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7 Best Stores Like Ashley Furniture to Furnish Your Home With [2024]

7 Best Stores Like Ashley Furniture to Furnish Your Home With [2024]

Having furniture and sitting on the most comfortable furniture is a dream to handle. Buying it is a different thing and selecting on your own is a different drive to look for. Furniture is comfortable, at reasonable prices, with color options is not a lot to ask. 

Furniture is needed everywhere, be it office, college dorm, g house, clinic, café, bedroom, etc. You need furniture to rest humans and things and decorate your every space beautifully. Getting your choice of color and shape with a size of furniture from local vendors or makers can be a little costly and time-taking, to be honest. 

To kill your time and make things more customizable, there are online stores and websites which offer the same customization with more unique sizes and shapes for the furniture to look for.  

In this article, we are going to talk about the best 7 stores like Ashley Furniture to grab furniture from. Ashley Furniture is very known for online shopping of furniture, mattresses, kitchen flatware, etc. The 7 Best Stores Like Ashley Furniture are- Ikea, Wayfair, Article, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Castlery, and Floyd. 

By the end of the article, you will get all the details like delivery cost, delivery types, pricing, features, key highlights, and small descriptions of the 7 best stores like Ashely Furniture. 


Stores Like Ashley Furniture

Ikea is a well-known online store with stores in the best locations on the globe. Ikea offers customization of different types of furniture with easy fixtures where you can easily fix everything on your own without the need for carpenters and helpers. 

Ikea store promises to make a whole home, bedroom, dorm setup with office and kitchen too. You can simply just buy anything and everything related to home and outdoor with office space interiors and decorations with Ikea. 

Ikea’s online store is very easy to navigate and use. The main menu is skipped into the sections of products, rooms, new at IKEA, offers, etc. You can easily select more options such as IKEA business, restaurant, Stores Finder, etc. 

Ikea also has a dedicated corner for designing your room and space according to you and your requirements. You can easily download their application from the online website or find it on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Key Highlights of Ikea 

  • Price Range: $20 to $99+ everything at reasonable pricing. 
  • Best for: Back To Collge, Designing Rooms, Office, etc. 
  • Shipping costs: Delivery costs start according to weight from $5.99 and more. 
  • Designing service: Yes. Customizing and designing spaces according to you is available at Ikea. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: You can choose your delivery date with the delivery confirmation call within a 4-hour window after purchasing the items from Ikea. 
  • In-store pickups: Yes. Ikea offers a Click and Collect feature for in-store pickups. 
  • Return Policy: They accept all returns except returns on plants, cut fabric, custom countertops, and as-in products. You can return everything else within 365 days after purchase. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option: They have different plans for delivery and pricing, but all products are delivered by a third party, and hence white-glove delivery from their experts is yet to introduce. 
  • Finance Option: Ikea offers Credit Cards services for easy finance options. 
  • Return fees: No return fees are charged as such,  on a successful return you will get your full refund of the purchase amount. 
  • Extra Fees: They don’t charge fees until any damage is made to their products or property. They also offer free joining to the Ikea Family. 


Wayfair Stores Like Ashley Furniture

Wayfair is a great alternative store like Ashley Furniture to shop furniture from. Wayfair has everything sorted in one place, you can shop everything from Wayfair in one go without shopping from multiple stores. 

Wayfair also is very popular for the discounts and sales it introduces now and then. It may offer rewards on successful signing up with them with free shipping services over the products costing $35+. 

The store has options from furniture, outdoor, bedding, and bath, rugs, décor and pillows, organization, lighting, kitchen, baby and kids, home improvement, etc. Just like Ashley Furniture, you will get every single product that enhances the beauty of your space. 

Key Highlights of Wayfair 

  • Price Range: From $99 to $149 and above. 
  • Best for: College, outdoor, offices, etc. 
  • Shipping costs: Free shipping over the products $35+. 
  • Designing service: Wayfair offers room ideas corner and a 3D room planner to design your space. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: 2-5 Business Days. 
  • In-store pickups: For now, Wayfair doesn’t offer any in-store pickups. 
  • Return Policy: You can easily return selective products within 30 days of delivery. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option: They only offer delivery options with UPS and FedEx. 
  • Finance Option: Wayfair also offers Wayfair financing and credit card options for the customers. 
  • Return fees: As Return fees, your shipping cost will be deducted from the final amount of the refund. 
  • Extra Fees: No extra fees are mentioned from Wayfair’s end. 
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Article Stores Like Ashley Furniture

Article Store is in the furniture selling industry since the year 2013 and is a great store like Ashley Furniture. The Article Store has the simplest user interface to purchase furniture online with ease. 

