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Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein? [Explained 2024]

Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein? [Explained 2024]

Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein is a special term used by Shein for delivery. That is for sure, but when does it occur? What does it actually mean? If you are here looking for the same answers, then we are glad to inform you that the article below contains accurate justifications. 

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Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein

Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein simply states that due to some reason, like a sudden change in weather, holidays, etc, the parcel might have been delayed for shipment, and hence, it is now being hurried for shipping: ‘urging dispatch’. 

With thousands of orders coming in at a rapid speed daily, there are times when customers face issues with delays in their orders.

Therefore, the system of ‘urging dispatch’ was enforced to fasten the shipment of products, and reassure the customers that the orders are on the way – although it is not 100% guaranteed that they will arrive faster. 

In simple words, the term ‘urging dispatch’ doesn’t hold a very strong or serious meaning, but is a method of keeping a customer reassured. 

How does Shein Urging Dispatch work?

As already mentioned above, whenever an order is delayed for shipment, Sheins customer service will use the urging dispatch system, only if applicable, to hurry the shipment for faster delivery. 

This process may take longer than expected and involves the company's warehouse and shipping partners. It also includes prioritizing the specific customer's order above others at times.

Additionally, the customer has to contact the Shein customer service when the order is postponed. Then, customer service will be responsible for checking if the order is eligible for the ‘urging dispatch’ system, and if it is, then they will work with the Shein warehouse and shipping partners to deliver the order faster.


The cost of the ‘urging dispatch’ system is $0. You will not be charged a single penny to use this option, and you are free to select it as long as your order is eligible.


The following are the benefits of the ‘urging dispatch’ system for Shein customers:

  • You might receive your order faster than the estimated delivery time.
  • There are more chances that you’ll receive the parcel on the accurate estimated delivery date and time, avoiding any delays. 
  • The system is helpful for building trust and commitment between Shein and the customers.


Below are the challenges faced during the usage of the ‘urging dispatch’ system:

  • Not every order is eligible for this system and you might end up receiving the delivery late.
  • Even after taking the initiative to contact customer service for a delay, it is not assured that the delivery will be on point. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does urging dispatch mean in shipping?

Urging dispatch is a special term invented by Shein in the shipping section where, if the order is delayed for some reason, then with the help of the system the company will work to expedite the shipping and delivery.

What does dispatch mean in Shein?

The ‘dispatch’ term in Shein means that your order has been successfully dispatched – shipped from the warehouse and is on the way to you. 

Should I press the urging dispatch on Shein?

If your order is eligible, and the delivery is slowed down, then pressing the ‘urging dispatch’ option on Shein will only help you hurry the shipment and delivery of the order. It is 100% safe to press since it doesn’t cost anything.