6 Best Stores like Cider for Stylish, Affordable Fashion! [2022]

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Stores like Cider: Do you wish to wear comfortable and low-cost clothes? But you also do not want to compromise with your fashion passion. In situations like these — The Cider Fashion brand and other stores like Cider can do a lot of work for you.

About Cider

Cider is a Women’s brand shipping every part of the world. They manufacture pieces to give women a new-generation look. The website encourages users to have a look at their online store and choose their new favourite piece from a wide range of items.

Cider has sales and clearance sales dropping frequently. The website prioritises the comfort of women and style is further added. You can look for a specific piece or shop a whole new outfit for any occasion of yours with its vibrant combinations and youthful vibes— in the end, Cider will not disappoint you.

While Cider is just the right option for you, other stores like Cider which work with the same goals and functions but offer different categories can also grab your interest. In any of the above-mentioned cases — you must have a look at our list of other sites like Cider mentioned in the below article.

Dolls kill

best stores like Cider

Dolls kill worldwide is a famous online fashion brand the company acquired the named — fastest-growing retailer back in 2014. The brand manages an online boutique which includes clothing for people with rebellious attitudes and spirits. The combination is also mixed with a bit of Goth, Glam, Punk rock and festival fashion is added too. 

Dolls kill offers fast shipping free of cost on eligible orders. They offer plus-size clothing along with curve clothing. Maxi dresses, baby on dresses, skater dresses and you will find more amazing items to brighten your look at Dolls kill. It is one of the best stores like Cider.

Key Takeaways 

  • It offers good figures of footwear including creepers, boots, jelly, shoes, platforms, etc.
  • The brand offers both curve clothing and plus size clothing, the rare gems of clothing stores.
  • The brand offers fast shipping which usually delivers within a couple of days free of cost if you comply with required formalities.
  • The brand has a lot of different items to serve. 

Pricing and Quality: although it is quite rare to get perfect quality with the best designs at reasonable prices — Dolls kill has made it all easy for you. They have the best of items with top qualities at suitably reasonable prices. The most budgeted store for middle-class people who live unique fashion strategies.


online womens clothing stores best budget

Peppermayo is a famous women’s clothing store online. It is an ultimate destination for women seeking diversification in fashion.

Peppermayo deals with trendy clothing items, footwear, Beauty and accessories along with many more categories on its website. It is one of the best brands like Cider out there, in fashion style and serving customers. 

Peppermayo is always in a run to serve their customers with something new and something more extravagant than last time.

They have sales dropping often on their website and offer to get you the best deals at the lowest prices. From Maxi dresses to Midi dresses, they also have mini dresses to help you dress adorable in your way. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The brand offers free express delivery if the total of your order exceeds the amount of $60.
  • If the item you ordered did not fit you correctly, you can return it immediately for free of cost. Free returns in Simple words. 
  • Their feature of shop stories will allow you to shop from highlighted categories like — Coachella, exclusives, sets, feathers, crochets, Mesh Maxis and many more. 
  • Their website is user-friendly. 

Pricing and Quality: The material used for clothing is enhanced. You get to wear the best fashionable clothes while staying in your comfort zone. The pricing of items is reasonable and no item is not worth the pennies you spend.

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Shein clothing store alternative of cider

Shein is a globally famous women’s fashion brand. If you are a fashion freak who is a seeker for brands that have the latest items in the fashion market right away — Shein is your best buddy. From bottoms to tops, hair accessories and whatnot — Shein has anything and everything in fashion for you. 

It covers a wide range of fashion categories. Unlike other brands who only focus on a few themes to cover on their website — Shein here gives you all types of materials, designs, accessories, styles and outfits. It is, without any doubt — one of the best stores like Cider. 

The brand comes along with a bunch of extra benefits. For instance, you get shipping free of charge on eligible items irrespective of the country and state you are residing in. Their brand allows you to take a clear look at the vast sea of women’s fashion — a chance for a woman with a passion for fashion will never leave. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Irrespective of your address it charges you free shipping on eligible purchases.
  • You get the latest items in the fashion market on the website at reasonable prices.
  • The website is updated daily with many items coming along new and trendy.
  • The website is easy to handle.
  • The website uses a secured mode of payment.
  • They also serve kid’s clothing.
  • Get well-suited accessories.
  • COD, a popular mode of payment where payment is done at the doorstep is available.
  • The brand has a 15-days return policy.
  • Apart from clothing, the brand has a lot more categories on its Website.

