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15 Top Stores like Talbots to Shop Right Now! [2024]

15 Top Stores like Talbots to Shop Right Now! [2024]

Stores like Talbots: You can probably find 50 to 100 stores selling modern fashion but which among them is trustworthy, and offers good quality products at reasonable prices? You simply can’t shop from them to check, unless we’re talking about some stores like Talbots. 

The Talbots, or Talbots, is a well-known specialty retailer and direct marketer from America. This label deals in swimwear, clothing, fashion accessories, and shoes. It offers you premium collections for more than just one theme for petite, misses, and plus-size wearers. 

Talbots is further known for its good quality items with fashion being one of the top priorities. But, it’s not the only good brand in the market, and if you are here to search for more stores like Talbots, then our list of 15 best stores like Talbots mentioned in this article is just for you!

List of Stores like Talbots

1. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Stores like Talbots

Ann Taylor is an American-based group of specialty clothing retail chains stores for ladies. At Ann, you can find classic-style dresses, separates, suits, accessories, and shoes, along with some premium collections.

Ann Taylor has a good group of categories to shop from with the list having pants, sweaters, jackets, tops, petite, jeans, and shoes on it. 

Key Highlights

  • Color variety — Ann Taylor offers variety in colors for more than half of the products listed on its website and available in its shops. 
  • Check Reviews — if you’re shopping from its website, then you’ll see reviews for every product with star ratings for a better idea before buying. 
  • Way to wear it — The product you’re currently viewing will have a way to wear it where other items from the site will be recommended to be worn together as a complete outfit. 

2. Coldwater Creek

Coldwater Creek Store

Coldwater Creek is an apparel brand – a catalog and a popular online retailer offering you women’s apparel, accessories, home decor, and shoes. It delivers an assortment of women’s clothing in petite, plus sizes, and misses. 

Coldwater Creek provides products from a good bunch of categories like shirts, blouses, jeans, dresses, and knit tops — with all these manufactured in the softest and comfiest fabrics.

Key Highlights

  • Wear the Comfort — Coldwater Creek clothing and other accessories are known to be comfortable and uncomplicated for women to wear and shine. 
  • Inspired by Nature — Coldwater Creek has the majority of its inventory, especially its clothing section, inspired by nature. 
  • Embroidered apparel — Coldwater Creek has embroidered pants and many such apparels created with utmost creativity. 

3. Chico's FAS 

Chico's FAS Store

Chico's FAS is another promising women’s clothing and accessories retail company operating a total of four brands — Chico's store, Soma, White House Black Market, and TellTale. 

Chico's deals in a variety of categories including clothing, accessories, intimate, and more related products. It’s also known for its good quality products where comfort is the top priority. 

Key Highlights

  • Women’s community – Chico's is founded and led by women, offering services and products to create a community where women don’t have to compromise with joy and confidence. 
  • Founded in 1250 boutiques — Chico's products can be found in more than a thousand boutiques and similar stories in the US and online. 
  • More colors — Chico's offers variety in colors for almost all the apparel on its platform along with a few accessories. 

4. Eddie Bauer 

Eddie Bauer Store

Eddie Bauer is a clothing store chain selling merchandise through outlet stores, online stores, retail stores, and phone — through its call center in Ohio, Groveport. 

Eddie Bauer has over 100 years of experience in making comfortable clothes, footwear, and gear to motivate you to live your adventure freely. 

Key Highlights

  • For both men and women – Eddie Bauer produces outerwear, gear, and footwear for women, men, and kids.
  • Comfort in adventure — Eddie Bauer’s products are highly recommended for all those who wish to feel comfortable in big and small adventures. 
  • Variety of colors — Eddie Bauer has vibrant colors in variety for the majority of its products. 

5. GoodwillFinds

GoodwillFinds Store

GoodwillFinds is not exactly a brand of its own, but rather a marketplace accepting donations of a variety of products. It currently only delivers and accesses in the US and Canada. 

GoodwillFinds is all about modern wear for both men and women. It walks along with new trends, seasons, and special occasions like, as of March 2024, it’s already offering you the latest collections for women’s and men’s Easter outfits. 

