. 

Similarities: The main similarity between his two manga is that they are Yuri with the same type of drama. 

3. I Can't Refuse Lonely Girl's Request

I Can't Refuse Lonely Girl's Request manga
  • Original run:
  • Number of Volumes: Ongoing
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo ai, Yuri
  • Author: Kashikaze

I Can't Refuse Lonely Girl's Request talks about Ayaka Sakurai, a studious and intelligent student, but due to her extreme nervousness at exams, she has to settle for a lower ranking high school than she expected.

But, before she could enter any lower-grade high school, she was offered an opportunity, a recommendation letter to the school of her choice only if she could convince a delinquent girl Sora Honda to come to school.

Ayaka was at first scared, but when she reached out to Sora at her home, Sora was willing to come back to school, but only with one unbelievable condition on point.

Similarities: I Can't Refuse Lonely Girl's Request is one of the most similar Yuri manga like Citrus since the main characters, two strangers, are forced to stay with each other and eventually grow their bond into something beautiful.

4. Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon manga
  • Original run: 18 March 2019– 18 May 20 22
  • Number of Volumes: 4
  • Genre: Manga, Yuri, Graphic novel
  • Author: Shio Usui

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon stars an office worker named Hinako Uno. She is being pressured by everyone in love and so, she changes her appearance and works on her demeanor to fit the image of an ideal young woman. 

However, all her efforts go down the drain after rejecting another confession – which made her think that all the flaws are hers and she is unable to love anyone.

Soon after that, Hinako’s senior artwork, Asahi Satou becomes her sister's guardian and the only breadwinner in the family after the last relative dies. From there on, Hinako puts all her attention to provide for her sister, leaving everything else aside, including love.

One night, tired of her current life, Hinako starts crying on a bench and bumps into Asahi. Asahi offers her a bag of donuts to smooth her and they share a moment, opening up to each other bit by bit – marking the start of their new relationship.

Similarities: similar to Citrus, the main protagonists in this manga are also bonded by a forbidden relationship since they are relatives.

5. Kase-san Series

Kase-san Series manga
  • Original run: 25 August 2010 – 28 December 2017
  • Number of Volumes: 5
  • Genre: Romance novel, Yuri
  • Author: Hiromi Takashima

Kase-san Series talks about Yui Yamada, a shy girl who likes to keep her friend's circle small while filling all her responsibilities as the plant appointee by planting trees and greenifying her school.

Everything goes peacefully for Yamada until one day, she crosses paths with the field and track team’s ace, Tomoka Kase. Kase, unlike Yamada, the captain is a total extrovert and has an outgoing personality. 

Both the main characters are direct opposites like polar polls, but they still found themselves attracted to each other. Slowly yet steadily, a new relationship blooms within them as they face various situations throughout their journey.

Similarities: The main similarity between Citrus and Kase-san Series manga is that they have a couple of an introvert and an extrovert, with similar kind of drama.

6. What Does the Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say manga
  • Original run: 29 April 2015 – 18 September 2017
  • Number of Volumes: 6
  • Genre: Romance, GL
  • Author: Team Gaji

What Does the Fox Say? starts with Seong Sumin, a team manager of a company developing mobile games. The company is run by her ex-girlfriend Baek Seju. Sumin was struggling to move on from her past until she was successfully distracted by the arrival of Ju Seongji.

Seongji is a gorgeous young woman who recently joined the company and has come to work under Sumin. She has captured everyone’s attention in the office on the floor, including the team leader.

Without noticing, Sumin is attracted to the young woman, and Seongji too is not less interested in Sumin. Their curiosity transforms their professional relationship into something more, alongside all the meddling done by Seju. 

Similarities: unlike Citrus, What Does the Fox Say? Doesn’t have any type of forbidden relationship between sisters or relatives, but they do have a relationship between a boss and an employee which is not quite acceptable.

7. Useless Princesses

Useless Princesses manga
  • Original run: 6 April 2018 – 6 August 2021
  • Number of Volumes: 6
  • Genre: yuri romance
  • Author: Ajiichi

Useless Princesses stars Fujishiro Nanaki and Kurokawa Kanade. They both are classmates but where Fujishiro is a beautiful and popular girl at school, Kurokawa is just an ordinary-looking classmate.

The twist in the manga is that Fujishiro, the girl who always wants to be the cutest, sees Kurokawa as nothing but an annoyance.

Similarities: Useless Princesses is about an introvert and extrovert couple, just like you can see in Citrus.

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