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6 Best SmHaggle Alternatives in Germany! [2024]

6 Best SmHaggle Alternatives in Germany! [2024]

SmHaggle Alternatives: Indeed, there are plenty of price comparison channels and platforms on the Internet, but which among them is accurate and really works? The answer to this question is simple — some apps like smhaggle or smhaggle alternatives.

smhaggle is a platform providing you with information on the best prices for a huge variety of products. Additionally, it also tells you about great deals and discount offers currently available in your favorite stores.

smhaggle sounds like a promising platform for price comparison, but just in case you need an alternative to it, then you must have a look at our list of the best smhaggle alternatives presented in the article below.

List of smhaggle Alternatives:

1. Geizhals App 

Geizhals App SmHaggle Alternatives

Geizhals, with its English name Skinflint, is a popular price comparison website. It mainly focuses on serving German people but isn’t limited to only that.

Geizhals works to provide you with an accurate price comparison tool on your tablet or cell phone. It’s a good way to save time and money while shopping for the best deal of the day.

The Geizhals app is very easy to use. It has a simple UI and dark theme mode to save your eyes along with the battery.

Key Highlights

  • Price History: Price history helps you check if the price of a certain product has recently decreased or increased. This way of price transparency will help you in better decision-making.
  • Wish Lists: The wishlist feature helps you create a list for a specific occasion or a special week. You can create a Christmas wish list, Halloween wish list, etc, and check if the prices are going down or up to get the cheapest deal.
  • Price Alert: Price alert is a helpful tool that allows you to prioritize your budget and receive an alert whenever your desired price is up. This tool also supports shipping costs.

2. Hotukdeals 

hotukdeals app Deals & Discounts

Hotukdeals acts as the No 1 community for great deals and discount offices. It’s a shopping community where you can search for deals, discounts, combo offers, and freebies from an immense range of brands and websites.

At Hotukdeals, you'll see amazing offers and codes updating frequently. You can search for the latest bargains and best sellers at competitive prices in a good variety of categories.

At Hotukdeals, you can shop from departments such as family, kids, electronics, home, living, accessories, fashion, garden, culture, groceries, services, travel, health, beauty, outdoors, gaming, broadband, motorcycle, insurance, and many more. 

Key Highlights

  • On-point details: all the listings are updated with the latest changes from official platforms. Also, with every listing, you’ll get accurate information about when it was posted, if it has free shipping, from whom is the deal offered, etc. 
  • Feedback and Reactions: every customer can leave feedback and if you’re new, then you can check Feedback and reactions (a quicker way to review the item) from customers before buying the product.
  • Popular Merchants: at Hotukdeals, you’ll only shop from popular and trusted titles like Amazon, eBay, Marks & Spencer, etc.

3. App

MyDealz is another good shopping community where you can search for multiple deals from well-known brands like Apple, Garmin, Smart Home, Samsung, LG, etc.

MyDealz has a super simple UI where with just one click and visit to its website, you’ll get all the currently available and trending deals.

MyDealz is a verified website and only deals with affiliates that are well-known, trusted, or have received positive reviews from their customers. It is indeed a genuine price comparison and the best deal-finder site. 

Key Highlights

  • Variety: It’s a must that MyDealz supports variety, where you find electronics, gaming supplies, accessories, kitchen supplies, home decor, electronics, and many such categories to shop from.
  • Highlights: ‘Highlights’ is a section on its website, on the homepage where you find all the most popular deals and offers currently on the website.
  • Comments: every listing comes with a comment section where you can either check for comments before buying the product or give your feedback for other customers to see. 

4. Payback 


Payback is a free bonus program, affiliated with over 500 well-known companies. It’s an e-commerce platform offering genuine coupons and deals for free.

Payback is a good platform to receive benefits like exclusive coupons and rewards from worldwide famous brands. You’ll be notified whenever there is an attractive deal. 

Payback is quick to offer you deals. As soon as the deal is posted on specific websites, you’ll find the same deal available in a few hours at Payback. Also, Payback refreshes its inventory and listings frequently. 

Key Highlights

  • Famous Partners: Payback has a good variety of top online shops as partners such as Amazon, DM, Eventim, Thalia, Otto, and many more.
  • Online Points: online points at Payback is a simple concept. You get points transferred into your Payback wallet after every purchase from its partnered brands.
  • eCoupons: eCoupons at Payback can be bought and redeemed on Payback’s website and app. These coupons can also help you earn extra points to save on future purchases.

5. is a huge price comparison website. It is actually a free price search engine and comparison tool with more than 350 million offers and deals from 49,500 trusted shops. is a 100% genuine platform and it’s easy to use. All you’ve to do is use the search bar on the homepage, type in the product name or deal itself that you’re looking for, and you’ll get all the relevant searches in the search results.

Key Highlights

  • Become a Partner: is ready to give all types of shop owners a chance to partner with it. If you have any small, medium, or big company/shop, then you can register your shop and sell through 
  • Categories: delivers products from a good range of categories such as kitchen appliances, electronics, home pharmacy, household items, technology, etc. 
  • Well-known Brands: has partnered with a good set of worldwide famous brands such as Adidas, Nike, Phillips, Canaan, Dyson, Sony, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, and many more.

6. App, unlike other price comparison and deal finder websites in this list, doesn’t only offer deals about categories like home appliances, kitchen appliances, etc, but also focuses on offers of hotels, flights, and such. has a huge collection of items to offer. It’s also known as Germany’s leading price comparison tool and search engine website.

Moreover, here is set to offer deals and offers only from promising brands like Sony, Apple, Microsoft, EcoFlow, Samsung, and many such. 

Key Highlights

  • Categories: shopping, flights, hotel, magazine, and flight + hotel categories are further subdivided into departments like Shopping: Fish food, dog food, parasols, watches, TV mounds, swimming aids, etc. 
  • Reviews: every product comes with a review section where you can first check for reviews and then add your opinion, after buying the product for others to check.
  • Price History: Price history is a very helpful tool where you can check the history of price fluctuation for every product, to see its popularity and actual value. 
  • Price Comparison Tool: under every listing, you’ll see the available offers for the product from all the stores. This list will also include the shipping fee, the rating of the specific seller, and the estimated delivery date.

Final Words 

In this article, we talked about a good assortment of smhaggle alternatives offering real and updated offers and price comparison results. Also, these alternatives are set to offer only genuine and updated deals and price comparison results. 

With this, we have come to the end of our list of best smhaggle alternatives, and hope you now have a good bunch of websites for price comparison and finding deals. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are apps like smhaggle?

Geizhals,, Hotukdeals, MyDealz, and Payback are some of the good and genuine apps like smhaggle.