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6 Best Stores like Lazy Oaf To Buy Stylist Streetwear [2024]

6 Best Stores like Lazy Oaf To Buy Stylist Streetwear [2024]

Stores like Lazy Oaf: World of fashion includes plenty of different themes to be worn and tried out and a few among them can be the Streetwear and funky types – allowing you to be your cheerful and bold self when you walk out of your closet. 

Now talking about the stores that sell funky and quirky styles, there are many, but which stores offer different themes, more variety, and good quality clothes at reasonable prices with a handful of promotional offers? That’s right, some stores like Lazy Oaf.

About Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a women’s and men’s independent streetwear label manufacturing unique styled streetwear inspired by youth nostalgia, the spirit of non-conformity, and teenage rebellion. It offers unique outfits with matching accessories, premium collections along with additional lifestyle and home products.

Lazy Oaf is famous for its quirky styles and collections but it is not the only store in the market. So, to introduce you to more similar brands like Lazy Oaf, we have mentioned a list of 6 stores like Lazy Oaf in the article below.


Stores like Lazy Oaf

ModCloth is an internet-based dealer of indie and vintage-inspired apparel for women that offers various collections according to upcoming seasons and events with a variety in sizes including plus sizes. 

ModCloth is set to offer good quality items at reasonable prices and has always put up multiple promotions to help you save on every medium and big purchase. Additionally, it has this amazing points collection program where you can earn points with every purchase – small or big and use those points to save big time in future purchases. 

Here, it offers main categories like dresses, clothing, plus size, shoes, outerwear, and accessories to shop from with separate departments for nearly arrived items, trending items, and items under sale. 

Key Highlights 

  • It provides free US ground economy shipping on orders above $150.
  • Almost every product listed comes with a variety of colors or patterns.
  • You can check the shipping availability of every item by your ZIP Code. 
  • For every product, you can check its 5-star rating and reviews by other customers. 
  • It offers a buy now and pay later service by Afterpay where you can pay for the item in 4 interest-free payments. 
  • Gift cards are available from 10 to 100 dollars. 


ASOS Store

ASOS is an online shopping store like Lazy Oaf that allows you to discover thousands of latest in fashion trends with various aesthetics including funky and streetwear. Here, you can shop from a good variety of premium collections by brands like Adidas, Glamorous, Missguided, New Balance, Vans, New Look, Nike, weekday, and more. 

Furthermore, you can fill your closet with good quality clothes and accessories priced reasonably. On top of that, it also includes several promotional offers going up to 50% off on uneventful days of the year, eventually increasing around Christmas, Halloween, Autumn, and more events and seasons. 

And you can shop under separate departments for women and men. Under women, you get clothing, dresses, shoes, sportswear, accessories, face and body like categories to shop from and under men, you get clothing, shoes, sportswear, accessories, face and body like categories to shop from. 

Key Highlights

  • Offers robust sort-out and filter tools. 
  • Many items listed on the website come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • The items each contain tags depicting if they have more colors and are selling fast.
  • Has a separate section for seasonal collections like winter, Christmas, etc along with newly arrived items and items currently under sale.
  • It provides the gift card facility with a variety of gift card colors and amounts from $10-$350

Dolls Kill 

Dolls Kill Online Boutique

Dolls Kill is another online boutique trading a rebellious attitude mixed with several unique fashion themes including goth, glam, rock, and festival. 

It is filled with different moods and provides apparel and accessories for all types of seasons, events, and festivals. Here, you can buy premium collaboration collections like Generation Kiss, Dolls Kill x Emily The Strange, etc.

Now, talking about the quality of clothes and other items, based on these customer reviews, it is good and above average compared to the reasonable rates charged, and with promotions going up to 20% on regular days, you can save even more easily.

Further when it comes to categories, you can shop under clothing, plus, shoes, home, beauty, and accessories with separate selections for items under clearance sale, nearly arrived items, and collab collections. You can also shop by looks like Denim, Balletcore, House Party, Metallic and more and dolls like Coco, mercy, willow, Mia, kandi and Darby. 

Key Highlights

  • Offers free shipping on orders over $75.
  • The website has an easy user interface and comes with a robust filter and sort-out tool.
  • It offers the buy now and pay later service by ZiP and Afterpay.