Article Store just like Ashley Furniture offers gift cards and financing options to its customers. They also have a dedicated corner for all the terms and conditions and procedures to look out for applying to financing options and gift cards. 

Article Store everything and everyone at your services from staffing of engineers, painters, journalists, weight lifters, stack liners, mountain bikers, chefs, etc. Article Store promises its customer to work with ease with them to deliver the perfect furniture for their office spaces and rooms. 

Key Highlights of Article 

  • Price Range:  $79 to $499 and above. 
  • Best for: Offices and Home Furniture. 
  • Shipping costs: Shipping costs may be varied from $70 to $150 for assembly and in-room deliveries.
  • Designing service: They offer free interior designing services to their customers. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: Flexible for customers to decide and schedule their deliveries. 
  • In-store pickups: No in-store pickups by Article Store. 
  • Return Policy: Article Store offers 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and if not, you can easily return it.
  • White Glove Delivery Option: Article Store doesn’t have any white glove delivery option. 
  • Finance Option: Article Store offers to pay your way as financing services with 0% APR. 
  • Return fees: May vary from $19 to $49 as return fees. 
  • Extra Fees: For the damage to the product, you may need to pay extra fees. 

West Elm 

West Elm Stores Like Ashley Furniture

West Elm is a huge universe when we talk about furniture and pottery barn. West Elm is considered to be the best store alternative for stores like Ashley Furniture. It has a huge collection of west elm kids, pottery, business-to-business, WS home, etc. 

The West Elm stores offer designing services and also eco-conscious home planning etc. The store also offers shopping categories from PB kids, PB teen, Williams Sonoma, rejuvenation, Halloween shop, etc. 

West Elm has everything under control, you can easily shop for categories like business-to-business solutions, wedding registry, designing crew, etc. West Elm offers free appointment for designing services with room planner facilities for its customers. 

Key Highlights of West Elm 

  • Price Range: $299  and above. 
  • Best for: Business, Wedding, Home, etc. 
  • Shipping costs: Shipping costs vary from $26 to $12 in between. 
  • Designing service: West Elm offers designing services with room planners etc
  • Average Duration for shipping:  West Elm's duration of shipping stands for 4-5 business days. 
  • In-store pickups: West Elm store offers the facility of buying online and in-store pickups. 
  • Return Policy: West Elm's return policy is quite complicated and hence you need to have original receipts etc to get a full refund within 30 days from purchase. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option: West Elm offers white glove delivery to ensure your furniture is handled with extra care. 
  • Finance Option: West Elm offers a credit card facility for finance options. 
  • Return fees: Return shipping costs may vary depending on the duration and size of the product. 
  • Extra Fees: No extra fees except damages and shipping costs. 

Crate & Barrel 

Crate & Barrel Stores Like Ashley Furniture

Crate & Barrel is one of the good stores like Ashley furniture to design and buy furniture from. The store has a collection including different kinds of furniture in the category of outdoor, tabletop and bar, kitchen, and all kinds of different furniture. 

In the category of furniture, customers are likely to buy furniture such as in- living room, dining and kitchen, storage and modular, bedroom, home and office, entryway, leather, trending, and clearance, in-stock furniture, etc. 

For the Outdoor Furniture options, customers will get categories such as Outdoor lounge furniture, outdoor dining, outdoor décor, pillows, planters, gardening, etc. In the Tabletop and Bar collection, customers will get to choose from dinnerware, flatware, table liners, serveware, bar tools, etc. 

Key Highlights of Crate & Barrel 

  • Price Range: $799 and above. 
  • Best for: All Kind of Furniture and Outdoor 
  • Shipping costs: Shipping costs vary from Premium to Express delivery options starting from $4.95 to $46.90. 
  • Designing service: Crate and Barrel offer 100% free designing on your projects. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: Crate and Barrel ships within 6 weeks to their customer’s destination. 
  • In-store pickups: Crate and Barrel offer in-store pickups
  • Return Policy: Furniture and rugs are not eligible for online returns. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option:  Crate and Barrel have a white glove delivery option for in-home deliveries. 
  • Finance Option: For financing, Crate&Barrel offers a credit card with special offers and discounts exclusive for the credit card holders. 
  • Return fees: Shipping and handling fees charged for the product are taken as return fees and are not refundable. 
  • Extra Fees: May charge you transaction fees up to 3% of the total payments. 


