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Fix: PS4 Error ws-45519-4 [Quick Guide 2024]

Fix: PS4 Error ws-45519-4 [Quick Guide 2024]

Fix PS4 Error ws-45519-4: PlayStation 4 is a video game console that offers incredible games and continuous entertainment. It supports DVD and Blu-ray playback and offers access to free and premium PlayStation Networks.

And just like any other software, it also causes a few errors, and error ws-45519-4 is one among many error codes caused by PlayStation 4.

If your PS4 is also showing PS4 error ws-45519-4 and you want to know how to fix it, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll show you how you can get rid of the error ws-45519-4 on PS4.

What is PS4 Error ws-45519-4?

Usually, error code ws-45519-4 appears when you try to remove a card payment method and put on a new one or when you try to purchase a game. Sometimes, it can also be due to a temporary server outage which displays ‘Something Went Wrong on PlayStation Store’ on your screen.

How to Fix PS4 Error ws-45519-4?

Below are a few reasons associated with the error ws-45519-4.

  1. The location where the payment is being processed does not match the place or region linked with the PSN account.
  2. There might be some issues with your chosen payment method.
  3. Your PS4 has some momentary glitches.
  4. Your PS must be updated to its latest version.
  5. The specific PlayStation has some server outages or internet connectivity issues.

Since PlayStation doesn’t have any information regarding this error, here are some troubleshooting steps which can help you get rid of the PS4 error ws-45519-4.

Check The Region

Before trying any complicated fixes, it is important to focus on the region matching as the region from where your payment is being processed plays a major role.

Thus, make sure that the region and the country of your payment method match with the country or country of your PSN account. However, if you see that your region is okay, follow the below solutions.

Check The Payment Method

There is a possibility that the error ws-45519-4 can be due to your payment method. Thus, ensure that you check the following things before proceeding for more fixes.

  • Ensure that the online payments for the card you are trying to make the payments are enabled.
  • Confirm with PlayStation whether they accept the kind of card you are using to make the payment.
  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct card details.

If you see that the issue is due to the payment method, try using an alternate method to make your purchase.

Try The PS Plus Card

Since this error typically occurs when you try to purchase a game, some users have mentioned they were able to get rid of the error ws-45519-4 by using the PS Plus Card to make the purchase.

Power Cycle PlayStation

We can say that you might encounter this error due to some temporary glitches which you can easily fix by restarting the device.

So, turn off the PlayStation, unplug the power cord of the PS from the power outlet, and wait for 1-2 minutes. Now, restore the power supply and turn on the PlayStation and see if this fixes the issue.

Update The PlayStation

Sometimes using the outdated version of the PlayStation can cause server errors and error ws-45519-4 might be one of them. Therefore, check for any pending updates and install the latest version. If you don’t know how to update your PlayStation, you can visit here.

Check For Outages

Since PS4 error ws-45519-4 is due to a server issue, check if PlayStation is facing any server outages in your area.

So, navigate to to find confirmation for PlayStation outrages. If you see that the issue is due to temporary service outrages, all you can do is wait till the issue is fixed at the PlayStation’s end.

Contact PlayStation Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the solutions mentioned above but the issue persists, simply get in touch with PlayStation’s customer support and explain the issue you are currently facing.


What is the error code ws-45519-4 on PlayStation?

Error code ws-45519-4 appears when you try to purchase a game or remove a card payment method to add a new one.

Why is PS4 saying my card is expired?

Ensure that the credit card number is accurate or delete the currently registered credit card and register again.

How do I fix my payment error on PS4?

Navigate to settings and select PlayStation Network/Account Management -> Account Information -> Wallet -> Payment Methods. Now, select the card you are trying to use and select Edit Card Information to ensure the details are entered correctly. 

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