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5 Clothing Stores like Ann Taylor You Should Try! [2024]

5 Clothing Stores like Ann Taylor You Should Try! [2024]

Stores like Ann Taylor: Making a statement is everyone’s dream but accomplishing it, in reality, needs hard work done. To accomplish the statement-making task, you need to have a good fashion sense. 

To make your fashion sense a success and not a doom, you need to keep looking for what suits you the most, the trends which are upcoming in the fashion industry today, and also which brand is making money with good quality clothes. 

Hence, to find one particular brand that fulfills wants like reasonable prices, sales, discounts, good quality of clothes, variety of clothes, trendy clothes, comfortable clothes, fast delivery, and easy returns can be next to impossible. 

Today in this article we have sorted out some best stores which will help you to stand out from the crowd and make a mind-blowing statement every day. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the stores which are the best alternatives to Ann Taylor Store which eventually is a clothing store for men and women for every occasion like work, casual, party, etc. 

The best 5 alternatives of Ann Taylor which will be discussed in detail are- LOFT, Banana Republic, Jones New York, Talbots, and Eileen Fisher. 

By the end of the article, you will get all details about these five closest alternatives to Ann Taylor and what they offer, top brands, their quality, pricing, etc. 

Summary of Ann Taylor 

Ann Taylor is a global brand that has its franchise located in many parts of the world. Ann Taylor has both an online store and an offline store to explore. You can directly go to their website and check their collection online and even shop. 

Ann Taylor has an email update facility for its users. Ann Taylor’s website is divided among the categories or menus namely new arrivals, clothing, dresses, work, shoes, accessories, petite, styling, and sale corner. 

It also has many offers for daily customers. They offer a store locator feature which will directly let you know where they have situated geographically over the globe. They also offer to check your order status to keep you updated with where your order is. 

In short, Ann Taylor has a huge collection of clothing, and not just clothing it also offers shoes, work essentials, and accessories to complete your whole look from one store which can cut your time of shopping for different items from different stores. 


Best Stores like Ann Taylor

If you are obsessed with the website of Ann Taylor then LOFT will never disappoint you with the same. Many times having a simpler and easy user interface plays a key role in online shopping options. 

If the website is too complicated to get started with then it can be difficult for the people to look out for what they need and they may end up getting frustrated with the same. 

What’s Special about LOFT? 

  • You get the same user interface experience while shopping online from LOFT exactly like Ann Taylor. 
  • The categories in which its web store is divided are new arrivals, clothing, dresses, tops, pants and jeans, accessories, shoes, petites, lou and grey, sales corner, and styling. 
  • It also has a store locator for the new customers to show where their offline stores are located just like Ann Taylor.
  • It also has an email updates option for the daily customers to join in for the latest updates related to their collection and sales. 
  • It also offers to track your order facility same as Ann Taylor. 
  • It also has to manage your credit cards and rewards cards option which will ease your credit information regarding same. 
  • It also has a designated corner for all the outfit inspo people need these days. 

Top Brands of LOFT

  • LOFT Originals
  • Ann Taylor
  • Cacique
  • Lane Bryant and much more. 

Prices and Quality of LOFT 

  • They offer $19.95 Standard shipping on offers of $125 and above. 
  • It offers 50% off for purchase upon $200+.
  • It also offers 30% off on shopping for $100.
  • It offers 20% off on shopping of $50 which is valid only for U.S Citizens. 

Banana Republic 

Best Stores like Ann Taylor

The Banana Republic has the simplest user interface and quite a name as in Ann Taylor’s competition in the same industry. The Banana Republic can be a great alternative if you are searching for the same type of clothing and quality. 

The Banana Republic also has an online and offline store to pay personal visits. The stores are located in different locations representing the Banana Republic are – Arizona, Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, California, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia, Texas, Utah, and many more. 

What’s Special about the Banana Republic?

  • The website provides a store locator feature for new customers like Ann Taylor. 
  • It also has a gift card and credit card rewards facility for the customers of the Banana Republic. 
  • It also has newsletter updates both for email addresses on even mobile text updates. 
  • The Banana Republic also has factory outlets fresh from their factories located both virtually and geographically for the customers. 
  • It offers joining the membership plan of the Banana Republic for free which will benefit them in many ways like activating credit cards, the banana rewards, and much more. 
  • It also has a pay credit card bill feature where you can pay it later for purchases from their credit card after a certain time duration. 
  • The reward members also have a facility of free shipping on all the orders above $50+. 
  • It also has to buy online and pick up from a store directly facility for the customers who want to pick up the dresses by themselves. 

Top Brands of Banana Republic 

  • GAP
  • Old Navy
  • Athleta
  • Banana Republic originals and much more. 

Prices and Quality of Banana Republic 

  • The banana republic offers up to 50% off from all the original prices set by them. ‘
  • They offer free shipping benefits to their membership customers. 

Jones New York 

Jones New York clothing store

Jones New York is a unique brand for original outfits and shopping stores which can be a pretty good alternative to Ann Taylor's store. 