Key Highlights

  • Deals and offers all the time – GoodwillFinds has deals and offers all the time of the year, and you can easily get a few amazing picks from popular brands at cheap prices. 
  • Unique Finds — GoodwillFinds is filled with unique and well-curated finds to complete your modern looks.
  • Buy from popular labels — GoodwillFinds has quality modern wear from well-known titles such as Levi’s, Lululemon, Adidas, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and more.

6. J Crew 

J Crew Store

J.Crew is a multi-brand, specialty retailer, and multi-channel offering you a mixture of men’s, women’s, and kids. It guarantees you of the highest quality fabrics and materials along with premium collections as per new trends and seasons.

J.Crew deals in a good bunch of categories and departments such as pants, sweaters, denim, dresses, jewelry, shoes, outerwear, swimwear, loungewear, and suiting.

Key Highlights

  • Massive deals on special occasions – J.Crew offers massive deals where you can earn double points on your J.Crew credit card and save up to 50% off on special occasion collections. 
  • Shop your fabric – J.Crew has multiple fabric options for you to choose from, including cashmere, cotton, and Linen.
  • Premium collections – J.Crew always has a variety of premium collections including different outfits for different events. For instance, Fresh Linen and Tretorn X J.Crew collection in March 2024. 

7. Loft 

Loft Store

Loft is a women’s specialty retailer, offering you a good range of pretty blouses, petite pants, beautiful skirts, elegant dresses, and more such feminine modern fashion. 

Loft’s category list includes clothing, tops, jeans, pants, shoes, accessories, dresses, potatoes, and styling. 

Key Highlights

  • Loft Cash — Loft Cash is a real life-saving deal where you get Loft cash added to the wallet after specific spending, which can be used in further purchases. Like, it gives you $25 if you spend $75 and above.
  • Ships worldwide — Loft ships worldwide! It means you can deliver modern comfortable apparel and outfits to your loved ones staying in any part of the world. 
  • Check feedback — Loft is confident enough to have reviews and star ratings for every listing so that you can check the feedback from other customers before buying. 

8. Old Navy 

Old Navy Store

Old Navy is another American-based well-known clothing and accessories title, a trusted retail company providing you with the latest fashion style at competitive prices.

Old Navy serves you with a good variety of categories, including men, women, goals, and boys. You can also shop from other categories of sale, new arrivals, and linen. 

Key Highlights

  • Offers, offers, and offers! — Old Navy has multiple offers and deals to save on all types of purchases, with available deal options popping up right after you visit its site. 
  • Best prices — Old Navy is here with the softest fabrics and comfortable quality clothes, and when you look at the inexpensive prices, they’re worth each penny you spend. 
  • Buy from artists — Old Navy has this new project called WE where it’s supporting and investing in real artists for their diversified vibrant colored apparel and other products.

9. L.L.Bean 

L.L.Bean Store

L.L.Bean is a privately-held retail brand specializing in clothing along with outdoor recreation equipment. It promises you its unbeatable quality and variety — charged with competitive prices. 

L.L.Bean walks with all new seasons, special occasions, and days. For instance, with the winter arriving, it has plenty of colorful layers and comfortable apparel to help you look modern in everyday activities. 

Key Highlights

  • Check reviews before buying — L.L.Bean’s official website has reviews and star rating sections where you can check for reviews by other customers before buying the product.
  • More Colors — if you don’t like the display color of the product, then L.L.Bean might have a variety of colors for it since it does for the majority of the products. 
  • Size groups — L.L.Bean has specific size groups like regular and plus. 

10. Revolve 

Revolve Store

Revolve is a marketplace where you’ll get the top designer apparel brands online. It’s known as the world's most-coveted designer apparel site while it also offers accessories and shoes from titles such as NBD, Free People, and more. 

Revolve is one of the first brands to offer exclusive collections for new seasons and occasions. Like — by March 2024, it already has collections like vacation time, Moto movements, not-so-basic, and your spring agenda collections to offer. 

Key Highlights

  • So many categories — Revolve has a big list of categories to choose from including activewear, accessories, denim, beauty, bags, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, loungewear, skirts, shirts, rompers, sweaters, tops, and many more. 
  • Minimal and Modern — although it has many themes to offer, after our research, we’ll highly recommend you go for its minimal modern wear.
  • Popular items — Revolve has this feature where if the item you’re viewing is popular, you’ll instantly get the alert and the number of people who have viewed it recently. 

