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How to Watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+? [Guide 2024]

How to Watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+? [Guide 2024]

How to Watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+? When your favorite actor's new drama series is out and you know it is a crime drama mini-series that is going to include some great mysteries and secrets – you only get more excited to watch it – only to sigh in despair when you come to know the drama series is exclusively available on only one platform to stream legally.

Likewise, if you are a fan of Chris Evans or Jaeden Martell, then you are going to feel infuriated knowing that their mini-drama series called Defending Jacob is exclusively available on Apple TV+ as its original and not available on other streaming service providers and to stream the one season series on Apple TV+, you need an Apple TV+ subscription.

Now, giving up on watching the 7.8/10 rated movie on IMDB sounds like your loss, and to help you know how to watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+ – in the article below we are going to give you three ways to watch the series without paying for any Apple TV+ subscription plan.

Defending Jacob Plot Summary

Defending Jacob is a crime drama movie series starring Jaden Martell as Jacob Barber with Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and Cherry Jones as supporting roles. The story is about an assistant district attorney who finds himself trapped between his sincere obligation to defend the law of the district and his infinite love for his son after a startling crime is witnessed in their small town.

How to Watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV Plus?

Use 7-day Free Trial 

When you first visit  Apple TV+, it will offer you a 7-day free trial compulsorily through which you can enjoy watching not only Defending Jacob but also all the other original content available in the Apple TV+ library.

To avail this 7-day free trial, you have to start by visiting the Apple TV+ platform, and even before you could have a look around, a box will pop up telling you about the subscription and 7-day free trial available. 

Then, tap on the 7-day free trial option and it’ll ask you to fill in some details including your credit card or account. In case your Apple Pay is already attached to your bank account, you can link your Apple Pay with the Apple TV+ app and your work will get easier. However, make sure your Apple Pay has enough payment for a one month subscription plan or else the free trial will be canceled automatically.

Once you fill in all the details, your 7-day free trial will start immediately and you will not be charged a single penny until you cancel your subscription a few hours before it ends.

Note – In case you have already used your 7-day free trial, there is no way you’ll get to use the same opportunity once more unless you have one more Apple ID and you can log in with it to use the free trial.

Get Apple One Subcription’s 30-day Free Trial

Apple One is a popular bundle of four Apple services including Apple Arcade, iCloud+, Apple TV+ and Apple music. When you open the Apple One platform to buy the subscription plan, it’ll offer you a one-month free trial or you can also find the offer in your ‘Subscriptions’ where you can use all the aforementioned app’s services for free.

Likewise, to take your free trial, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and switch on the Settings app.
  2. On the top or left hand side, tap on your name and then select the Subscription option.
  3. Search for the Apple One free trial and tap on it once found. 
  4. Add all the required details for purchase including your account details and before asking for confirmation of payment, it’ll give you an option for a free trial.
  5. Choose the free trial option and your free trial will start immediately.

Note – if you have already subscribed to any one of the four apps in the Apple One Bundle, then after your Apple One free trial starts, your subscription with the app or apps will be canceled automatically.

Get 90-day Free Trial after Purchasing an Apple Product 

Whenever you purchase an Apple product, let it be an iPad or iPhone, Apple offers a 90-day, which is a whole 3-month free trial for Apple TV+ where you can stream all the available content on AppleTV.

To get this 90-day free trial, after purchasing an Apple product, for instance, an iPad, you will see the Apple TV+ app already installed so open it and the first thing it will show you is a box with the message that you have a 3 months free trial available after purchasing the Apple product.

Tap on it, if your Apple Pay is attached to your bank account and contains enough funds for a one-month subscription plan for Apple TV+, then you can add your Apple Pay and your 90-day free trial will start immediately.

Note – if you have purchased an Apple product, and it has been over a month or two months and you still haven’t started your Apple TV+ free trial then no worries because you can start your free trial anytime within three months after purchasing the Apple product and whenever you start, from that day onwards you will get exactly 90 days to watch all the Apple TV+ content to your heart‘s content.

Final Words: How to Watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+ 

In this article, we have successfully presented 3 legal ways to watch Defending Jacob without Apple TV+. 

On the other hand, you may find this drama streaming or available for download on pirated websites but when you can watch it for free on the original streaming provider, why bother using pirated websites filled with harmful viruses? 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Where can I watch Defending Jacob other than AppleTV?

AppleTV is the only platform where you can watch Defending Jacob because the drama series is one of Apple TVs’ originals.

Where can I watch Defending Jacob?

Defending Jacob is Apple TV’s original and therefore, you can watch Defending Jacob only on Apple TV+.

Can you watch Defending Jacob for free on AppleTV?

Yes, you can watch Defending Jacob for free on Apple TV+ by using your 7-day free trial or you can also use a 90-day free trial after purchasing any Apple product.