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6 Best KBB Alternatives You Should Try! [2024]

6 Best KBB Alternatives You Should Try!  [2024]

KBB Alternatives: Finding the right car has a lot of struggling paperwork and research to carry forward. Buying a car and selecting the perfect fit for an individual is tougher. 

Hence we do look out for online car selling and renting services to find the best application or website which will provide us the right details regarding the car value, model, and car in good terms on paper and on physique too. 

But when we search for a car’s valuation many times people rate it higher and we have to pay more than the actual price of the car. Hence finding a car with good features and condition also bearing a reasonable price is a tough task than we think. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the best 6 alternatives of KKB. KKB stands for Kelly Blue Book which provides all the car information and also has cars for selling, renting, and buying options. 

The best 6 alternatives chosen for Kelly Blue Book namely are Edmunds, Carmax, Carfax, Turecar, Carvana, and NADA. By the end of the article, we are going to talk in detail about these articles with their car values and key takeaways. 

Kelley Blue Book Overview

Kelly Blue Book is most popular for its full car specifications given for new cars as well as used cars. People also count on the pricing set by KKB more than any other website. 

KKB has a tagline that directly dictates what its work is which goes like this – Kelly Knows Cars! From values to repairs. Hence by this tagline, we all can easily understand that KKB is standing firm with accurate car values and repairing costs. 

KKB provides CPO Certificate for cars and is in the car industry for 90 years for the pricing segmentation. The reviews given by KKB are by their team of experts from different fields of the car industry. 

Hence, comparing the best out of KKB and finding its alternative is a tough call to follow. But here below, we have tried to choose the closest alternatives to KKB. 


kbb alternatives

Edmunds is an online marketplace that provides selling, buying, and renting of cars. Edmunds also provides appraisals, ratings, well research information that will help their customer buy or sell a car at an accurate rate. 

Edmunds plays like the one of great alternatives to KKB because of its good research resources for accurate car values and performances. Edmunds has an easy user interface and user-friendly access. 

Car Values by Edmunds 

  • Edmunds Car Valuation works by their Affordability Calculator where you have to provide your requirements to calculate the true value of the car. 
  • You need to provide the location, zip code, monthly payment target, market finance rate, and also trade-in down payment value. 
  • You can also enter the credit details about how much money is owed on trade-in and cash down payment info. 
  • Once you enter all the details correctly, then it will provide you with the results by giving you a total down payment with net trade-in and also will give you a sticker price range. 
  • This is how you will get a true car valuation by Edmunds. 

Key Takeaways from Edmunds 

  • Edmunds does not only used for car value but it has many other features in buying and selling the vehicles online like KBB. 
  • It also offers the best car rankings via its vehicle testing team and also offers shop by variety. 
  • The varieties offered by Edmunds are SUVs, Trucks, Sedans, Electric cars, Hybrids, and Hatchbacks. 
  • It also offers shopping features with popular brands namely Acura, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, and many more. 
  • It also offers an honest review system where you can see many reviews which are detailed by the customers who have used Edmund’s services. 
  • It also offers videos of test drives which will give you proof of the car’s quality and Maintainance. 
  • Edmund’s also releases blog posts regarding their top-rated car list for their customers. 


carmax Alternatives of Kelly Blue Book

Carmax has popularity based on its car selling and purchasing varieties. Carmax also has a budget calculator which is why it is one of the good alternatives to KBB. 

Carmax also has hidden features which are unknown to people for the hype up selling and buying category. Carmax is a huge platform for many other services like estimated budget, etc which are being neglected or underrated. 

Car Values of Carmax 

  • Carmax provides car value on their website by calculating the budget of your car. 
  • Firstly you have to go on their website and search for a car valuation option. 
  • To get the car valuation, it will ask you for details like VIN Number location, zip code, License Number, and many details regarding the car. 
  • If you are opting for trade-in and trade-out then it will ask you for information related to financial statements like downpayment value, cash value, credit score, and much more. 
  • Once you provide all this information, then it will give you the estimated car value for your car whether you are selling it or buying it. 
  • Then you can compare the rates with other websites and also get information and research for the car and suspect the same. 

Key Takeaways from Carmax 

  • Carmax also provides researchers and rankings for popular used cars and SUVs like KKB does. 
  • Carmax offers information for cars namely AWD Cars, used Cars, Hybrid Cars, Compact SUVs, Electric Cars, and many more. 
  • It also allows shopping by Popularity, Type, Brand, model, year, and much more. 
  • It provides millions of cars for trade-ins, buying and selling with a careful and detailed inspection by the experts. 
  • The inspection taken by Carmax is up to 125+ details and after the final inspection, the car is certified by them to buy, sell, etc. 
  • Carmax provides their original certified result for the best cars which passed out their inspection with great grades. 



Carfax is known for its detailed vehicle history reports which they provide without any biases and hence it is a great alternative to KBB. 

Carfax provides full vehicle reports and answers all the questions like What’s your car worth? Accidents? Number of Owners? Services Recorded? And much more. It also provides cash offers and selling car dealerships to choose from. 

Car Values by Carfax 

  • For estimating car value, firstly you have to go to their original website. 
  • Once you have landed on their page, there is a Menu bar in the left corner. 
  • In the menu bar, you will get the option of used car values.
  • Click on the used car values option.
  • After clicking on the option there will be a new page representing some basic questions that you need to fillup.
  • The questions comprise zip code information, VIN, License Plate Number with state, and information regarding whether you own the car or not. 
  • Once you are done providing all the information, Carfax will provide you with an estimated car valuation like KBB. 

