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6 Top Stores like New York and Company – Stylish Outfit [2024]

6 Top Stores like New York and Company – Stylish Outfit [2024]

Stores like New York and Company: Are you searching for a brand offering premium quality casual and workwear where quality has to be topmost with pricing inexpensive? In that case, in search of some good apparel labels you might have come across some stores like New York and Company.

About New York and Company

New York and Company is a reliable workwear retailer for females where the apparel is sold with the help of a nationwide web of retail stores along with its e-commerce website. Here, you can shop for a good variety of clothes and find the perfect size and fits for yourself at affordable prices.

New York and Company is a trusted label by millions of people globally but since it is not the only option in the market for casual wear, in the article below we are going to present a well-curated list of perfect stores like New York and Company which might serve you even better collections than New York and Company.

Ann Taylor

Stores like New York and Company

Ann Taylor, popularly known as Ann is a specialty apparel retail store specializing in clothing and accessories for women. It provides women with suits, dresses, separates, shoes, and accessories with perfect-fitting pants, beautiful blouses, and everything to make you look a perfect example of feminine, modern and elegant.

While you get new products frequently, Ann also helps you revolve your way of fashion with new trends and fashion. While the quality of items is undoubtedly good, the prices are highly reasonable, and with the big number of discounts always available at Ann, you can save each time you shop your heart out.

Key Highlights 

  • Its website comes with an on-site store locator.
  • You get free shipping on orders above $150.
  • The website has a detailed and quick filter tool for easy search.
  • Under every product, you can view its 5-star rating and reviews by other customers.
  • Many products listed come in a variety of colors.
  • Almost every product is available for free in-store pickup in your nearest Ann store.
  • Ability to see the website recommending different ways to wear it with various looks and accessories – all available at Ann. 
  • It offers the buy now and pay later service through PayPal.
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LOFT Store

LOFT is another fashion apparel label specializing in women’s clothing, dresses, peptides, pants, and more to style you in different feminine and casual looks. LOFT has all types of work and casual looks for work-related events – whether it is about an important presentation meeting or a big company event, with LOFT you don’t have to worry about your outfit and accessories.

LOFT is one of the best stores like New York and Company because while it updates its inventory with new items frequently, the quality of its products is also similar and pricing is at a highly reasonable range.

Moreover, you can shop from a huge variety of categories like jeans, skirts, cardigans, dresses, etc under the clothing department, pullovers, tunics, turtle neck, cotton, etc under the sweaters department, sleeveless, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweatshirt, tanks, shells, tops, etc under tops department and much more with special departments for shopping by new arrivals, best sellers, events, etc.

Key Highlights

  • You get to check live and updated orders details through the on-site order status store.
  • The website comes with an on-site store locator.
  • It has a robust filter tool.
  • With every product, you get to check its rating and review by past customers.
  • Many items on the website come in a variety of colors.
  • Under every individual item, you can check the ways to wear it for a better ideas and inspiration. 


Nordstrom Store

Nordstrom is one of the leading luxury department stores like New York and Company that  provides you with great quality shoes, clothing, dresses, jewelry, and many more things to go well with every occasion, festival, and event.

Nordstrom is a women’s and men’s style label providing you with designer, exclusive, and premium collections frequently with its own inventory being updated with every new trend and fashion sense brought into the market. Also, although it is a high-end brand, it still helps you stay under budget and shop for best gifts for your loved ones with ‘gifts by prices’ categories like under $50, $100 and luxe gifts. 

Now talking about the categories you get to shop under inlcude clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, luggage, travel, accessories, and occasion under women’s department, clothing, accessories, designer, shoes, grooming and jewelry under men’s department with more main categories like kids, activewear, young adult, home, designer and beauty.

Key Highlights

  • Almost every item listed on its website comes with a good variety of patterns and colors.
  • You can check the five-star ratings and reviews by past customers for every product.
  • You get to check how many people are currently viewing the product you are viewing. 

Banana Republic

Banana Republic Store

Banana Republic is an upscale apparel and accessories dealer, also called Banana Republic Factory, where you can find huge deals and promotional offers on clothes and accessories for men and women every day. The label is responsible for providing your modern and refined clothing styles and items to go well for various occasions and events.

Moreover, you get to discover a variety of exclusive collaboration collections like The Heritage Shop, Art of Work, Banana Republic Baby, and many more and you can also shop & buy gifts for different occasions while shopping by shops, sizes, and common categories like dresses, tops, blouses, pants, denim, blazers, skirts, shorts, etc.

Key Highlights

  • It provides free shipping on all orders above $50 only if you are a Rewards Member.
  • The website has a quick filter and sort-out tool.
  • For every product, you get to check its 5-star rating and review by other customers before buying.
  • Offers both gift card and e-gift card facilities with customizable amounts for the gift cards and normal gift cards starting from $10 to $500 with variety in design.


Anthropologie Store

Anthropologie is an apparel retailer with about 200 stores spread across the US, Canada, and the UK providing a mixture of clothing, jewelry, decoration, beauty products, and home furniture with a good variety under every category.

Anthropologie is one of the promising stores like New York and Company because it offers unique collections including latest trendy fashion looks and outfits to fit for different occasions and festivals. While the quality of products, designs, and everything seems to be top-notch, the prices are affordable for a middle-class person.

Furthermore, you get to shop under departments like clothing, shoes, dresses, gifts, accessories, home, wellness, garden, outdoor, beauty, furniture, and candles.

Key Highlights

  • Provide easy user interface for both the website and app.
  • Offers app-exclusive promotional offers and deals.
  • Offers variety in colors for selected items.
  • You get to check the 5-star rating and reviews by other customers for every item.
  • It offers the buy now and pay later service through Afterpay and Klarna.


ASOS Store

ASOS is an online-based shopping platform for exploring the latest clothes in fashion along with perfectly matching accessories. It keeps you updated with the latest trends by offering exclusive collaboration collections and updating its inventory frequently.

ASOS is a home for new fashion and styles to suit every event and season. Whether you have a birthday party coming up or a late-night date with someone special in winter – ASOS will cover you up flawlessly in every situation.

Here, you can discover fashion by categories such as clothing, dresses, shoes, accessories, sportswear, face, and body with separate categories for currently available huge sales going up to 50% to 70%. 

Key Highlights

  • It offers a separate section of products recommended for gifting.
  • Almost every item comes with a good variety in colors or patterns.
  • For every product you get to check its 5-star rating with reviews.
  • You get free delivery all the time of the year without any minimum spending required.
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Final Words: Stores like New York and Company 

In this article, we showed you 6 perfect stores like New York and Company to shop for casual and more types of styles and looks that fit your personality and body perfectly. 

Additionally, the market is filled with many more stores offering similar products and services but if you want the best, then you must choose to try the New York and Company alternatives mentioned in our article before trying others.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Which are good clothing stores like New York and Company?

ASOS, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Nordstrom, and Banana Republic are some of the good clothing stores like New York and Company.

Is New York and Company a good brand?

Yes, New York and Company is a good and trusted brand by thousands of people offering good quality products in the latest fashion sense with prices reasonable for a middle-class person.

Is New York and Company online only?

No, New York and Company has stores spread in Canada, US and the UK. 

Are there more stores like New York and Company?

Yes, there are many more stores like New York and Company but our list of promising stores like New York company includes Banana Republic, LOFT, Nordstrom, ASOS, Anthropologie, and Ann Taylor.