11. Lulus 

Lulus Stre

Lulus is the leading brand when it comes to modern fashion and must-have apparel like dresses, bottoms, along with matching accessories, and shoes.

Lulus is a well-known title for exclusive styles and premium collections. It has new items added to the site regularly along with many life-saving deals available all the time of the year. 

Key Highlights

  • Best prices — at Lulu's, while you get more variety with good quality, the prices are also worth every penny you spend.
  • Check the feedback — Lulus has reviews and star rating sections where you get to check the feedback from other customers for every item.
  • Complete the look – Lulus has a section called ‘complete the look’ right under every listing including products that can go well with the product you are viewing. 

12. Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters Store

Urban Outfitters is a multinational lifestyle retailer, a well-known and trusted title dedicated to motivating customers through an unusual yet exciting combination of creativity and cultural understanding in its products. 

Urban Outfitters is the home of comfortable, modern, and trendy fashion clothes and accessories. It provides you with quality products for both women and men, with a good range of products in variety. 

Key Highlights

  • Option in colors — Urban Outfitters has options in colors along with fabrics for the majority of the items listed on its platform.
  • Buy now and pay later — Urban Outfitters allows you to pay for the total of your order in interest-free installments through trusted titles like Afterpay and Klarna.
  • Free store pickup — Urban Outfitters has free store pickup and free shipping over $75 and above orders for the majority of the items. 

13. Akira 

Akira store

Akira is also a home for modern clothing and accessories, but it majorly focuses on the sexy side of items. At Akira, you get to explore the latest fashion trends and styles from well-known brands. 

Akira has exclusive collections with beautiful, modern, and glamorous designs for youngsters. Additionally, you get to shop from categories such as dresses, sets, tops, and shoes at Akira. 

Key Highlights

  • Buy now and pay later — Akira lets you shop now and pay later for the total order amount in interest-free installments. 
  • Earn points — Akira has a money-saving program where you can save coins with all your purchases, and these points can help you save big-time in future orders. 
  • Sales and discounts — you can find sales and discounts on multiple products without any code needed all the time of the year, and these deals go as far as 70% off on special occasions. 

14. Princess Polly 

Princess Polly Store

Princess Polly claims to be the ultimate global fashion platform for all the trendsetters in the US. If you wish to be insta-ready, celebrity-worthy, and TikTok-approved – Princess Polly is your answer. 

Princess Polly is your home for modern, chic, elegant, and many more types of themes. It deals in a good combination of departments such as dresses, bottoms, tops, swimwear, sets, accessories, shoes, and skirts.

Key Highlights

  • More colors – Princess Polly has variations in colors for more than half of its products. 
  • Buy now and pay later – Princess Polly offers the buy now and pay later service through trusted labels like Afterpay and Klarna. 
  • Complete the look – Princess Polly recommends items under every product to give you an idea of how you can complete the look with the product you’re viewing.

15. J.Jill 

J.Jill Store
Try J.Jill

J.Jill is the destination for unique and fashionable women’s clothes, footwear, and accessories. The clothing section of clothes offers sizes for regulars, as well as petite, plus size, tall, and misses.  

J.Jill is here with new collections with every new season and festival like Pure Jill, Spring Collection, Wearever, and more for March 2024. 

Key Highlights

  • More options – J.Jill has options in not only colors but also in patterns and fabrics for over half of its inventory. 
  • Ways to style – J.Jill offers different ways to style the product you are currently viewing by recommending other products from its site. 
  • Know what you’re buying – J.Jill the review and star rating sections under every listing so that you can check the feedback from other buyers before buying.

Final Words

The above list includes all the best Stores like Talbots out there, and if you wish to buy comfortable clothes with the softest fabrics and materials at fair prices – then the above-mentioned stores are what you need to visit right now. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who are Talbot competitors?

Ann Taylor, Chico’s, and J.Jill are a few of the top Talbot competitors.

Are there more sites like Talbots?

Yes, there are plenty of good sites like Talbots, but the best ones are Ann Taylor, Old Navy, Lulus, Princess Polly, Chico’s, J.Jill, and a few more offering modern clothes in plus size, petite, and misses.