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3 Best Alldaychemist Alternatives You Can Use! [2024]

3 Best Alldaychemist Alternatives You Can Use! [2024]

Alldaychemist Alternatives: Humans are temporary. When we quote it, we mean it. Humans tend to go through the stages called life and death and in between struggle comes health. 

Health comes with a transparent handle with a care note. Hence when not handled properly, we fall ill. Even the smallest illness can be a mental draining procedure and much more. And to protect us from illness, we need medicines. 

For medicines, chemists are a must. Without them how will you read what your doctor has prescribed you? So chemists are the ones on which we depend for everything happening with health. 

But running from one pharmacy store to another can be the tidiest task to accomplish and in times of emergencies, it just gets worse. Hence people need some online stores which will provide them with the medicines before the current one gets over. 

And for that, online stores for medicines were introduced in the market, among which alldaychemist is the most popular one. But the problem with alldaychemist was that it promised to deliver fast but took an average time of 2 weeks to deliver. 

And the late delivery by alldaychemist ended up people searching for its alternatives which brings us to this page. In this article, we are going to talk about the 3 best alternatives of alldaychemist namely In-House Pharmacy, ReliableRx, and United Pharmacies. 

By the end of the article, you will get all the details about how these 3 alternatives work and what they have to offer. 

What is Alldaychemist? 

Alldaychemist is the online pharmacy store to get your medicines and prescribed injections at your home by delivery. Alldaychemist when started was running the best services worldwide. 

Alldaychemist usually claims to provide you with all the branded medicines which are original and also the generic medicines from the licensed suppliers. The problem with their claim was no proof or certificate was promising the same which doubted their authenticity. 

How Does Alldaychemist work? 

The website works with an easy and smooth user interface for its customers. But many questions were asked regarding whether their website is protected or not.

 When checked by some high authorities it was shown that Alldaychemist is an unapproved Internet Pharmacy. 

When we talk about CIPA membership, the alldaychemist store is not listed under them and is not at all recommended by

 Hence we can see that even after making a good online pharmacy store, alldaychemist lacks authenticity, certificates, approvals, and recommendation from health authorities. 

When we talk about the safety regarding payment information and much more information the site is reported to be 0% safe. Even it was reported that the site used fake reviews to show its authenticity for the same. 

On the overall review, customers were not at all satisfied with the website and even complained about losing the parcels in the transit and never getting it back or the money. Hence they want alternatives for the same. 

So the alternatives of alldaychemist are stated as under- 

In House Pharmacy 

Alternatives of Alldaychemist

In House Pharmacy, This online pharmacy store runs since the year 1996 and is ranked the number 1 resource for safe prescriptions. 

In-House Pharmacy has gained lots of customers after people decided to not use alldaychemist for their prescriptions and this is one of the reasons for it being the best alternative to the alldaychemist. 

In-House Pharmacy promises to give authentic medicines which are supplied by the registered best suppliers and delivered worldwide locations. 

Key Takeaways of In House Pharmacy 

  • In-House Pharmacy provides free shipping to most countries and also has customer lines open on their websites for 11 hours straight. 
  • In-House Pharmacy is available worldwide name in the countries- Australia, the United States, Cayman Islands, India, Malaysia, Panama, Monaco, and much more. 
  • It ensures to pack the medicines with special seals and stickers to deliver them safe and secure at your doorstep. 
  • In-House Pharmacy has an account signup facility where new customers need to create accounts and old ones need to sign in, once they create the account then they can order the medicines and track the same like Amazon and much more. 
  • In-House Pharmacy shopping category divides into namely aids, antidepressants, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bargains, diabetes, dental, eyes, general, generics, heart, hair, infections, neurological disorders, pet care, skincare, smoking cessation, and much more. 
  • The orders and shipping of all the orders under In-House Pharmacy are processed and sent from their South Pacific facility. 
  • In-House  Pharmacy also has return and refund policies like alldaychemists. 
  • Payment options from US customers are available in mailed checks, money orders, or eCheck. Customers also can pay by American Express or directly from the bank. 


online pharmacy store

ReliableRx is a great alternative for;alldaychemists because it works the same as how alldaychemists used to work. ReliableRx currently is facing some technical issues with their website but here we will provide you with some basic information about the same. 

