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Ownerly vs Zillow: Pros & Cons, Which Is Better? [2024]

Ownerly vs Zillow: Pros & Cons, Which Is Better? [2024]

Are wondering which is the best home value estimator between Ownerly and Zillow? Do you want to know how accurate is the home value information given by Zillow and Ownerly?

Both Ownerly and Zillow are real estate services that provide services to assist you in buying, selling, and renting properties.

So, if you want to know which is the best home value website between Ownerly and Zillow, keep on reading the Ownerly vs Zillow article where we have mentioned everything you need.

Ownerly vs Zillow: Overview


Ownerly is a home and property seller that is designed to help you as a homeowner determine your home’s value, provide data on tax records and sale prices, the ability to view other real estate information and help you manage your assets.

Besides the home valuation, it also offers information on personal loan providers, estimated renovation costs, mortgage and refinancing rate, insurance policies, and local sales.

And with its app, you can view recent sales in your area, get notified when there are any updates to your home’s value, and check your home’s appreciation and value history.

Although all this information can be easily found in a search, it’s unique to find everything in one place. And Ownerly does that for you, it puts everything in one place and makes the searching process faster.

Ownerly vs Zillow


Zillow is a fully featured real estate marketplace that lets you buy, sell, or rent a home and gives you resources and tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

It does its business through its website and app where you can find the most listings and constant updates, 3D homes tours to picture yourself in a home, self-tour for Zillow-owned homes with no pressure and appointments, and more.

Furthermore, there is also a personal rental profile that let you visit a house rental and connect directly with possible landlords and house owners who rent homes.

Besides, it also allows renters to pay rent online on the Zillow Rental Manager tool which charges a transaction fee when paying with credit or with debit card.

Zillow vs Ownerly

Ownerly vs Zillow: How Do They Work?


Selling a Home: Ownerly can be useful if you want to sell a house. Although it automatically sets a price, you can also do it by yourself by using a tool – Browse Properties by State and see the average lot size, age of home, property taxes, and recent sales data.

Furthermore, it also connects you with contractors and other services to help renovate your home and boost your home’s value when it’s time to sell.

Buying a Home: Primarily, Ownerly services are for sellers, but as a buyer, it can be a helpful research tool. Its valuation tracking tool can help write a fair offer and in negotiations with sellers.

Home Value Estimator: In order to use Ownerly, simply add an address online and wait for a few minutes for it to gather data on the property. It gathers info from different reports and adds everything into one convenient place.

However, to access this data, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan whose details are mentioned below. Once you become a member, you can access a specific amount of data every month.

And as a homeowner, you can use this data to sell your house, finance your mortgage, and even decide how to renovate. As a homebuyer, use it to search data on properties you are interested in.

Though you may expect a free home valuation like the other sites like Zillow offer, it charges a fee. Apart from home valuation, you’ll also get other valuable information like tax and property deed records, appreciation over time, and nearby comparable sales. All this info is publicly available, but you might find it difficult to track it all down for yourself.

Furthermore, there’s also information on prevailing insurance, the local property market, and mortgage and utility rates. So, we can say that even though you’ll need to pay for this, what Ownerly provides is convenience.


Like Ownerly, Zillow also offers a paid plan to buy, sell, and rent. However, if you want to browse the site casually, you can simply access the free account.

With the paid plan, you can save your favorite listings instead of reselecting all of the options every time you want to check.

Zestimate: It creates a valuation for a property by gathering data from publicly available tax and assessment records, nearby comparable, MLS listings, and user-submitted data.

Selling a Home: As a seller, you can track your home’s Zestimate before the listing to determine a proper listing price.

From the seller’s guide, you can access various articles regarding the timing of sales, real estate agent selection tips, strategies for selling in a seller’s or buyer’s market, and help make decisions regarding the repairs that you must make before listing a home.

Then, you can upload as many photos as you want, upload video tours, description of the property, and other property details, and even add a URL for a virtual tour hosted somewhere else.

Buying a Home: As a homebuyer, you’ll get the information you require to make good decisions, and other tools and resources to help you understand how different features might affect the cost of the home and the guidance to ultimately select a home.

All you need to do is to enter the street or Zip code and view the satellite map where ‘home for sale’ is tagged with a red balloon with the price in white text and a small gray or green balloon comprising all the information about the house.

Renting a Home: When it comes to renting, you can educate yourself regarding different decision-making strategies, budgeting, rental units, and searching for a rental home.

You can narrow your search using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, available move-in dates, price, and home type.

Besides, you can also access articles on finding the right rental, the basics of rental prices, and making a rental into an exclusive and comfortable home.

Price: Ownerly vs Zillow


Ownerly is a paid service which starts with at $1 or $5 fee for a seven-day free trial period. Each plan allows you to check up to 25 addresses and the more expensive plan lets you download the reports in PDF form.

Once the trial period is over, your subscription plan is automatically renewed at $29.99 per month along with the taxes. Through this, you can get another 25 reports every month.

If you are wondering how much it costs to sell a house, well there are some common things that you may have to spend on when selling your home. These expenses include brokerage commissions which is 7% for for-sale-by-owner houses.

These expenses also comprise closing cost and house preparation. If you visit this page, you can view a few ways to save on these expenses. 


Although there are no subscription fees, it does charge a $29 application fee which is a one time purchase and lets you use it for any participating rentals for 30 days. Note that you’ll not be auto-charged at the end of the 30-day time.

