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13 Best Stores like White House Black Market [2024]

13 Best Stores like White House Black Market [2024]

Stores like White House Black Market: White House Black Market is a retailer of women's apparel and accessories. It offers a range of clothing including dresses, tops, pants, skirts, jackets, and accessories such as jewelry, shoes, and bags.

However, it is not the only shop there. There are a lot of other stores as well. So, if you are looking for the best Stores like White House and Black Market, you’re at the right place.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 13 popular stores like White House Black Market where you can select high-quality clothing.

List of Stores like White House Black Market

1. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher Stores like White House Black Market

Eileen Fisher is a clothing brand that focuses on simple, comfortable, and sustainable clothing for women. It offers a range of clothing including dresses, tops, pants, jackets, and accessories. Its clothing is known for its minimalist design, high-quality fabrics, and timeless appeal.

It is committed to sustainability and uses organic and eco-friendly materials in its clothing. The brand also has a take-back program where you can return gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing for reuse or recycling.

Key Highlights

  • It uses eco-friendly materials.
  • It focuses on simplicity and functionality.
  • A wide range of sizes are available.
  • It has a take-back program.

2. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Store

Ann Taylor is a women's clothing and accessories store specializes in modern and sophisticated styles for women. Whatever the event, Ann Taylor's clothing can help you stand out.  

In addition to formal clothing, this shop carries a large selection of casual clothing. This includes skirts, tops, bottoms, t-shirts, sweaters, jeans, shoes, swimming gear, and small sizes. Its apparel and accessories are known for their high standard and stylish appeal.

Key Highlights

  • It offers a quick and accurate filter tool for simple searching.
  • You may read consumer reviews and the product's 5-star rating under each item.
  • Numerous items on the list are offered in a range of colors.
  • Almost all items are available for free in-store pickup at the Ann store closest to you.

3. Banana Republic

Banana Republic Store

Banana Republic offers a wide range of clothing and accessories for men and women, including casual wear, business attire, and formal wear. Their goods are created from high-quality, internationally sourced materials and designed to have as little negative environmental impact as possible.

It's simple to locate dresses from Banana Republic that are stylish and current and that you can wear to various occasions. This store is an excellent place to buy sustainable goods because it carries t-shirts, pyjamas, coats, and activewear.

Key Highlights

  • It offers both gift and e-gift card facilities.
  • Easy filtering and sorting options on the website.
  • Before purchasing, you can study each product's 5-star rating and customer reviews.
  • It offers alterations services to ensure that you get the best fit possible.

4. Chico's

Chico's Store

One of the top high-end clothing stores for daring, distinctive designs is Chico's. The store also sells accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, and handbags.

Chico's apparel for girls is ideal for workwear because it is fashionable, on-trend and practical, inexpensive, and durable.

Key Highlights

  • It has over 600 retail stores across the United States.
  • Chico offers various solutions for young professionals and people looking for straightforward everyday clothing.
  • Chico's offers a choice of colors, along with a few accessories.
  • Its sizing system is based on a numerical scale from 0-4.

5. J.Crew

J.Crew store

J.Crew stores offer a range of clothing options for men, women, and children, as well as accessories such as shoes, bags, and jewelry. It has everything from casual to girly styles, fashionable clothing to enlightened looks.

It guarantees you the highest quality fabrics and materials along with premium collections as per new trends and seasons. It has an online store where you can browse and purchase clothing and accessories from the comfort of your home.

Key Highlights

  • On every order, the shop provides free delivery and returns.
  • You can try on items and return them if you don't fit.
  • It offers massive deals where you can earn points and save up to 50% on special occasion collections.
  • It has multiple fabric options for you to choose from, including cashmere, cotton, and Linen.
  • The store has a variety of premium collections including different outfits for different events.


LOFT Store

LOFT is a women's clothing retailer that is seen as more luxurious due to its high-quality textiles. It provides modest but lovely dresses that give a decent figure without constriction. There are possibilities in its clothes range for older women as well.

LOFT offers stylish yet relaxed clothing in a variety of fits and styles. You can get blouses, cardigans, and turtlenecks from LOFT to wear to work. It carries pantsuits in addition to clothing in plus-size and tiny sizes. You may find a wide variety of gorgeous presents, including jewelry, shoes, wraps, and scarves.

Key Highlights

  • Every product has a rating and review available for reading.
  • The store sells a lot of goods in a variety of colors.
  • You can view current and updated order details.
  • You can send your loved ones modern, comfortable clothing and ensembles from anywhere in the world.

