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GymPass vs ClassPass: Which Is Better? [2024]

GymPass vs ClassPass: Which Is Better? [2024]

GymPass vs ClassPass: Do you want to know which is the best service between GymPass and ClassPass that offers access to various fitness and wellness programs at various locations?

Both ClassPass and GymPass are popular fitness programs that let you access various gyms and fitness studios through a subscription.

But what are the similarities and differences between them? Want to know about the pricing and membership options? If so, keep on reading this GymPass vs ClassPass comparison article where we have mentioned everything you have to know.

GymPass vs ClassPass: Overview


Gympass is a fitness and wellness platform that makes fitness convenient and accessible by offering a wide variety of fitness options. Through its corporate program, as an employee, you can access its facilities as a part of your benefits package.

Here, you can choose between studios, personal trainers, gym, and live classes through a single membership. And you can explore and access various workout options like Pilates, yoga, weightlifting, and much more.

Furthermore, it offers different membership plans with different levels of gym and classes. So, choose any flexible plan that provides a fixed number of visits, or an unlimited plan which lets you access unlimited classes and gyms.

GymPass vs ClassPass


ClassPass is the largest health club aggregator with over 30,000 health clubs in around 28 countries. It offers both in-person and online access to various fitness classes including strength training, Pilates, indoor cycling, martial arts, boxing, and more.

Like GymPass, you’ll require a subscription to access a wide range of workout classes in your area. Besides fitness classes, you can use your membership to book cryotherapy, massages, sports recovery, and other wellness programs.

So, access over 25,000 popular gyms and studios at your fingertips such as Orangetheory, CorePower, Pure Barre, FlyWheel, Crunch, Row House, and much more, and stay active.

ClassPass vs GymPass

GymPass vs ClassPass: How Do They Work?


To get started with GymPass, first ensure that the company you are working for offers Gympass as an advantage as they are available as a workplace benefit.

If your company is a part of GymPass, create an account by selecting your company and adding the registration identification method.

Once it is done, add all the required information like your name, email, and password, and continue the process with your registration. Then, tap Signup to finish the process.

After you complete the signup process, choose a plan that fits your requirements better and choose one of the payment methods to start the plan.

By paying a monthly fee, you’ll get access to a wide network of studios, gyms, live classes, and personal trainers across the country. And based on the company you access GymPass through, you can include dependents to train with you for an extra fee.


To create an account, download the ClassPass app or visit its website and find out about fitness activities near you. As a new member, you can enjoy its 14-day free trial which also gives you 28 credits. Remember that you cannot book spa and salon appointments during the trial period.

Then, you can explore and browse classes by gym or studio, location, workout activity, time, and many other filters. Once you find the classes you would like to take, book them immediately. But before that, read reviews and ratings from other ClassPassers to know what to expect.

After you’ve done everything, try the classes suggested exclusively for you depending on your location, interests, and schedule. It also lets you regulate and adjust your workout schedule easily with one account. Not only that, but you can also connect with your friends to plan workouts together.

Furthermore, you can use your credits to book an appointment or a class, And the number of credits required to book differs based on location, reservation type, popularity, and time.


Both ClassPass and GymPass are fitness membership services that let you gain access to a range of fitness classes and activities across various studios and gyms.

Although they are mostly similar, there are a few differences which are as follows:

Subscription Options Offers a single membership plan through which you can access a wide range of studios and gymsIt offers different membership plans with a variety of access and features
PricingIt is depended on the number of employees in a companyIt is based on the number of credits you’ve purchased, or the membership plan selected
Class SelectionTraditional gym access and classesWide range of classes including dance, yoga, barre, and more
FocusChiefly focuses on offering corporate wellness programs and benefitsIt is for individuals looking for fitness and wellness options
AvailabilityVarious countries with a strong presence in EuropeMore popular in Asia and North America


As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of similarities between these two services which are as follows:

  • No Commitments: Both offer the ability to cancel or stop your membership at any time with no consequence.
  • Flexibility:  Book classes and activities at various gyms and studios thus making it easy to fit fitness into a busy schedule.
  • Integration: GymClass and ClassPass are partnered with a wide range of networks of gyms and studios thus easily finding and trying new fitness options.
  • Fitness Options: Both offer a wide variety of fitness classes and activities such as strength training, yoga, Pilates, dance, cardio, and much more.
  • Mobile App: Access both services through the mobile app which makes it easier to book classes, manage membership, and track your progress.

