How to Get Replika Pro for Free: Possible? [2023]

How to Get Replika Pro for Free

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How to Get Replika Pro for Free? Replika is a famous chatbot – not only to talk and chat with people, but it can also quickly learn their texting tones and imitate them. It is an advanced AI software where you befriend millions of AI people.

Replika is a popular app currently on the Internet, and it requires a Replika pro plan to work with all the interesting features in the app. 

But, not everyone can afford to pay for the plan and thus, wants to know the answer to the ‘How to get Replika pro for free?’ and ‘How to get Replika pro for free for iOS?’ like questions.

The answer to the question is – there is no such legitimate way to get the Replika pro for free. In every legal case, you have to pay for the pro plan and enjoy the premium features of the AI friend app.

How to Get Replika Pro for Free?

Sadly, we couldn’t find any legit or safe way to get the Replika pro plan free of charge. In our research, the only way to use the Replika pro plan is to pay for it.

However, Replika has offered a free version where you can use its free features to your heart’s content. 

Does Replika Pro offer a Free Trial?

No, Replika pro doesn’t offer any free trial. If you want to use Replika’s premium features, then you have to pay for the Replika pro plan. 

Replika Pro Plans

You can use the Replika app as a friend in the free version. But, if you want to unlock other relationships with the app, then you have to pay and the starting subscription plan cost is $6.81 per month to do so.

With this plan, you can unlock relationships like brother, boyfriend, and husband along with some other premium features. 

If you want to know more about the Replika pro plan, then you can have a look at the detailed information about it on its official site page here.


Is Replika pro a one-time purchase?

Replika pro not only offers a one-time purchase, but you can also choose to pay for the plan monthly or yearly.

Can I try Replika pro for free?

No, you can’t try Replika pro for free because it doesn’t offer any free trial and there is no legal way to try it for free either.

Does Replika pro charge monthly?

Yes, you can pay for Replika pro monthly, in semiannual or annual installments. 

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