ReliableRx is an online pharmacy same as an alldaychemist and in-house pharmacy, it is an online website that provides the medicines and tablets at your doorstep. 

Key Takeaways of ReliableRx 

  • It is currently available in the UK, US, and Australia mainly but they are trying to reach more countries and locations. 
  • ReliableRx has known for its free shipping and is the fastest among many online pharmacies. 
  • ReliableRx is also known for providing the cheapest prices for good quality products namely skincare etc. 
  • Even it has up to a certain limit where it provides you basic medicines without the proof of prescription. 
  • ReliableRx has many great customer reviews for their delivery, packaging, shipping, etc like alldaychemist. 
  • The payment is accepted only via card and no bitcoin or order check is accepted. 
  • The only drawback of ReliableRx is the website is out of order and has no verified seal for authenticity. 

United Pharmacies 

best alternative of alldaychemist

United Pharmacies is made for the United States which their name signifies at best. Hence it is the best alternative of alldaychemist. 

United Pharmacies has been in the online pharmacy market for 5-10 years now, the orders covered by United Pharmacies are up to 100,000 annually. United Pharmacies has guaranteed delivery options and many payment options for the convenience of customers. 

You can get a detailed website look here:

Key Takeaways of United Pharmacies 

  • United Pharmacies guaranteed 30-day customer satisfaction and if you are not satisfied, you can return the order in a good condition. 
  • United Pharmacies offers guaranteed genuine products for its customer and also provides you with verified seals and bills like alldaychemist. 
  • It also has different packaging than the usual ones because of its base branch being in Oceana but it still promises you authentic products. 
  • It also promises to keep your order detail, medication stamp, address, prescription and other details completely confidential not even the delivery agent have the access to the same. 
  • It also has toll free helpline number and email address where you can enquire about anything related to the United Pharmacies. 
  • For the payment option, the most payment option for united pharmacies is kept to be International Wire Transfers through the bank. 
  • Another payment option offered by United Pharmacies namely International Cashier’s Check. 

Who Wins: AllDayChemist vs In House Pharmacy 

The main difference between Alldaychemist and In-House Pharmacy is the authenticity of the website.

Many reporters have mentioned Alldaychemist to be fake, fraudulent, and not safe at all whereas, In-House Pharmacy has a verified security system to secure the payments, orders, and great customer services. 

The other difference between them is delivery and shipping charges and duration. Alldaychenist has an issue with delivery where many orders have remained undelivered or are lost in transit whereas In-House Pharmacy has delivered all their orders with minimal duration. 

Lastly, when we compare them both In-House Pharmacy wins in every bit because of the authenticity of the website, security with payments and products, genuine products with seals that are verified, and much more. 

Conclusion: Alldaychemist Alternatives

Hence, here we tried to present the best alternatives of alldaychemist. ReliableRx, In-House Pharmacy, and United Pharmacies are the best alternatives for the online pharmacy store. 

Overall, these websites are verified and do deliver the medicines on time with a free shipping facility and return facility. Hence we hope our article did save your time and provided you with something helpful in the health terms. 


Do I need to have a medical evaluation before ordering medication?

With united pharmacies, you don’t need to have medical evaluation compulsory. But before taking any medicines do refer your physician. 

Do United Pharmacies guarantee the order will be delivered?

Yes. If the order is not yet delivered, they will freely refund you your order amount in 3-5 business days. 

What are the best alternatives of alldaychemist?

The best 3 alternatives of alldaychemist are ReliableRx, United Pharmacies, and In-House Pharmacy.