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4 Fascinating Apps like BeReal for GenZs [2024]

4 Fascinating Apps like BeReal for GenZs [2024]

Apps like BeReal: When work is hectic, you’ll have to spend more than half of your day indulging yourself in things that barely help you grow and when scenarios like these take place, just know it is your hint to connect with your long-lost friends or find some new friendships which won’t be a bother but will still bring smiles on your faces. 

So, when we talk about connections between two friends or people staying in different states or cities, how do you think they will be able to stay connected? Yes, through some amazing GenZ apps like BeReal who allow you to send pictures or similar content to bring smiles on your friends’ faces every day. 

So what is BeReal?

BeReal is a platform where you meet your friends for real and stay connected everyday. Regularly, at different hours everyone in the group is notified together to capture a moment and share a photo with others within two minutes. Indeed, BeReal has given you a unique opportunity to stay close even when far apart in distance. 

BeReal is a good platform to meet new friends and stay connected with the old ones but if you would like to try new experiences and services then we recommend you to have a look at our list of apps like BeReal, 4 fascinating GenZ apps to share photos and videos with your closed ones.


LiveIn App

LiveIn is an app that allows you to share the current moment you are living with your favorite group of people. With its widget, you can send your photos and drawings directly to your pal’s home screen, a feature that makes it one of the promising apps like BeReal.

The concept of LiveIn is extremely simple. You can start by adding the LiveIn widget to your home screen and whenever you send a picture, you can either take a live photo from cam or upload any from your gallery. And the photo will appear in your friend’s cell phone home screen widget. 

Along with photos, you can also draw a funny doodle or write a meaningful quote to enlighten their mood. So, LiveIn is a platform, a fun place where you meet your friends and make new friends globally and stay connected even if you are thousands of miles away.

Key Features

  • You can view photos and drawings posted by other users by tapping on the ‘world’ tab under the ‘Moments’ headline. 
  • Follow other users to start new friendships.
  • You can share chat photos on your friend’s home screen.
  • Make duet photos or videos with your friends.

Locket Widget

Locket Widget App

Locket Widget is a trusted app that show your photos to your best friend right onto their cell phone’s home screens. Everyday, you and your best friend will get to see each other’s pictures every time you two unlock your phones and you will also get a little glimpse of what everyone in your friend's circle is up to throughout the day. 

The working of the Locket Widget is simple. All you need to do is to add the locket widget to your home screen and whenever a friend sends you a photo, it will appear on your 

Locket Widget. And you can also reply with pictures from your side by tapping on the widget, taking a picture from your camera, or choosing one from the gallery. 

Key Features

  • To help you create a perfect friends group, the app permits you to add up to 20 friends on the app.
  • You can send a locket reaction to your friends and let them know you have viewed their image.
  • The snap lockets shared between your friends will not disappear and you will be able to view all the pictures afterward. 
  • Locket Widget will make a video including all the photos you have shared at the end of every month. 
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Apps like BeReal

PopaRazzi is a photo-sharing application exclusively for iOS device users that asks you to take pictures of your friends and share them on the platform. In short, you will become a paparazzi for your friends and share their funniest or happiest moments with others through the profile. 

The concept of PopaRazzi includes your friends creating a profile of you and sharing moments of your life on the profile feed. And to join the community, you can do the same and create an account for your friends to post moments from their life and there is no need of a perfect bio or detailed personal information. Even though it is not entirely similar, PopaRazzi it still the best BeReal alternative.

Key Features

  • You can create an account without adding the true personal information of your friend.
  • The app keeps identities safe unless you want to disclose yours or your friend’s.


Instagram App

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms where you can share photos and videos with people across the world. It is mentioned in the list of apps like BeReal because Instagram is currently testing a new feature like BeReal called the ‘Candid Challenge’ where users will get a notification together who will be asked to send a candid pic within minutes and without a specific prompt. 

Apart from the upcoming surprise, Instagram has many other features to entertain users with the list including short videos called reels, communication between people through messaging and other services, private account options to keep your data and content saved, and many more things.

Key Features

  • Has a ‘story’ feature where you can share the current or old moments for 24 hours publicly or with your followers through the private account and tag your friends too. 
  • Offers three ways to communicate with your friends and closed ones with the list including chatting, voice calling, and video calling.

Final Words 

We have successfully mentioned the best apps like BeReal currently available on the internet here and hope you will be able to find your favorite from this list too.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Are there other apps like BeReal?

Yes, there are other apps like BeReal and they are LiveIn, PopaRazzi and Locket Widget.

Is BeReal app free?

Yes, the BeReal app can be downloaded and used free of charge on both Android and iOS devices.

What happens if you don’t post on BeReal?

If you miss the time window, you can still post but others will know you posted late and the same happens if you retake a photo.