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6 Best KeyMapper Apps Like Octopus [Android/ iOS 2024]

6 Best KeyMapper Apps Like Octopus [Android/ iOS 2024]

Are you looking for some Apps like Octopus that are similar to Octopus but don't have a list of intrusive permissions? If so, you're at the right place. In this article, we've mentioned a list of the best KeyMapper apps like Octopus for Android and iOS.

Octopus is a free keyboard key mapper app that is designed to enjoy playing android games with a controller, keyboard, gamepad, and mouse. 

It provides over 20 control components to empower your gaming skills and experience in an innovative way. Moreover, you can record your game sessions, which you can share with your social media friends. 

So, keep on reading this article to find out about the best apps like Octopus that work better than Octopus.

Apps Like Octopus: Best Alternatives! 

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta 

Apps Like Octopus

First on our list of the apps like Octopus, we have the most modern and best keymapper for android – Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta. 

With this game controller, you can control games on your android devices. It has been specially tested with popular android games like Genshin Impact, CODM, Pokémon Unite, Apex Legends, World War Heroes, Wild Rift, etc. to provide you a pro console-level gaming experience on Android. 

How to use: First, you’ll need to download the Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta and enter your information to log in. Now, turn your android device into a Pro Gaming Machine. 

Since it supports most of the Gamepads supported by Android, all you need to do is open the Mantis main screen and connect your controller and play your favorite games with very little setup.

Key Features 

  • Mantis is made with data safety & Integrity
  • No Risk of getting banned by games unlike other apps that use cloning 
  • UI & UX have been developed with extreme care
  • Supports almost all gamepads supported by android
  • Readily supports next-gen controllers & enables pro-level gaming 
  • Supports dark mode that radiates the perfect gaming vibes
  • Lets you use your DPAP like ThumbStick

Compatibility: Only Android 

ShootingPlus V3

ShootingPlus V3 Apps Like Octopus

An Octopus gamepad iOS alternative – with ShootingPlus V3, users can customize Bluetooth handles, function definition of keys, location of throne mapping clicks, and cursor simulation display. 

For iOS devices, you’ll need to ensure that the Bluetooth device is in iOS mode before connecting Bluetooth. 

How to use: Once you install the app, open it, and connect it to your phone’s Bluetooth. After you connect it, you can look out for all the games that support ShootingPlus V3. Now, choose the game that you want to play.

Key Features 

  • Customize Bluetooth handles 
  • Personalize function definition of keys and cursor simulation display 
  • Keyboard and mouse converter 
  • Ensure that the Bluetooth device is in Android or iOS before connecting Bluetooth 

Compatibility: iOS and Android


KeyMapper Apps Like Octopus

KeyMapper is another Octopus app alternative, in which you can combine multiple keys from a single device or multiple devices to form a trigger. Every trigger can have several actions. 

These keys can be assigned to be pressed at the same time or one after another in order. Moreover, this app comes with an extreme level of customization options and a helpful troubleshooting assistant.

With Key Mapper, you can use more than one trigger for one keymap. You just need to press the buttons in the order to execute the keymap. 

How to use: Download the KeyMapper app and open the home screen. Then, tap the Fix button next to the accessibility service prompt, which will let you grant KeyMapper permission to run its accessibility service. 

Then tap Key Mapper in the list of available services. To create your first key map, select the + icon at the bottom of the home screen and tap the record trigger button. 

Key Features 

  • Ability to combine different keys
  • Keys can be remapped when long pressed, short pressed, or double pressed
  • Control settings based on your requirements
  • Keymap can have a set of constraints 
  • Certain actions will only work on rooted devices and some android versions 
  • Keymaps don’t work if the screen is off
  • It can also remap fingerprint gestures on many devices 
  • Offers fingerprint gestures on supported devices 

Compatibility: Android 

Panda Gamepad Pro 

Panda Gamepad Pro app

Panda Gamepad Pro is an app that is a specially developed keymapper for Android. It let you connect a gamepad to your mobile phone which allows you to manipulate and control it more easily. 

Even though it is just a Beta version, a lot of people are using it because it offers a lot of features. And its interface makes gamers feel comfortable. 

Moreover, it even let you log in and synchronic settings with your Google Play account. This can be very helpful if you are purchasing a new device or wish to reinstall the device. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that since it is a beta version, there are some issues. 

How to use: Once you install it on your device, connect your gamepad. After you connect your gamepad, you’ll need to add the game to the app, so when you click the + icon, you’ll need to look for the game. 

It’ll give you a list of games that are on your device and not the game that you want to add. However, to activate the app, you’ll require a PC or a laptop. You can visit here to know how to activate Panda Gamepad Pro on Mac or Windows devices.

Key Features 

  • Supports Gamepad only, which means the mouse or keyboard won’t work 
  • Can run directly without cloning 
  • Support almost all brands of gamepads and almost all apps and games 
  • PC or root activation is required 
  • Won’t be banned by some games in which copying running is not allowed 
  • Log in and synchronize settings with your Google Play account 

Compatibility: Android

Game Controller KeyMapper

Game Controller KeyMapper app

With Game Controller KeyMapper, you can play any game by using any controller. You just need to simply map your game controller buttons and analog sticks in the simple interface. 

What makes it more popular is that it supports all the gamepad buttons, bumpers, analog sticks, DPAD, and triggers. Some of its extra features include invert analog sticks, DPAD as analog, analog sticks as DPAD, and many more. 

Besides, some of the common issues that Game Controller KeyMapper fixes are incorrect button detection by games, infinite spinning of the camera on the connection of the controller, buttons not getting detected by games or emulators, and incorrect analog stick axis detection. 

How to use: All you need to do is to open the Game Controller interface and on moving the analog stick or pressing any button, the name of the controller will show up with a new controller found message showing that your Gamepad has been detected. 

Now, you can assign buttoning by long pressing the button name in the interface. 

Key Features 

  • Use any controller to play any game or emulator 
  • Supports all gamepad buttons, bumpers, analog sticks, DPAD, and triggers 
  • Root access is needed with the SuperSU or Magisk for keymapping 
  • Use the reset button to reset all buttons to default values 

Compatibility: Android 

Flydigi Game Center 

Flydigi Game Center Apps Like Octopus

Lastly, we have Flydigi Game Center, which allows players to smash games with outlying. 

Users can instantly connect their gamepad to android devices by using the new Flashplay mode. You can finish all the connection and management steps in one single click. 

Additionally, it lets people set and measure the properties of various keys through their phones. Some popular games that support this app are PUBG mobile, Fortnite, Freefire, and Brawl Stars. 

How to use: Download the app and connect the game that you’d like to play. Once you add the game that you wish to play, you can customize the key mapping position based on your preferences and set the advanced properties of different keys. 

Key Features 

  • Apply the suggested key configuration within a second
  • Upgrade firmware of the gamepad
  • Configuration arrangement will be automatically backed up
  • Several customizable attributes to build your personalized key configuration 
  • Set the advanced properties of different keys 
  • Multiple modes 

Compatibility: iOS and Android

Summing Up: Apps Like Octopus! 

All the apps listed in this article offer everything that you are looking for in a keymapper tool. Most of these apps support almost all games and apps. 

Using these apps can let you enjoy the experience of an Xbox or PlayStation controller on a phone, you just need to arrange the mapping of the external gaming device.

Hopefully, this article on the best KeyMapper apps like Octopus has helped you to pick up the best keymapper tool that meets your requirements.  

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