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Sezzle Review: Pricing, Features, Legit?

Sezzle Review: Pricing, Features, Legit?

Sezzle Review – Are you wondering what is Sezzle? Want to know what are its features? Wondering whether it is Legit or Scam? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that! In this article, we’ll show you a simple Sezzle review which will help you know everything about Sezzle app.

Buy now, pay later services has helped us to buy now and pay later. Sezzle is such buy now, pay later service that lets users to buy whatever they want. Read on further to know more about Sezzle reviews.

Sezzle Review: Getting Started!

Sezzle is a digital payment service which lets you to take control of your financial future, achieve financial freedom and spend carefully. All you have to do is to shop and buy whatever you want, Sezzle will automatically divide your payment into four interest-free payments for over six weeks, without impacting your credit score.


  • One free rescheduling of payment per order
  • Fast checkout
  • 0% rate interest


  • 25% upfront fee
  • Every extra reschedule is $5
  • Charges fee for late payment

Plans and Pricing

Sezzle provides buy now, pay later services for completely free. It provides four-installment payment plan, which can be paid over six weeks.

However, you are supposed to pay the first installment as a down payment which is typically 25% of your order’s total. Although, it is completely interest free, the only fees you might pay for are failed payments fees or rescheduled payment fees.

If your schedule payment fails to process, you’ll be charged a $10 fee, typically, this happens if the card has been cancelled or when there are not enough funds in the account. They even send email and text reminders to prevent this from happening. Also, remember that you can only get one free reschedule and the next reschedule is charged a fee of $5.


  • It serves more than two million customers and thirty-four thousand traders, including home goods, the latest trends in fashion, beauty and much more.
  • The first payment should be paid at the moment of purchase, while the remaining three are due at regular interval over the following six months.
  • Customers who have paid off earlier purchases on time are permitted to finance the purchase of more expensive products.
  • You can easily manage your existing orders, change your payment methods, reschedule future payments and get notifications on your next payment.
  • Users can shop and discover store via the Sezzle app or through its website.
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sezzle review

The Competitors

Here is the list of Sezzle competitors that are worth considering:

  1. Klarna
  2. Quadpay
  3. Afterpay
  4. ViaBill
  5. Affirm

Is Sezzle Legit or Scam?

Sezzle is completely legit and safe. It doesn’t affect your credit score. Also, it undergoes audits to make sure the maximum level of compliance.

Is Sezzle Worth it?

Even though you don’t have to pay any interest charges, it does charge a late payment fee if you haven’t paid your payment on time. Also, it has no spending limits like traditional credit cards or lines of credit.

Sezzle can be the best option if you can afford to pay 25% down payment can pay off the remaining balance within six weeks. Nevertheless, if you don’t intend to use Sezzle, there are several financing options available out there.

So, we hope the above article on Sezzle review has helped you to know everything about Sezzle app.

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Does Sezzle hurt your credit?

No. Although Sezzle verify your identify and performs a soft credit check, your missed payments doesn’t have any impact on your FICO score.

What’s the catch with Sezzle?

There’s no catch as they don’t charge interest. Nevertheless, the only payment you are supposed to pay is a failed payment or a late payment fee.

Is Sezzle a good option?

Sezzle can be the best option if you can afford to pay 25% down payment can pay off the remaining balance within six weeks.

Is Sezzle safe and legit?

Yes, Sezzle is completely safe to use as the company follows Payment Card Industry to protect your transactions and personal information.

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