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Playsee App Review: Is PlaySee a Dating App? [2024]

Playsee App Review: Is PlaySee a Dating App? [2024]

Playsee App Review: Have you always wanted to try discovering new destinations through a video map and share your experiences with the world? If it is a yes, then how about you try the Playsee app where you can share local trends and your dream destinations with a globally famous community. 

But, like it is easier said than done – when it comes to Playsee, it is hard to decide if the app is legit and safe, if the information provided is true and whether there are scammers along the way. Besides, you would also like to know how the Playsee app works, what are its highlights and all the related information beforehand.

In this case, you don’t have to gather the data from different websites as in this article; we are going to give you a perfect Playsee app review which will definitely help you decide if the app is worth a try. 

What is the Playsee App?

Playsee app is an interesting platform where you get to join a community with over 10 million users across the globe and discover new places, experiences, and people through your profile and feed. 

The goal of this app is to help you discover new things you can try out, explore new ideas and inspirations, meet new people and visit new places that you might find peaceful and favorite.

Moreover, Playsee allows you to share reels, as in short and normal videos where you can show your experience, the place you visited, and the people you have met. And you can start local conversations in the community through the recently released Playsee board feature, which can also be used to contact locals. 

Playsee App Review

How to use it?

Playsee app is a map-based social media platform that help you find hidden gems through local reels and message boards. All you need to do is to visit a new destination, shoot a reel and share it on your feed so that others in the community will know about the place based on locations.

In case you are not confident about shooting reels then you can use the message board and convey the location, ratings, and other crucial information about the place. You can share activities, restaurants, hotels, services, and any other places in the community and explore the same in your area or a new city or country you are visiting. 

As for the ones viewing and exploring, just open the app and the first thing you will see is the video map. On the map, you will see balloons popping up which are stories, also known as reels posted on those locations by people. To view the reel, tap on the balloon and you can view the video.

Key Features

  • You can find popular hangouts and food spots with personalized recommendations and precise hashtags for better understanding and recognition.
  • The app offers filters to narrow down your search. For instance, you can add a filter of country, state and category like things to do, drinks, food, etc to search the proper destination.
  • The newly launched trending filter will notify you of all the upcoming events and happenings around your area. 
  • It offers a feature of hashtags that will help better in both gaining attention and finding a good place.

Pros and Cons


  1. It is a safe social platform.
  2. With Playsee’s systematic presentation, you can share the reels and messages on other social media platforms and gain recognition.
  3. The working of the app is smooth and bugs and glitches are rarely found.
  4. Judgment of video maps is precise.


  1. The customer service support is slow.
  2. The app does not do an excellent job of hiding your identity from other users.

Is the Playsee App Safe?

Yes, the Playsee app is 100% safe. It is a secure social community where you can make new friends, know, and share common interests, discover new hobbies and activities along with exploring interesting destinations. It is a family of over 10 million users where all they care about is exploring and socialising. 

Furthermore, the app doesn't ask for any additional confidential data apart from usual personal information that you have added to create an account and profile which is going to be kept safe in their servers. Therefore, you need not worry about safety at the Playsee app.

Final Words: Playsee App Review 

The Playsee app seems to be a good app for exploring and if you are interested in tourism, then having this app installed on your device will surely help you find good spots in a new city or country you are visiting next.

Additionally, the working of the app is easy, you don’t need any companion or guide to help you out throughout the journey and it is a 100% free platform where you will not be charged a single penny either for posting or exploring.

So, Playsee is a must-have app on your cell phone to avoid visiting the same places each time and discover new things like cuisines, activities, sports, tastes, and more.

With this, we are ending our Playsee app review and we hope‌ that it has helped you decide whether the app is worth your time and effort or not.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Playsee app safe?

Yes, the Playsee app is a safe and secure platform where users' privacy has given top priority. The platform assures you that even when it shares your exact location as soon as you post a reel; the location is never stored in their servers and it will disappear as soon as the time span of the reel/story is completed.

Is Playsee app free?

Yes, the Playsee app is free to install and use.

Is Playsee a dating app?

No, the Playsee app is not a dating app, instead, you can explore new destinations and make friends who share similar interests in the same community.