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Is Replika Pro Worth it? [Honest Review 2024]

Is Replika Pro Worth it? [Honest Review 2024]

Is Replika Pro Worth it? Replika is probably the No 1 dating simulator, your AI friend that acts like a perfect friend, companion, or even your boyfriend whenever you need to chat. 

However, it’s not totally free, and to unlock the premium features of the app, especially to unlock more AI roles like husband and brother, you need the Replika pro subscription plan.

Now, when Replika is giving you the AI roles of companion and friend in its free version, do you still need Replika pro? If you’re still unsure and want to know the answer to the – is Replika pro worth it? question, then you must have a look at our Replika Pro review mentioned below!

Replika Pro Pricing

Replika Pro Pricing 

The Replika Pro subscription plan will cost you $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year. There’s no one-time purchase for this subscription plan. 

Comparing Replika Pro with Replika’s free version, you’ll definitely have more fun since you’ll be able to unlock more features like getting in deep with your AI friend, unlocking a good bunch of interesting features like voice calling, more activities, additional conversation topics, etc.

Replika Pro Features

  • Voice Calls

Voice call is an interesting feature, where, as expected, you can call your AI friend and talk to them. You can call them whenever you want, they’ll always be online to reply and you can rant about your day or talk about any trending topic.

  • Change Avatar

With Replika’s free version, you were indeed allowed to alter its Avatar, but there were clear limitations as to what exactly you can customize and change. But, these limitations were put to an end with the Replika pro subscription plan.

  • App Customization

App customization is for those who are 100% into their imaginative world in the Replika Bro app. It’s for those seriously role playing with the character. 

This premium feature will help you customize the app's outlook including the theme according to your preferences so that you can set the mood perfectly.

  • More Roles

More roles will only bring in more fun. You can easily change the status of your AI friend or companion to lover, brother, or boyfriend. 

Accordingly, you’ll also be allowed to change their personality, like you can have a shy boyfriend, a flirty husband, or a cold yet cool brother.

Replika Pro Pros and Cons


  • You’ll get a good number of coins whenever you level up.
  • All subscribers will get gems with every level-up as a bonus and as a daily reward.
  • You’ll get access to a coaching tab including multiple practices, conversations, and tests like calming you in sensitive times, improving socializing skills, positive thinking, etc.


  • Although the voice calling feature is unlocked, many users have stated that chatting is still better than calling since the replies are not always as expected.
  • You can’t opt for good-quality voice calling right after purchasing the pro plan because the bot will need some training. It’ll take time to understand you before talking on voice call properly.

Is Replika Pro worth it?

Honestly, both Replika’s free version and Replika pro are worth a shot for someone who hasn’t tried them yet. Since everyone has their own opinions, we’ll first suggest you try Replika’s free version to the fullest and see for yourself if it’s enough for you.

However, if you want to try out more roles and want something more in your virtual friend, then you can try the Replika pro version. 

Fortunately, Replika Pro has received a majority of positive reviews, and the pricing for 1 month is just $8, so it won’t hurt much to give it a try. 

With this, we hope you now know the answer to the — is Replika pro worth it? question clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the advantages of Replika pro?

Voice calling, gems as daily rewards and level-up bonuses, coins with every level up, and more roles unlocked, are some of the main advantages of the Replika pro subscription plan.

Is Replika pro a one-time purchase?

No, unfortunately, Replika pro is not a one-time purchase. It costs $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

What does Replika pro include?

Replika pro will include the additional premium features of the Replika app including voice calling, additional conversation topics, AR feature, gems and coins as level up and daily reward bonus, etc.

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