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PS4 Error Code E-8210604a [Fix 2021]

PS4 Error Code e-8210604a

PS4 Error Code E-8210604a, PS4 Error E-8210604a, Playstation Error Code E-8210604a – Many PS4 users are encountering Error Code e-8210604a and they are unable to renew subscription or purchase anything.

So, what exactly is PS4 error E-8210604a? Well, it has to do with the PlayStation4 transactions. When you go ahead and buy something on the PlayStation store and it won’t let you go ahead and make that purchase.

How to Fix: PS4 Error Code e-8210604a

Change your Email

You can easily resolve this error code by just changing your PS Store connected email address. Once you go ahead and change your email address, go down to confirm and follow the instructions to verify your email. So, make sure what you type is completely authentic.

You can change your email by using the following method:

How to Change Email[For PC]

  • Go to your Account.
  • Navigate to the Security Section (At the left side Navigation Menu).
  • Enter the Login id/Email Address.
  • Enter the new Email.

How to Change Email[For Playstation]

  • Navigate to the Menu.
  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to the Account Management Section -> Account Data
  • Select Login ID/Email.
  • Enter the New Email.

Once you’ve changed your email address, you log out of your PlayStation4 and you’ll have to sign in with your new credentials (email address and password). So, you are supposed to have a phone or a computer available for you to complete this process.

PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0 [How to Fix]

Delete and Re-add payment method

  • On the Home Screen of the PlayStation4, go to top and scroll over to Settings.
  • Now, select Account Management.
  • Navigate to Account Information.
  • Scroll down and click on Wallet to change your payment methods.
  • Click on Payment Methods.

All you need to do is to delete your credit information and then, add it again. If this method didn’t solve your issue, check out the below-mentioned methods.

Add Funds

You can easily fix PS4 Error Code e-8210604a by following the below instructions:

  • Go to the Settings in your Console
  • Navigate to the Account -> Account Management -> Account Information.
  • Go to the Wallets.
  • Click on Add funds.
  • In this way you can add some money directly to your account like a 12 digit code.
  • It will simply solve the error and you can buy whatever with your PayPal, debit card or credit card or even purchasing with a redeem code online such as from

After applying this method, if you are unable to add a credit card, then follow our next method to learn how you can easily pay with your credit card.

Add PayPal

If you can’t use the credit card on your account, you can go to Paypal and add the credit card there. After that, you have to add the Paypal in your PS5 account.

It will simply fix the Credit card issue in your account.

Change the DNS Settings

PS4 error e-8210604a can be a server issue. So, if this a server issue, you can get rid of it by altering the DNS settings. You have to modify the DNS settings to manual and alter the primary DNS to and then modify the secondary DNS to

Restart your PS4

If none of the above solution helped, you can try restarting your PS4 as sometimes temporary files gets generated during the process of PS4. If these files are corrupted, error like e-8210604a can occur.

You can easily remove these files from. All you need to do is to restart your PlayStation4. Once you have restarted, you can check if the PS4 error code e-8210604a has solved or still persists.


What is PS4 Error Code e-8210604a? Causes of it

PS4 Error Code e-8210604a is related to the payment error in the PS4 account. Due to the error, PS4 users are unable to purchase any service with their account. There is no any information about its causes.

How do I fix the PS4 error code E-8210604a?

You can try changing your email address by adding a new one. You can also try deleting your credit card information and add it again, or just simply add a PayPal account.

How do I error code on PS4?

These are the few troubleshooting steps to fix the error code on your PS4:
·       Completely turn off your PS4 Controller and Console.
·       Reboot your PS4 console and then your controller.
·       Try opening the game in which the error has occurred.

Why does my PS4 keep saying error has occured?

You can simply fix this issue by logging in to your account on a different PS4 console and log out again. After logging out of the console, you can try logging in to your PS4 again and check if this helped.

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