And the cost of selling a home through Zillow includes the standard closing costs and potential charges related to preparing the home for sale, offering concessions to buyers, and relocation of your belongings.

As for the closing costs, it charges up to 6% in commissions and an extra 2% to 4% in property taxes, transfer taxes and other real estate fees. Visit here for detailed information of the cost to sell a house. 

Features: Zillow vs Ownerly 


  • Selling Home: It mainly focuses on selling homes and provides a wide range of services like professional photography, personalized dashboard, pricing analysis and listing on major real estate websites to sell your homes without the help of a real estate agent.
  • Home Value Estimator: Considers local market conditions, comparable properties, and other factors to provide an estimate of the value of a property.
  • Buying and Selling Guides: Provides several resources to help you as a homeowner and homebuyers. These resources include information regarding negotiating offers, financing, and other relevant topics.
  • Comparable Properties: Information regarding recent sales of comparable properties in the same area as a property to get a better sense of the local real estate marketplace.
  • Renovation Cost Estimator: It provides an estimation of the cost of renovating a property and considers various factors like the size of the property, type of renovation, and other relevant data.
  •  Property History: Previous data of the property like property tax and previous sales.
  • Neighborhood Information: Like crime rate, demographic data, and school data which can be helpful for buyers to get a better sense of the area.
  • ·        Geographic Coverage: Currently operates in a few markets including Charlotte, Denver, Tampa, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Houston.
  • Customer Support: Offers personalized support through the home selling process along with a dedicated team through email, phone, or chat.


  • Buy, Sell, or Rent Property: Search sale and rental listing including agent-created listing, for-sale-by-owner, rental listings from apartment and home management businesses.
  • Agent Finder: Basic agent finder to locate registered real estate agents in the selected area and Zillow Premium Agent Finder is a subscription-based service to get personalized profile page and to receive exclusive notifications of new listings and advertising on Zillow.
  • Home Loans: Offers links to loan officers to finance home purchase and refinance currently help mortgages or home loans.
  • Search Filters: You can search by various criteria including property type, square footage, number of rooms and other specific amenities.
  • Geographic Coverage: Unlike Ownerly, it has much broader geographic coverage. It also offers local market information and insights to help you make informed decisions regarding buying and selling homes in different areas.
  • Real Estate Agent Directory: Has over one million real estate agents around the United States, so you can search by location and view reviews from past clients.
  • Tag and Share Listing: Add a shopping partner to your account to share listings.
  • Rental Manager: A tool of home managers and landlords to list and regulate their rental properties. As a landlord, you can screen tenants, collect rent, and advertise your property on famous real estate websites.
  • Customer Support: It offers a help center with articles and FAQs, as well as community forums to connect with other users.

Pros & Cons:


Pros Cons
Get leads in the market to sell your homeRelatively newer company and doesn’t have same recognition as Zillow
As a buyer, you’ll get insights into the best time to purchaseServices are limited as they are focused on estimates and selling assistance.
Partnered with service providers to offer services like repairs, cleaning, and landscaping 


Pros Cons
Ability to sell, buy and rent propertyZestimates are not always accurate
You can search for and post both sales and rental listingsAd model can be really annoying with so many ads and sponsored content
Well-established brand with broad audience 
Premium agent program can be valuable for real estate agents to enhance their business 

Home Value Accuracy: Which is Better at it?

Since both Ownerly and Zillow offer home value estimation, you might wonder which service is better at it. Well, to start with, both online real estate sites offer estimates of the value of housing property.

However, they both use different algorithms that consider a variety of factors like local market conditions, recent sale prices of comparable properties, and other data to provide estimates.

And since these are just estimates and not always accurate, the above factors can impact the value of your property and might not always be accurate.

Nonetheless, deciding which service is better at generating home value estimates is quite difficult to decide as both Ownerly and Zillow have their own pros and cons.

Ownerly is a comparatively newer platform that considers a wide variety of factors like schools, local community, and crime rate to provide an estimate.

On the other hand, Zillow is a well-established service with a larger database and has much older data than Ownerly. But unlike Ownerly, it doesn’t consider all the exclusive features of a property.

But in the end, it’s always important to remember that though both services provide estimates, it’s better to get help from a professional to get a more accurate valuation of your property. And use various sources to compare estimates and obtain a well-rounded sense of the potential value of an estate.

Ownerly vs Zillow: Which Service is better?

Although both Zillow and Ownerly offer services regarding real estate, their pricing, geographic coverage, interest, and a few of the services differ greatly.

For instance, Ownerly specializes in helping you sell your home without a traditional real estate agent. On the other hand, Zillow offers a special feature called Agent Finder to locate real estate agents in your area and also help you in buying, renting, and mortgage lending.

Furthermore, Ownerly charges a fee to access its services and Zillow only charges a one-time application fee and earns money through advertising.

So, though Zillow and Ownerly differ in various aspects, both provide services to buy and sell homes. And to decide which service is right for you will completely depend on your requirements and needs.


Is Zillow only in America?

Yes. Zillow is only available in the United States and its territories. So, realtors with international listings can not be able to list the international property.

Is Zillow a safe website?

Zillow provides a safe community but you should think before giving financial information, personal information, or payment information to anyone you don’t know personally.

Are Ownerly’s home value estimates accurate?

Ownerly is a comparatively newer platform that considers a wide variety of factors like schools, local community, and crime rate to provide an estimate.

More comparison-