Key Takeaways from Carfax 

  • Carfax offers a car maintenance facility for your cars. 
  • Carfax also offers a research blog and car value option for its customer like KBB. 
  • Carfax also offers free account opening for their customers.
  • Carfax has a notification alert that will give its customers an alert regarding their car services. 
  • Carfax also provides Carfax Reports where you can get detailed information and reports regarding their best cars, new cars, used cars, and much more. 
  • Carfax also has a different category to buy used cars for sale and a ready to help -help desk which is made available for the customers of Carfax. 
  • Carfax has a feature of finding the service center nearby and also a tracking feature for car maintenance. 



Carvana has the sleekest and most soothing plate for the eyes. The user interface of Carvana is the smoothest of all. Carvana deals with financing options, buying and selling of cars, and much more. 

Carvana offers pre-qualify financing options for the customers where they pay on monthly basis. It also provides research and information related to cars like KBB. 

Car Values of Carvana 

  • To find the car valuation you have to get their website first. 
  • You can choose two options for car valuation by Carvana. 
  • One option is of loan calculator which you can use for calculating the budget and finance options. 
  • Second is the trade-in estimator where you will get an estimated value for the trade-in option. 
  • To get the car valuation right, you will need the license plate number and VIN followed up by the zip code, location, and some details regarding the car. 
  • Once you provide all the information regarding your car, you will get an estimated value of the car like KBB. 

Key Takeaways from Carvana 

  • Carvana has many options for its customer to land them on its page. 
  • Carvana has a car finder option where you just have to simply answer some questions and with those answers, it will find you the car you need. 
  • Carvana also offers a loan calculator for budgeting for the car.
  • Carvana also has a trade-in estimator which will estimate the value of your vehicle. 
  • Carvana has 7 days test to own period where you can take the car for 7 days and test if it fits well to you or not. 
  • Carvana also offers delivery and pickup options for the state. 
  • Carvana also offers different kinds of dealerships and finance options for its pocket-friendly customers. 
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Truecar is known for its best car reviews and car valuations with the detailed framework which makes it a good alternative for KBB. 

Truecar also allows shopping features to buy and sell new cars as well as used cars. It also has trade-in and trade-out options open for its customers. It also has a unique research blog where you will get all the details of your car or car you are looking for. 

Car Values of Truecar

  • To find proper car value it offers two schemes which are by calculating the loan amount as well or by calculating the trade-in facility. 
  • To start with calculating car valuation, you need to open their authentic website on the web. 
  • Once you have reached their page it will ask you to sign up with your email address. 
  • Signup if you are going to use Truecar further for selling, buying car valuation, etc. 
  • Once you signup, then you can choose the method to have the car valuation as stated above.
  • They will ask for information like license number, VIN, location, zip code, and financial statements for the same. 
  • It will also ask you for details for the car like year, model, and much more for a perfect and correct valuation of the car. 
  • Once the information is verified and analyzed, you will then get an estimated car valuation like KBB. 

Key Takeaways from Truecar 

  • Truecar offers detailed research content on car reviews and rankings after a great suspicion. 
  • Truecar also offers a comparison between two cars with full specifications and much more. 
  • Truecar also offers an auto loan calculator and auto lease calculator for pocket-friendly users. 
  • Truecar features guidelines for the shopping-related basic information that customer has to keep in mind. 
  • Truecar offers to lease a car feature, and detailed research on the electric car as well. 
  • Truecar like KBB offers many blogs, rankings, and certificates for the best-used cars and new cars. 



NADA stands for Nada Guides/Nada Values by J.D.Power. NADA has an easy outlook of the website and hence it becomes very easy for the new customers to use for car valuation, research, and much more. 

NADA has a specific car valuation under the title Consumer Vehicle Values where you can get your vehicle's car value like KBB. And hence it is a great alternative to KBB for the valuation criteria. 

Car Values by NADA 

  • The car valuation by NADA is done very easily and in a short method and is reliable. 
  • To get a proper car valuation firstly you have to go to their original website.
  • On their website, select the option of getting a value or select the car type for the valuation. 
  • You can select one out of them for the further procedure. 
  • Then you will get three options for the estimated value. 
  • One is you can enter the VIN Number and get the report for the valuation.
  • Secondly, you can enter the model, year of making, and zip code for the car valuation. 
  • Third, you can select the car valuation method by providing the body type of car and much other information like service charge, etc for the valuation. 
  • By any of the above methods, you will get an accurate car valuation like KBB. 

Key Takeaways from NADA 

  • NADA also offers a valuation of cars via their vehicle type namely SUV, Truck, Sedan, Mini Van, Motorcycle, RV, Boat, and much more. 
  • Hence it not only has a car valuation calculator but also has an estimator for bikes, boats, and buses. 
  • NADA offers tools for business which is given by J.D.Power for lenders, dealers, insurances, government, and other automotive professionals. 
  • NADA’s full form stands for National Automobile Dealers association which also offers awards and ratings for the cars. 
  • It has a special category for car rankings, ratings, reviews, and research. 
  • It also offers cars for sale category to see the cards which you can buy. 
  • It also has categories for car deals and car shopping guides for all the customers.
  • It also offers to sell my car feature like KBB, Carvana, and much more. 

Conclusion: KBB Alternatives

In this article, we have provided you the detailed information on the best alternatives of KBB and how they work, and the methods used for car valuation. 

You can read the article, and then decide which one suits you the best and gives you accurate reports, reviews, ranking, and value for the car. Car valuation is a tough part which we have tried to ease a little by helping you with the research material to save your time and clear the confusion. 


Who owns Carmax?

Carmax is owned by Circuit City. 

Which are the alternatives to KBB?

We have provided the 6 best alternatives of KBB namely CarMax, Carfax, TrueCar, NADA, Edmunds, and Carvana. Check out their details here. 

What is more accurate than KBB’s car valuation?

By the expert report, Edmund’s car valuation is said to better the car valuation given by KBB- Kelly Blue Book.