Jones New York has the simplest user interface which grabs the huge attention of customers who want to shop fast and don’t want to waste much time watching ads, promotional slides, and much more. 

Jones New York offers very simple clothing yet trendsetting and usually a formal outlook for all the people who are in rush for their work hour but cannot just dress anything and head out. 

What’s Special about Jones New York?

  • Just like Ann Taylor, Jones New York has a subscribe for the newsletter by email address feature and a great store locator to find stores offline. 
  • Ann Taylor and Jones New York have a similar kind of categories when it comes to clothing which is divided among women’s suits, blazers, jackets, jeans, pants, sweaters, etc. 
  • The online store of Jones New York also has customer care and size guide option for all the queries regarding the product and future purchases. 
  • It also offers membership plans for its customers to join for special offers and rewards. 
  • It also offers to track your order facility like Ann Taylor. 
  • It also has a gift card option to send their clothing gift cards for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

Top Brands of Jones New York 

  • Lexington
  • Madison 
  • JNY Originals and much more. 

Prices and Quality of Jones New York 

  • It offers free shipping on orders of $99 and above. 
  • It also offers easy returns, exchanges, and a refund policy for the purchases you regret. 


Talbots stores online clothing best store

Talbots has a great and huge variety of clothing collections which makes it a suitable alternative to Ann Taylor. 

Talbots is known for its great time management regarding offline stores and online store options too. Talbots allows, users, to fix appointments and curbside pickup with limited locations. 

It also offers buying online and pickup from a store option for the people who want to personally pick up their orders. It has a whole page dedicated to a store locator and with time frame updated and also lets you know which store has which styles for display. 

What’s Special about Talbots?

  • The store of Talbots is geographically located in the areas of Hunstville, Foley, Mobile, Spanish Fort, Eastchase, Fayetteville, Calgary, Ottawa, and much more. 
  • The store has an easy user interface made for their customers with daily updates regarding their collection and sales like Ann Taylor. 
  • The store also has a sneak peek of the seasonal sales, shopping party and event invitations, exclusive offers, and early flash sales notices. 
  • It also has subscribed newsletter option to join the email address notifications for updates like Ann Taylor. 
  • It also has referred a friend and earns rewards facility for the customers. 
  • It also has the Talbot Credit Card feature where you can apply for the card and get benefits for the same. 
  • It also offers different cards namely loyalty cards, credit cards, and credit card premier and gift card options for the customers. 

Top Brands of Talbots 

  • Aloha Summer Collection 
  • T By Talbots 
  • Eyelets & Embroidery
  • Sunwashed Shades
  • Cocktail & Party 
  • Haven Well Within 

Prices and Quality of Talbots 

  • It offers 25% off for the top purchasing during the summer seasons. 
  • It also offers discount features for different seasons and different clothes as per season. 

Eileen Fisher 

alternative to Ann Taylor

Eileen Fisher is a clothing brand under the name of its owner and entrepreneur Eileen, who has started her clothing line for making a name in the fashion industry. 

Eileen Fisher is a great alternative because of the variety of clothing it offers which is quite similar to Ann Taylor and many other brands. Eileen Fisher has a great collection of organic fabrics and clothes which are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Hence if you are looking for a brand that will give you trendy outfit options with environmentally friendly options and Eileen Fisher is a great choice as the alternative to Ann Taylor. 

What’s Special about Eileen Fisher?

  • Eileen Fisher also has a store locator and contact us feature like Ann Taylor.
  • Eileen Fisher’s online store has the feature of live chat for queries regarding anything related to Eileen Fisher. 
  • The website of Eileen Fisher is divided into the categories of Clothing, shoes, accessories, sales, and behind-the-label corner. 
  • The website also has a login and sign-up facility to track the cart and orders if made. 
  • It also has a newsletter for the customers to know the brand more closely under the title of horizon 2030 etc. 
  • It also works for women's welfare and charity development etc. 

Top Brands of Eileen Fisher

  • Organic Fabrics 
  • Eileen Fisher Originals and much more. 

Prices and Quality of Eileen Fisher 

  • Eileen Fisher also offers 15% off for the new customers sign up. 
  • It also has gift cards available for every occasion like birthdays, mother’s day, anniversaries, etc. 
  • It offers domestic shipping and international shipping to over 200 countries all over the globe. 

Conclusion x Stores like Ann Taylor

Here, our store's alternatives come to an end with great information about 5 different and unique brands and clothing stores that play a part in the best options like Ann Taylor Store. 

Hope you like the alternatives, and your research time is reduced by our article. Choose wisely and shop for what wins your heart the most. With these alternatives, your fashion sense will never go in vain. 

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Are there alternatives for Ann Taylor?

Yes, in this article we have discussed the best 5 stores which can be a great alternative to Ann Taylor. 

Is Ann Taylor and LOFT similar?

Yes, Ann Taylor and LOFT comes from the same roots but their clothing style and outlets are quite different from each other. Learn about both of them in detail with this article.