Olive Clothing 

Olive Clothing Store
PHOTO CREDIT – Olive Clothing

Olive Clothing is a contemporary clothing style developer for men and women. Along with offering regular wear products, you can also find collusive collections for specific seasons and events with good quality materials used and prices reasonable. Although it’ll be a bit expensive compared to other clothing stores like Lazy Oaf mentioned in this article.

At Olive Clothing, you get departments like women, men, accessories, and jewelry with these further subdivided into specific categories like dresses, skirts, parties, dungarees, stripes, etc under women’s and legwear, sweatshirts, shorts, footwear, etc under men’s. 

Key Highlights

  • Offer a simple return policy and free shipping on orders above $250.
  • It allows you to type in your email with one tap and get notified whenever the item is in stock again. 


Collectif Official Store Vintage Clothing
PHOTO CREDIT – Collectif

Collectif is a popular online-based dealer in clothing for its beautiful vintage-inspired collections and inventory. Along with vintage, you also get plenty of Retro outfits and styles to choose from with 40s, 50s, 60s till 80s and Hollywood glam, and more.

Moreover, the best part about shopping from Collectif, which also makes it one of the good stores like Lazy Oaf but cheaper, is its variety of exclusive collections different for diverse seasons, occasions and festivals like Christmas Eve, Summer ‘22, Autumn Winter ‘22 and more with the quality known to be perfect compared to affordable rates.

Here, you can shop under categories like women, men, accessories, and collections with all these further divided into specific categories like dresses, trousers, shoes, undergarments, dresses, etc for women, and shorts, polo shirts, T-shirts, jeans, shorts, jumpers, cardigans, boots, jackets, etc for men.

Key Highlights

  • Change the language to your mother tongue before shopping on the website.
  • View the total amount in your basket below the basket icon at the top-right corner while shopping.
  • Under every product, you will get recommended products to style an entire outfit.
  • You write and check star ratings and reviews under every product before buying.
  • Almost every item comes with a variety of patterns or colors.

Trash Queen

plus size friendly alternative clothing Store
PHOTO CREDIT – Trash Queen

Trash Queen is a plus-size-friendly label designing a comfy yet cute fashion. With Trash Queen, you can shop under a good variety of collections like Somophoric, SS17, Familiar,  Antiseptic, FW18, Pastoral and Basics with everything priced perfectly according to quality.

Here you can shop under categories like Clothing and Accessories with each further subdivided into specific sections like dresses, tops, bottoms, outerwear, socks, and tights under the clothing department and hats and bags under the accessories department.

Key Highlights

  • The website has a pinkish and simple user interface.
  • You get to shop by vibes such as cute, colorful, the 90s, creepy, dark, gross, witchy, pastel, lover core, and bimbo.
  • The majority of the items come in a variety of colors and patterns. 
  • It offers the buy now and pay later service by ShopPay on orders over $50. 
  • You can write and check customer reviews under every item.

Final Words: Stores like Lazy Oaf 

Lazy Oaf has thousands of customers nationwide but since it is a human tendency to want more variety and choices to choose from, the stores like Lazy Oaf mentioned in this article will be extremely helpful since they all offer similar kind of themes and collections with some offering even better deals, material quality, and prices.

With this, we have mentioned good Lazy Oaf alternatives and hope you give them a shot to fill your wardrobe with all colors and styles you love. 

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are there more clothing stores like Lazy Oaf in the US?

Yes, there are many more clothing stores like Lazy Oaf in the US and a few among them are ModCloth, Trash Queen, Dolls Kill, Olive Clothing, ASOS, and Collectif. 

Which are good brands like Lazy Oaf?

Trash Queen, Dolls Kill, Olive Clothing, ASOS and Collectif, and ModCloth are some good brands like Lazy Oaf to buy funky aesthetic apparel from.

Is Lazy Oaf a designer brand?

Yes, Lazy Oaf is a designer-led lifestyle brand founded by Gemma Shiel in 2001. 

Which are sites with funky aesthetic clothes like Lazy Oaf?

The Internet has many sites selling funky aesthetics but ModCloth, Dolls Kill, Trash Queen, Olive Clothing, ASOS, and Collectif are some of the reliable sites with funky aesthetic clothes like Lazy Oaf.