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10 Best Voice Changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire [2024]

10 Best Voice Changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire [2024]

10 Best Voice Changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire – Do you want to modify your voice? If you are a gamer or a popular YouTube streamer, you probably understand the need to change your voice to hide your real identity.

Don’t worry, you’re at the right place! In this article, I’ll show you 10 best voice changers which you can use for PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. As the name suggests, Voice changers refers to an application or software which is capable of altering or changing the pitch of your tone, or add distortions to your voice.

Voice changers can be great to pull pranks on your friends, however just make sure that you are doing it in accordance with the law. With the below-mentioned best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire, you can record and share your audio via email or other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Discord and more.

10 Best Voice Changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire

Both Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are the most popular names in Esports industry, and have been leading the community since their release. PUBG Mobile is specially known for its rich and heavy graphics, whereas Free Fire is widely known for its low-end device optimization functions.

Every voice changer offers special effects and several incredible features to alter your voice in robotic voice, anime character, celebrity voice, alien voice and much more. Check out the article below for more information on 10 best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire that allows you to add excitement to your gaming experience.

DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a screen recorder which allows you to alter your voice in real-time. The most significant part is the once you’ve recorded the video, you can be able to edit it using an editing tools which will be available in the app. From the app settings, you can change your voice selecting voice changer feature. All you need to do is save the voice option and click on audio option to change it to mic and internal.

Key Points

  • Adjust the video quality options such as the number of frames per second, video output, and the quality of the video.
  • You can crop, trim, and link the edited video and add background music, also adjust the volume of the video.
  • You can save it in your device or share it directly over any social media platform.

Compatible device: Andorid


Voicemod is one of the best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire which allow you to alter your voice anytime while you play, or else you can just use sound effects with the soundboard. Modify your voice in real-time and create some amusing and hilarious moments with teammates and proximity chat.

Key Points

  • It has over 90 sound effects, including scream, female, girl, demon, harmony, magic chords, robot, deep, and much more.
  • You can be able to take your customization at next level by creating your own soundboards to use anytime while playing.
  • You can also create your own voice and upload your sound clips from your PC or phone to Voicemod in Mp3 or WAV formats.
  • It supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, as well as PS4 and Xbox.
  • It is also compatible with several other applications like OBS, CSGO, TeamSpeak, Skype, Discord, Xsplit, Zoom, Google Meet, Fortnite, Valorant and much more.

Compatible device: Windows, iOS and Android

AV Voice Changer Diamond

Basically, AV Voice Changer Diamond lets you do anything with your voice. Be it recording, cutting, mixing or morphing, you can use it to prank your friends. Use it with both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire to enhance your gaming experience with your friends or teammates. It allows you to change your voice depending on your preferences.

Key Points

  • Voice recorder allows you to record and preview the file in the same window instead of searching for it.
  • With File Morpher feature, you can process batch of pre-recorded audio files at once and save the outputs in any audio file formats, including WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE, etc.
  • Its audio editing tools enables you to cut, split, copy, apply effects and perform any significant detailed editing actions.

Compatible device: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and you use it on your iOS and Android device by using emulator.

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Clownfish is one of the best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire which can alter the pitch or tone of your voice in just few clicks. It is designed in such a way that you can function on system level before any sound is distributed at other platforms like Discord, Skype, Steam, and much more.

Key Points

  • It comes in both 64-bit and 32-bit installation packages.
  • You can be able to alter your voice to sound like baby, female, male, helium, Atari, fast and slow mutation, clone, robot, radio, or else just create your own customized voice effect.
  • Voice assistant can be accessible through a separate UI window with a text field and voice selector.
  • It provides music player with audio controls and a playlist.
  • It has a simple to use interface, and offers simple access to various main tools.

Compatible device: Windows, and you can also use it on your iOS and Android device by using emulator.

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer lets you to use real-time voice effects, as well as alter the recorded audio files. It has a free version which offers limited voice altering options. So, to make most of the advanced features, you are supposed to buy a lifetime license. Before buying the paid version, you can try their 14-day free trial. One of the best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire.