Castlery Stores Like Ashley Furniture

Castlery is a well-known brand for ready-to-ship furniture with great designs and comfort at your doorstep just like Ashley Furniture. Castlery is also very popular for its virtual studio to shop the look from. 

Castlery offers free shipping for products over $999+. Castlery has a range of sofas, tables, chairs, storage, furniture sets, and outdoor accessories to shop from. Castlery also has sales and a new corner to keep customers updated with real-time new editions and sales. 

Castlery has an easy return policy with refund possibilities. The store also offers free swatches at your home to look out for. The shipping is quite complicated and hence the information is perfectly explained on the website. 

Key Highlights of Castlery 

  • Price Range:  $229 and above. 
  • Best for: Outdoor, Furniture Sets, Beds, Chairs, etc. 
  • Shipping costs: $19 to $149
  • Designing service: Designing is kept very minimal, with not so much customization available. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: Within a week or two. Customers can schedule deliveries too. 
  • In-store pickups: Castlery right now doesn’t offer any self-collection or in-store pickups from their end. 
  • Return Policy: All the products which are in great condition are allowed to be returned within 14 days from purchase. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option: Castlery offers a white glove delivery option with additional fees of $100 as taxes. 
  • Finance Option: They offer financing through their finance partner- Affirm. 
  • Return fees: They charge 20% of the final product price as a restocking fee. 
  • Extra Fees: May charge $50 for repacking fee etc. 

Floyd Home

Floyd Home

If you are looking for a brand which trusted by countries and newsletters, then Floyd Home is one of the great stores like Ashley Furniture which is reviewed by Wirecutter, Vogue, Bloomberg, etc. 

You can easily buy beddings, mattresses, tables, chairs, side tables, etc with Floyd Home to enhance your spaces. They also offer a huge collection of pillows, rugs, wardrobe shelves, etc. 

Key Highlights of Floyd Home

  • Price Range: $35 and above. 
  • Best for: Outdoor, Patio, Garden, kitchen, etc. 
  • Shipping costs: Floyd Home charges shipping costs from $74 to $199 and above. 
  • Designing service: The Designing Services is based on questions and options and easily submit it with photos. 
  • Average Duration for shipping: You can easily schedule deliveries from Monday to Friday. 
  • In-store pickups: Floyd Home doesn’t allow in-store pickups. 
  • Return Policy: The return policy is kept simpler with easy returns within 30 days of delivery. 
  • White Glove Delivery Option: White Glove Delivery is only available for the customers living on the 3rd floor and below with an accessible elevator. 
  • Finance Option: No finance options are available currently with Floyd Home. 
  • Return fees: Restocking fee as return fee is declared to be 10% with non-refunding shipping costs. 
  • Extra Fees: Made-to-order items on canceling may add up to a 50% processing fee to the customer’s checkout. 


Here we come to an end to the article of 7 best Stores like Ashley Furniture to buy furniture from namely Floyd Home, West Elm, Castelery, Ikea, Wayfair, and Carrel and Barrel with Article Furniture. 

Hope you found our article informative and easy to choose the best store for designing your furniture and getting it delivered at reasonable pricing. 

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Who owns Floyd Home?

Floyd Home Furnishings is managed by Alex O-Dell and Kyle Hoff. 

Who owns West Elm?

West Elm is handled and looked after by Williams-Sonoma, Inc. 

Who owns Castlery?

Castlery is owned by Fred Ji, Ji Xiang, and Zhou Zhiwei. 

Who owns Ikea?

Ikea is in the hands of the Stichting INGKA Foundation. 

Who owns Wayfair?

Wayfair is founded by Niraj Shah and Steve Conine.

Who owns Crate and Barrel?

Crate and Barrel are handled by Otto GmbH. 

Who owns Article Furniture?

Article Furniture is owned by Aamir Baig. 

Who owns Ashley Furniture?

Ashley Furniture is looked after by Carlyle Weinberger.