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Is Temu Free Gift Legit? [2024]

Is Temu Free Gift Legit? [2024]

Temu is an online marketplace where you can shop to save more on products you want and need. Here, you can save up to 90% on handmade crafts, clothing, home decor, shoes, and more.

Besides, offering several discounts, deals, and promotions, it also offers a free gift. Therefore, a lot of people are wondering, “Is Temu Free Gift Legit?”

If you are also questioning its legitimacy, read this article entirely to get a better idea of Temu’s free gift.

Is Temu Free Gift Legit?

The answer to this question is YES. A lot of users on Reddit have mentioned that you get a free gift by referral program, which means, you’ll have to refer Temu to a friend.

When you send an invitation to a friend, the following information will be displayed on the screen – Accept my invitation on Temu to help me get my gift.

After sharing the link, if your friend opens the link and downloads the Temu app, you’ll immediately get a free get. These free gifts can be shipped directly to your address.

However, remember that you’ll have to refer Temu to a certain number of people to sign up for the app within a particular period. So, Temu's free gift is 100% legit.


As mentioned above, you can receive a Temu free gift through a referral program, but the only catch is that the referral program is for first-time users, and they should sign up within 24 hours from when the link was sent out.

Thus, we hope by reading our article on ‘Is Temu Free Gift Legit’, you have gotten the answer.

FAQs: Is Temu Free Gift Legit?

Is Temu free gift real?

Yes, you can get a free gift through the referral program.

Is Temu free shipping?

Temu offers free shipping for the first three orders and sometimes when your order doesn’t arrive on time.

Is it safe to order from Temu?

Yes, according to the user reviews, it is safe to order from Temu.