Key Points

  • It offers various voice changing effects, including child, angel, old male, old female, goblin, alien, cyborg, robot, cartoon, chipmunk and much more.
  • You can upload and save effects chains for voice alterations.
  • It has simple and easy-to-use interface, as well as assign hotkeys.
  • It is also compatible with other games and software like YouTube, CSGO, WOW, Second Life, Twitch, Facebook, Rainbow and more.

Compatible device: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac OS 10.5 or above, and you can also use it on your iOS and Android device by using emulator.

MorphVox Jr

You can use MoprhVox Jr voice changer while playing Free Fire or PUBG Mobile to turn your boring gaming moments to hilarious and funny moments. Not only for gaming, you can also use it for any purpose which needs voice modification. Also, it seamlessly works with most IM and VoIP clients. It also a paid version “MorphVox Pro” that offers several advanced features.

Key Points

  • You can be able to alter your voice for completely free.
  • It is easy to install and has a clean interface which makes it easy to use.
  • It upgrades its features regularly.
  • Offers various new features, including Stereo microphone support, Voice Parsing detection, Voice tuning, New Intuitive interface and Voice comparison analysis.

Compatible device: Mac, Windows, and you can also use it on your iOS and Android device by using emulator.


Voicemeeter is a virtual Audio Device Mixture which is capable of managing any audio sources on your device. It provides possibility to mix your voice with your music player, video game, browser, web radio, and with the sounds coming from any audio DAW such as Ableton Live or Protools and Cubase.

Key Points

  • Supports all audio interfaces, including KS, Direct-X, MME, WaveRT, and ASIO.
  • It can mix three audio inputs devices to three audio output devices via two busses A & B.
  • It is designed for everyone such as Podcasters, Musicians, Broadcasters, Video gamers or any other people who wish to manage audio in a smart way.

Compatible device: Windows 10, 8, Vista, 7, XP, and you can also use it on your iOS and Android device by using emulator.

Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects is a very simple and easy-to-use application which allows you to record your voice and add several fun effects to it. Once you’ve applied, you can be able to save the voice clip to your device’s memory to use it as an alarm clock tone or ringtone. It another best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire.

Key Points

  • It has over 40 effects, including robot, backwards, extraterrestrial, alien, drunk, Helium, giant, monster and much more.
  • You can save your recorded files with others through e-mail, Facebook and more.
  • You can also import already recorded sound files.
  • Make a voice from a simple text file.

Compatible device: Android

RoboVox Voice Changer

As the name itself suggests, RoboVox Voice Changer allows you to modify your recorded voice or live voice. From funny, helium or scarry to evil, musical, or robot, you can choose from its library of 48 different voice sounds and effects. Another best voice changer to use for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire.

Key Points

  • All you need to do is to change the sound of your voice by simply just sliding your finger across the X-Y control field.
  • Record your voice and play it back altered.
  • Use the parrot mode which repeats your modify voice like a parrot.
  • Use RoboVox by connecting a MIDI keyboard.
  • It has three different modes: parrot, real-time and recording mode.

Compatible device: Android

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Voice Changer Plus

With Voice Changer Plus, you can alter your voice in real-time to make it more fun. It is not essentially exclusive; however, it has an amazing interface and integration of several free sound effects and voices to modify your voice. All you have to do is to record your voice, and move the dials onscreen to change your voice, the effect on your voice, and the background noise.

Key Points

  • You can be able to sounds like guitar, robot, male, female, demon, choir and much more.
  • Its background sounds effects include slower playback, faster playback, echoes, and even a helicopter and jungle sounds.
  • Your records are automatically synced to all your devices.
  • Allow notifications to keep everything up-to-date quickly.
  • Export and Import function allow you access iCloud drive, Google Drive, Dropbox and other applications.

Compatible device: iOS

The Bottom Line

What did you choose? I know it might be quite difficult to select a good voice changer as they all offer several best features.

Nevertheless, before picking up any voice changer, you have to consider the following factors: offered voice effects, functionalities, ability to save and share recorded audio files, changing voice in real-time, easy usability, and several other additional features.

Both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are best in their own way. I would like to remark that some of the voice changer mentioned above can be utilized with an emulator. So, I hope the above article on 10 best voice changers for PUBG Mobile & Free Fire has helped you to select the best voice changer.

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