7. Nordstrom

Nordstrom Store

Nordstrom is known for its wide selection of designer and luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. In addition to fashion, Nordstrom also offers beauty products, home goods, and gifts.

The store also offers items from top brands, such as Chanel, Niki, and Gucci. In addition to home-wear clothing, formal wear, wedding wear, plus-size and petite clothing, and accessories, the store offers many other products.

Key Highlights

  • You can check the five-star ratings and reviews by past customers for every product.
  • It has almost every item with a good selection of designs and colors.
  • You can see how many people are looking at the product you are viewing right now.
  • Compared to top brands, its prices are much lower.

8. Talbots

Talbots Store

Talbots is a women's clothing retailer that offers classic and stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is known for providing excellent customer service, timeless designs, and venturing beyond its New England roots.

Its products are the ideal option for any house or business because they are beautiful and useful. Although serving older customers, Talbots is famous for its impeccable quality.

Key Highlights

  • It has friendly and knowledgeable sales associates who can offer styling advice to customers in-store.
  • Clothes are durable, comfortable, and easy to care for.
  • It offers free shipping and returns on most items purchased online or in-store.
  • Talbots pays close attention to the details in its clothing, such as the placement of pockets and the shape of collars.

9. Theory

Theory Store

Theory is a fashion brand that specializes in modern and minimalistic clothing for men and women. You can get anything you need there, including pants, blazers, dresses, polo shirts and outerwear.

It includes formal clothing that will make you appear more professional than anyone else in the room. In addition, it includes jumpsuits and other items that will give you the ideal casual image.

Key Highlights

  • You have numerous opportunities to benefit from your amazing online savings.
  • They are a fashion label that produces contemporary apparel and accessories.
  • It is well-known throughout the world.

10. Vince

Vince Store

Vince is the best store that offers luxury in decent wear for males and females. Their fashion-forward store has the best of the top contemporary clothing for sale. You can get seasonal offers and promotions in the store.

For women, Vince offers a carefully curated selection of hand-knitted clothing that will keep you cool in the summer and provide just the appropriate amount of warmth. It offers clothing pieces from top designer catalogs and stores.

Key Highlights

  • It offers services through physical stores too.
  • There will be a pop-up regarding the current and trending offers available in the store eventually.
  • They have simple return policies and practically all orders qualify for free shipping.
  • Its color combinations are up to the mark and do not compromise on quality.

11. Land’s End

Lands' End Store

Lands' End is an American apparel and household goods store. It specializes in casual and outdoor wear, as well as swimwear, luggage, and home decor items.

In Lands' End stores, you can expect to find a range of casual and outdoor clothing for men, women, and children, including shirts, pants, jackets, and activewear.

Key Highlights

  • It operates both physical retail stores and an online store.
  • It offers great service and value for your money.
  • The store sells items for both men, women, and things for the house.
  • It is known for its commitment to quality and customer service and offers a satisfaction guarantee on all its products.

12. Topshop

Topshop Store

Topshop has a wide selection of clothes, including basic and standout pieces. There are many different types, but they are all cute, carefree, and girly. They sell a huge selection of reasonably priced apparel, including striking skinny jeans and items with British influences.

There are sections for tall and small people and clothing for every body type, so no matter what your body type may be, you'll probably find items there that you'll look fantastic in.

Key Highlights

  • The store sells high-quality, trendy items at reasonable prices.
  • A leading international fashion store offers women’s apparel and accessories, shoes and cosmetics.
  • It offers beauty products like makeup and skincare and collaboration collections with famous designers or celebrities.
  • It operates around 510 stores, including 300 in the UK, and there are online operations in some countries.

13. The Limited

The Limited Store

The Limited sells clothing and shoes for women, men, and kids, as well as handbags, dresses, and home items. The store also offers designer fashion, beauty, accessories, and fragrances.

The Limited carries all the essentials, including blouses, blazers, business dresses, and jackets. As well as providing plus-sized and petite clothing, The Limited has many other attractive items for women.

Key Highlights

  • It is known for fashionable high-end quality clothes.
  • It offers reasonable prices for products all over the United States.
  • Including free alterations and personalized styling services.
  • It offeres a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, and catered to different body types.

Final Words

The above list includes all the best Stores like White House and Black Market out there. If you want to get high-quality, comfortable clothing at reasonable costs, head over to the aforementioned stores right away.


What stores are like the White House black market?

White House Black Market competitors include Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Eileen Fisher, Chico's, Banana Republic and some others.

Why is it called the White House black market?

When The White House first opened, it was a women's boutique selling exclusively items of clothes and accessories in shades of white. The company launched a new idea called Black Market in 1995 while keeping its focus on timeless hues.