Key Features


  • Make it Your Own – Customize your daily routine with meditation, on-the-go nutrition, sleep guides, and more.
  • Personal Training Sessions – Know personal trainers through 1-on-1 online sessions.
  • Gyms and Studios – Find your favorite or if you like, you can visit a different one every day.
  • Integration – It is partnered with various popular fitness apps including MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and Strava.
  • Health and Wellness Content – Get personalized recommendations based on your activity, including articles, videos, and nutrition tips.
  • Gamification – This feature lets you earn rewards like discounts for your activities.
  • Online Portal – Log in to access your stats, exercise tracking, food, health resources, on-site fitness class schedules, and more.


  • In-Studio Classes – Book indoor and outdoor classes at the best gyms and studios near you.
  • Digital Classe – Try on-demand classes from top-rated studios.
  • Salon & Spa Appointments – Use your credits to book a haircut, massage, and more.
  • Flexible Booking Options – Book classes on-demand and even reschedule classes up to 12 hours in advance.
  • Rewards Program – Earn points for referring friends and attending classes. You can redeem these points for discounts in the future.
  • Personalized Recommendations – Get personalized recommendations depending on your preferences and booking history.
  • Availability – It is available in over 30 countries thus making it easy for you to find and book classes.



GymPass offers flexible plans and prices differ based on the company. So, you’ll need to sign up to view your company’s options.

However, remember that you can access a 7-day free trial for a limited time and then purchase the paid plan. So, its pricing details are as follows:


  • Costs $11.99 a month.
  • Has over 2,400 gyms and studios.
  • Offers 23 well-being apps.
  • Popular partners include Esporta, Crunch, and EoS.


  • Costs $34.99 a month.
  • Includes everything in the starter plan.
  • Has over 4,000 gyms and studios.
  • Offers 29 well-being apps.
  • Popular partners include NYSC, LA Fitness, and Genesis Health.


  • Costs $174.99 a month.
  • Includes everything in the Basic plan.
  • Has over 9,000 gyms and studios.
  •  Offers 33 well-being apps.
  • Selected diamond class 2x per month.
  • Popular partners include Organetheory, LifeTime, and F45.


  • Costs $239.99 a month.
  • Includes everything in the gold plan.
  • Has over 10,000 gyms and studios.
  • Offers 33 well-being apps.
  • Virtual personal training.
  • Popular partners include Solidcore, SoulCycle, and Barry’s.


  • Costs $279.99 a month.
  • Has over 10,700 gyms and studios.
  •  Offers 33 well-being apps.
  • Get unlimited access.
  • Popular partners include Barry’s, SLT, and Dancebody.


Before you purchase a subscription plan, you can access the free trial for 14 days which offers 43 credits to book around 15 reservations. Once it ends, you can opt for a subscription plan which varies by location. Below are the available plans in NYC.

  • $19 per month – 8 Credits to book up to 2 classes.
  • $34 per month (ClassPass + Blink) – 8 Credits to book up to 2 classes.
  • $49 per month – 23 Credits to book up to 8 classes.
  • $64 per month (ClassPass + Blink) – 23 Credits to book up to 8 classes.
  • $89 per month – 43 Credits to book up to 15 classes.

With these subscriptions, you can book classes and appointments across the world, adjust, or cancel your plan at any time, and roll over up to the number of credits in your next month’s plan. And you can earn rewards by inviting friends.

Pros & Cons 


Access a wide range of gyms and studiosSome gym classes might need an extra fee on top of your gym membership
Variety of workouts from cardio to strength trainingNot available in all locations
·Ability to get a full-body workout in a shorter time 


Wide range of plansOnly available in a limited number of cities
Ability to easily book appointmentsSince it offers the ability to attend classes at different studios with different instructors, quality and regularity might vary
Unlimited number of classes in numerous studios 
Offers a variety of membership options at different price points 

GymPass vs ClassPass: Which Is better?

Both GymPass and ClassPass can be great options if you like to have variety in your workout routine. Although GymPass has a larger network of gym and studio centers, ClassPass is partnered with a wide range of boutique fitness classes and studios.

As for the pricing, GymPass is a bit cheaper than ClassPass. So, it can be a deciding factor if cost is your concern. However, remember that if you want to access GymPass, your company has to offer GymPass as a workplace benefit.

On the other hand, if you travel regularly, ClassPass can be a better option as there are several fitness studios that accept ClassPass credits across the world.

So, deciding which can be a better choice for you, between Gympass and ClassPass depends on your personal fitness goals and requirements.


What companies use GymPass?

There are numerous companies that are partnered with GymPass, including Accenture, McDonald’s, Santander, Unilever, and more.

Can I use the gym for ClassPass?

Through ClassPass, you can get access to thousands of top-rated fitness studios, gyms, salons, and spas.

Can my wife use my ClassPass?

Yes. Since your ClassPass account is personal to you, you can create more than one account. However, you cannot transfer or gift classes or credit to other people.

Can you bring guests with GymPass?

No. Guests are not included in the GymPass membership.