Pricing and Quality: while quality rises with the style range, the pricing merely stays behind to go along with middle-class people’s budgets. Shein must be your ultimate online store for top styles at reasonable prices. 

Princess Polly

White dresses, party dresses, minidresses, spring dresses

Princess Polly, known as Australia’s best online fashion boutique is famous for women’s clothing with every bit of Fashion included. The brand serves a good set of categories including dresses that further includes pieces according to the occasion and seasons — White dresses, party dresses, minidresses, spring dresses and more.

Princess Polly is one of the best brands like Cider clothing. The brand’s items are inspired by the latest fashion trends in the market. If you do not know what you want — Shop the new arrival or search for the specific item or items at the website. The brand allows you to shop from a good range of sale styles. They also offer express shipping across the globe along with a 30-days return policy.

Key Takeaways 

  • If you do not know what you wish to buy, the New Arrivals category will have all sorts of items for you to get inspired for a new look.
  • The sales category includes a vast number of items to save money in your pocket, while you shop to your heart’s content.
  • They offer a 30-days easy returns policy.
  • You can get express shipping irrespective of the country and state.

Pricing and Quality: The quality of the material is set to give you out most comfort while you look outstanding wearing Princess Polly. Along with the same, the pricing is low compared to other fashion brands offering a similar quality of materials and items.


plus size clothing best stores like cider clothing

Boohoo is a fashion brand including items for both women and men. Boohoo’s items library will confuse you with threads. With 100s of new items launching on their website daily — it is a must you will get whatever you are looking for. It is one of the best stores like cider clothing. 

The brand offers plus size clothing categories that include several outstanding pieces for dresses, tops and more. The offers dropping randomly yet frequently will give you the best deals and opportunities to shop a lot with a reasonable amount in your pocket. With Boohoo, you can never return with empty hands. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The website is handy, anyone can operate it and has an adorable mixture of light colours making it look cute in the overview.
  • With every new festival and season, you get huge deals and offers hanging everywhere around the website.
  • Most of the items have colour options to help you buy them in your favourite or most-preferred shade.

Pricing and Quality: the quality of the materials is outstanding. On top of that, the prices are likely set to surprise all of us because they are comparatively the lowest prices any brand can offer for such amazing quality and styled clothing items. 


popular online fashion body in the market
tops, fans, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, rompers, sets, denim, basics, graphic tees, jackets, knits, sweatshirts and coats

Edikted is a popular online fashion body in the market, dealing especially in women’s fashion categories. The brand allows you to discover a new sense of passion and try new styles and outlooks as a refreshing gesture. It is one of the best stores like Cider.

You get a good set of Categories to shop from. The main category of clothing includes subsections named — tops, fans, dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, rompers, sets, denim, basics, graphic tees, jackets, knits, sweatshirts and coats. 

You get several opportunities in the name of deals and offers to shop more and spend less. The brand has a club named Edikted Beach House which gives you points to spend while shopping from the brand if you become a member of it. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The overview of the user interface of the website is beautiful. with a good mixture of light and adorable colours, it gives off a cute look. 
  • The website is user-friendly.
  • The brand has a good number of categories and subcategories under the Fashion label to offer.

Pricing and Quality: The quality and pricing move hand-in-hand. While you get the items at reasonable prices, the quality of them is up to the mark too. 


The above-mentioned list contains the list of best stores like Cider. They were picked not only because of the fashion and clothing style they offer but also because all of them offer the best quality and designs at low prices, compared to other high-end fashion brands.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best shops like Cider?

Boohoo, Shein, Edikted and Princess Polly are a few of the best shops like Cider.

What are the best alt stores?

Silkfred, H&M, Killstar, All Saints, Missguided and Urban Outfitters are a few of the best alt stores leading in the market currently.

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