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Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football: Which Is Better For Football? [2024]

Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football: Which Is Better For Football? [2024]

Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football: Both Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football are two of the most famous fantasy football platforms that offer a wide range of fantasy sports options along with football.

Though there are many online platforms that host fantasy football leagues, ESPN and Yahoo are the most popular. So, which one is the best? Is Yahoo fantasy better than ESPN or vice versa?

If you want to know which is the best fantasy football platform between Yahoo and ESPN, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a detailed Yahoo vs ESPN fantasy football platforms comparison to help you choose one.

Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football: Overview

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo fantasy football is a popular online fantasy football platform that lets you create and manage your own virtual football teams. It is your one stop place to play, draft, and manage all your favorite football players.

What makes it more interesting is that it provides access to history books where you can visit the league archive and see records like the team that scored the most points by an RB in an entire season, the closest game, the team with the most points in a single week, biggest blow, the largest margin of victory, and more.

Furthermore, you can even compare records for the season or the entire duration of your league. Besides fantasy football, Yahoo fantasy sports also offer fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, daily fantasy, best ball, and much more.

Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football

ESPN Fantasy Football

Like Yahoo fantasy football, ESPN also offers fantasy football games which is easy to navigate and has a colorful interface. It can be a great choice to host your league.

And you can easily create a fantasy football team or join an already existing league to compete against other fans. So, sign up, draft your fantasy team, edit your lineup, add players, and make trades.

Moreover, with easy access to ESPN news and updates, you’ll also be informed on all NFL things. Other than fantasy football, other ESPN fantasy sports include fantasy women’s basketball, fantasy men’s basketball, hockey, and baseball.  

ESPN vs Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo vs ESPN Fantasy Football: Pricing

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo offers both free and paid plans. The paid plan is called Yahoo Fantasy Plus which offers advanced tools and insights and helps you win our leagues with access to trade, draft, research tools, and much more.

Its subscription plans are as follows:

Yahoo Fantasy Standard

  • It is completely free.
  •  Ability to create a league.
  • Player notes plus projections.
  • Player transaction trends.

Yahoo Fantasy Plus

  •  It costs $2.92 a month.
  • You can access its 7 days free trial.
  • Includes everything that the Yahoo fantasy standard offers.
  • Research assistant and trade hub.
  • Yahoo and Rotowire expert ranks.
  • Draft check sheets and draft scouts.
  • Increased team cap from 8 to 16.
  • Team insights and player recommendations.
  • Position ranks and advanced stats.
  • These features are available on all season-long fantasy games.

You can pay for your Yahoo Fantasy Plus subscription using any credit or debit card, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover, and PayPal.

ESPN Fantasy Football

All the Fantasy games on ESPN including Fantasy Football are completely free to play. But to access advanced tools, you’ll need to pay for a subscription plan – ESPN+, which costs $9.99 a month.

Through ESPN+, you get the ability to analyze each matchup and get recommended picks one game at a time, access all resources and insights you need to make the smartest picks for every game, and create customized rankings and player values based on your league settings.


Customization Options

When it comes to customization, both Yahoo and ESPN offer different customization options and Yahoo offers more extensive customization options than ESPN.

Yahoo: It lets users create and customize their own scoring system depending on their preferences.  

And offers a wide range of customization for league settings such as draft type, playoff format, the number of teams, and waiver settings. Also, you can create and customize roster positions depending on your league’s needs.

ESPN: On the other hand, like Yahoo, ESPN also offers customizable league settings and roster positions. But what makes it different is its ability to customize draft orders to suit users’ requirements.

Analysis and Research Tools

Both ESPN and Yahoo offer similar analysis and research tools like expert analysis which offers a detailed analysis of players, matchups, and teams to assist you in making informed decisions.

Also, it offers advanced stats that can help you dig deeper into player performance metrics, projections & rankings, and real -time player news and updates to help you stay updated on player suspension, injuries, and other required information.

User Interface

Yahoo and ESPN’s user interface vary in terms of user-friendliness, design, clutter, the amount of information displayed, and slayout.

For instance, Yahoo has a lot of information including players’ stats and projections on one screen, but ESPN’s screen has only fewer details and you’ll have to navigate more to view more details.

Furthermore, ESPN’s user interface is more streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly as there are only fewer distractions on the screen. On the other hand, Yahoo’s interface is cleaner and has a simpler design.

Draft Experience

One of the most important aspects of fantasy football is the draft and Yahoo provides a smooth and user-friendly draft experience with the ability to pre-rank players, a chat feature to communicate with other draft participants, and auto-draft.

While ESPN provides an extensive and comprehensive drafting system that consists of mock drafts, customizable draft settings, and expert analysis to assist you in making informed decisions.

Live Scoring

Live scoring allows you to track your team’s performance in real-time. Though both ESPN and Yahoo give scoring details like yards gained, touchdowns, and field goals, Yahoo offers more comprehensive data about each play such as the player who made the play and the yardage gained on each play.

Also, Yahoo provides more frequent live scoring updates and displays each team’s players and their current score in a more organized and intuitive format than ESPN.

League Types

ESPN and Yahoo both offer a wide range of league types, including PPR (point-per-reception), IDP (individual defensive players) auction leagues, standard leagues, and dynasty leagues.

Pros and Cons

Yahoo Football Fantasy


  • Offers a detailed league history and record books.
  • Offers a wide variety of fantasy sports options.
  • More in-depth analysis and player rankings.
  • Supports customizable league settings.
  • Has a user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.


  • Players on the bench can be dropped anytime.
  • Only has limited customization options for leagues.

ESPN Football Fantasy


  •  Other than fantasy football, it offers a wide variety of fantasy sports options.
  • Provides a wide range of league customization options.
  • Offers dedicated commissioner experience and a team management feature for commissioners.
  • It will send alerts if a player is ruled out or questionable.


  •  Interface is quite difficult to navigate when compared to Yahoo.

Final Words

Fantasy football is one of the most hectic yet rewarding games that you can play. And both Yahoo and ESPN are amazing platforms to play fantasy football games as you can have an informative, organized, and fun experience playing it.

But, deciding which app to run your league from can be quite difficult as both offer a wide range of features and options for fantasy football enthusiasts.

And both platforms allow the commissioners to upload their own rosters after finishing an offline draft party. So, choosing between Yahoo fantasy football and ESPN fantasy football ultimately comes to your personal preferences and requirements.


Is Yahoo or ESPN fantasy football better?

Both Yahoo and ESPN provide a great fantasy football experience by offering a wide range of features and options for fantasy football enthusiasts.

Is Yahoo or ESPN fantasy projections more accurate?

Typically, it’s difficult to say whether Yahoo or ESPN fantasy projections are more accurate because they vary every year, and they depend on a wide variety of factors such as changes in team personnel, injuries, and changes in defensive and offensive schemes.

Is Yahoo good for fantasy football?

Yes, it is a popular online fantasy football platform that lets you create and manage your own virtual football teams.

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